Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Clubbing Is Not My Scene"

Who the f**k talks like that? Apparently Zac Efron does. He was quoted in an interview as saying, "I don't find myself drawn to that scene. I think acting is a tradition that far predates celebrity and, today, the two are just meshing. It's not even that I've made a conscious decision not to party. I don't think clubbing is a choice you make. You can have fun with friends without being part of that scene."

I think clubbing is a choice you make. You either say I am going clubbing or I am staying home. That is a choice. Does he think that some magic club Gods come down and choose who is going to go clubbing and who isn't, and that it is predestined or something.

I think the fact that he is 20 and not able to get drunk off his ass publicly without pissing off Disney is what is keeping him out of clubs. When his ass turns legal in August, I know he will start showing up drunk at clubs and being just as obnoxious as everyone else. Right now he is just doing things and people in the privacy of his own home.

I would have respected him much more if he had just said, "I can't go to clubs. I'm not legal." But to come across as this aloof guy with some kind of zen like attitude about clubs and the whole process of clubbing and the historical age of acting just sounds like someone who has spent too much time doing shrooms and big ass bongs and thinking he is better than the rest of us.

When he was asked about Vanessa Hudgens he said, "I don't want to be another 20-year-old actor talking about my relationship. I want to keep that private - sorry. All I can say is that Vanessa's a great girl. And I'd hate to say more about it because by the time this interview comes out, it may or may or may not be relevant."

So, Vanessa is a great girl. So is my cousin and the 80 year old woman I call mom. Not a lot of emotion in his answer, and the reason it may or not may be relevant is because Zac boy doesn't want to be caught in some type of lie down the road that he would have to explain. I wish he would have gone into greater detail about that "appendix" operation. Funny how those kinds of things happen just sitting at home doing nothing but being with friends and quietly discussing the greats who have played Richard III.


ablake said...

I'd hate to say more about it because by the time this interview comes out, it may or may or may not be relevant."


oh wow

Unknown said...

Maybe he doesn't like clubs cuz he'd rather go to bath houses or the homes of Gay Hollywood types in the Hollywood hills?

And as far as not talking about his so called GF, it's hard to talk about someone you only date in theory.

MontanaMarriott said...

"about that "appendix" operation."

Are you trying to tell us that his operation was really an 'overdose" of some type?!?!?

As for not getting into clubs at his age, thats crap, its hollywood, Drew Barrymore was getting into clubs at 13, not to mention LiLo and Valtrex Hilton were getting in way before they were 21.

jax said...

oooh Hudge you're getting 'dumped' by your gay bore friend. not a typo.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something his publicist made him practice in the mirror before going for his interview.

The boy looks very gay and who the hell cruls up his lashes or colors them like he does LOL.

Unknown said...

I think this is a smart guy who knows he's gonna come out of the closet one day and is just playing it coy so he doesn't get caught in a lie - cough-gyllenhaal-cough! I actually think his answer was very grown up one and i don't get why everyone is pouncing on him. I remember when someone told him that Perez calls him gay and he was so calm about it saying something like "well, if that's the worst thing he can call me, it's ok, i'm a big boy, i can take it." - I love this kid. He's got a good head on his shoulders.

kregger said...

I think the consensus was that the "appendix" story was BS--not sure why he was really hospitalized though.

mandythegreat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mandythegreat said...

He was hospitalized so he could have his vagina turned into a penis.

jlb said...

LOL I'd like to hear his description of JC, who he's "not dating".

jax said...

LMAO JLB- that's Chace Crawford you're thinking of..but all these twinks look the same with the mascara,bronzer and shaggy do.

J Ruth said...

I feel dirty saying this, but he looks pretty damn good in that photo! That said, I'm not buying that he came up with those quotes.

jlb said...

LOL Thanks Jax - They all blend together in my head.

Jessy Jane said...

All disney is doing is spewing out kiddie porn and making it the standards of how young girls should act. and then everyone bitches when they act like the money grubbing whores we have raised them as.


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