Friday, April 13, 2007

Links And ZX Later Today

Britney is everywhere today.

1. US Weekly says Britney should get rid of her boots. They do have a point at least as it relates to the NBA jersey with the boots.
2. Cityrag asks if Britney is bipolar.
3. has some photos they took from flynet of Britney going into a dance studio drinking a Red Bull. Must be a slow news day.
4.popsugar has photos of Britney shopping and what she was wearing prior to shopping and what she was wearing after shopping. They also commented on how she wasn't wearing the boots which probably makes the US Weekly article irrelevant, but will no doubt sell issues.
5.IDLYITW has a two minute video of Britney giggling and they compare her to a teenager.

Mel B gets some DNA from her daughter. I need Maury on this.

Rhianna is getting raunchier. This is according to her and not just an opinion of what I would like to see her do.

Jimmy Kimmel says no one would ever advertise on a blog. Turns out Jimmy advertises on a blog. I'm guessing the blog readers are your only viewers Jimmy so be nice.


Anonymous said...

Is Britney Bi-polar?
I say yes among other things too.
she is not photographed with her babies no more, Probably because they don't even know her. her people want her to regain her old sexy image back and being pictured with the kids as a mom is not kewl.
she can still be the comeback kid but she has peaked, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Kimmel a;so buys web time on some gay sites.

Anonymous said...

I think Britney is mentally disturbed somehow. She just doesn't come off as a sane person. The weird outfits, the nomadic life, two kids back to back, numerous pets, the overlly sexually behavior, and numerous meaningless sexual "relationship" with both sexes.

I don't think she'll ever make a comeback and maybe that is the best thing. She needs to take what money she has left, move out of LA, get a counselor, and just live life away from the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

word on the street is Britney pregnant with baby who can the daddy be?..hmm

Anonymous said...

p.s. take a look at the loose fitting clothes she will be wearing in coming weeks said...

OMG Anon at 9:35- HOPE that one isn't true.

For what its worth, I believe Britney is in the early stages of schizophrenia. A lot of her behaviour fits, and she's the right age for onset.


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