Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Links and ZX Later Today

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling getting married? McAdams' rep called something in the article completely false, but it's really unclear what the false part is. That's the sign of a good rep or a really poor reporter.

Travis Barker's publicist tells People why Travis got back together with Shanna. After seeing those photos of her the other night at her birthday, I'm guessing it must be an award winning personality.

The Sun is reporting that Angelina and Brad are going to spend $130M on a ship. What they really need to do is buy an old cruise ship and just store all their kids on it. It can just travel from port to port stopping to pick up new kids and letting off those who have reached 18. This yacht they're allegedly buying (all crap) will only have six bedrooms. Hell, they can adopt that many kids by next month.

Pictures of Brad Pitt showing his large weight loss. Well, see above for the reason.


Anonymous said...

i love the "old cruise ship" idea.. i laughed so hard i nearly wet myself!


Anonymous said...

Angelina is not a nice person. Does she have any friends that are woman - other than her lesbian lovers? A good indication that a woman is ugly on the inside is if she has woman friends or not. Woman will call another woman on her inner ugliness. Men will just want to screw her so they don't care if she's really a rotten turd of a person.
Angelina adopts all those orphans to make herself feel better as a person and to influence how other people perceive her. She only had Maddox when she met Brad and it has quickly escalated since she succeeded in pulling him out of his marriage. It's a little creepy how she likes to manage her own press coverage - most celebs hire someone to do that for them. She recognizes that she is a master at manipulation and knows she can do it herself because she has succeeded at it so often in her weird life.

Anonymous said...

I say AJ brother James Haven is in charge of her publicity. EL? no?
I don't see where Brad got any skinnier, in the space of 2 years he got AJ and Maddox and Zahara and Shiloh and tampax. life has certaintly changed for brad.

Anonymous said...

Brad looks like he is on smack

Anonymous said...

There have been all sorts of rumors about how much the boat costs- $130 to $260 million. I refuse to believe they have that much money to spare. So I don't believe that story at all.

Unknown said...

Wow, Anon 9:42. I have only one female friend..thanks for letting me know that it likely means i'm not a nice person, and ugly on the inside.

Couldn't just be that nearly all of the women i've ever met have been conditioned by society to act like a pre-packaged version of what Women Are Like. (More emotional, open with feelings, jealous, bitchy, etc)

Or that I just identify more with what society dictates that Men Are Like. (Closed off emotionally, more easy-going and the like.)

These definitions are bullshit, but people are taught to act like their respective gender from a young age and so they generally do.

Much as you're acting like the nasty women that lead me to avoid women and have male buddies. Maybe THAT'S why Angelina has few female friends that we know about.

I'm aware this is vaguely nonsensical, but I never was blessed with the ability to clearly get my point across. ;)


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