Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Photos

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz look like high school kids in this photo.

Halle Berry hiding an alleged pimple which is why she was going to a dermatologist.

Alicia Keys at a Knicks game.

Heidi Klum promoting QVC. She looks so good.

Fergie not looking so good.

Fergie looking even worse. Look at that hand around Lisa Loeb's neck. Not quite Michael Jackson clutching at Japanese, but close.

Pauly Shore and Kim Kardashian. This photo defines 15 minutes.

Shanna Moakler at her birthday party. "Run Travis. Run."

Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich.

I've seen Alicia Witt looking better. Much better.


agcblinditems said...

Fergie appears to have forgotten to put her man-tan lotion on her hands.

Billie said...

What happened to Shanna Moakler? Is she pregnant or something?
Mila Jovovich is the hotness though. I'd hit it and I'm not even gay.

Anonymous said...

*psssst* I think you mean Alicia Witt.

Anonymous said...

^^ no. that's alicia keyes.

omg, poor lisa loeb!

Anonymous said...

The redhead is Alicia Witt.

Anonymous said...

I think Milla's pants are undone. Big meal or hasty exit from somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the hating gets a bit tiresome. I'm not a Fergie fan at all, but I don't see anything wrong with those pics. At the very least, nothing worse than usual.

Sigh, poor Alicia, I had such hopes. Now she looks like she's doing quickies for drug money, blah.

Amber said...

Fergie doesn't look so bad in the 2nd photo. I give her props because she works hard for the body.. and also she's something like 45 trying to look 26 sooo.. (Yes, I think she lies about her age)


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