Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Carla Bruni prior to meeting the Queen. It was considerably more than she wore in this photo which is totally NSFW. If you click, there is also a NSFW photo of Scarlett Johansson that also came out today.
I think I would rather be married to this Kidman. Antonia Kidman just seems almost normal. Almost.
Mya doing some great charity work for the North Shore Animal League.
I wonder if Kim Cattrall brings her bad acting skills to the bedroom also. Her boyfriend looks thrilled to be seen with her in public doesn't he?
Jessica Alba back to her regular grumpiness.
It has been awhile since I posted a photo of Devon Aoki. Love her shirt.
I noticed that during the launch of this new Kit Kat product that none of the girls in Girls Aloud including Cheryl Tweedy Cole actually ate any of the chocolate.
Will Ferrell on the set of his new film Land Of The Lost.
New boobs?
Nick Lachey certainly seems in a hurry to go play with them. Unfortunately he seems to be forgetting that he probably should be waiting for Vanessa Lemonjello.
All that is missing is her riding crop. I'm guessing she owns one.
Usher says hello to Tameka.


Emobacca said...

I saw Kim Cattrall at Madison Square Garden last night. She surprisingly looked stunning in person.

Anonymous said...

The dog looks prettier than Tameka hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Posh looks like a bug with those glasses.

Vanessa looks chucky sideways.

Can't stand Alba not Latina.

sunny said...

God I'm so sick of Will Ferrell and his stupid, stupid movies. Go away already.

Leah said...

No one should give jack shit to the North Shore Animal League.

They are famous for contracting for Marcomm services and then refusing to pay.

Kat said...

What's with all the Nicole Kidman hatred? What'd she do to earn the animosity of all the bloggers? Last I heard, she was dumped by someone she loved, bounced back and made some pretty decent movies, won an Oscar for one of them, got married to someone she seems to love, finally conceived a baby, and hellooooo...she's beautiful even if she does use Botox (which everyone in H-wood uses. Like brushing one's teeth around those parts).

I can never understand what prompts the bloggers to target certain people without reason.

~End of rant~

Kory said...

YAY for Mya. Now that's a cause that I can stand behind.

sunny said...

Kat, I'm hearing ya. It's the same with Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston (before anyone starts, I'm team Jolie, AND team Aniston. I like them both.)and a bunch of others. It seems bloggers get on the bandwagon and trash them because everyone else is doing it, even tho no one can explain just what the hell? Lainey is particularly hateful about Nicole.

jax said...

kat- i imagine its becasue we know shes got the goods on Tom, spends very limited time with her 'kids' and comes off as a frosty biotch.

not that i nec. agree. but theres your answer.

kellygirl said...

wouldn't the bigger boobs make the "light switch" look even smaller?

YahMoBThere said...

Kat, I like her but I'm always in the minority on these things.

Now if you want to talk hate with me, you'll have to bring up Star Jones and Hillary Clinton.

Kat said...

Sunny, I have always been confused about the whole Aniston/Jolie thing too. Come on, I mean, obviously Jolie and Pitt are a better fit, but Aniston doesn't deserve to be cast as the annoying, simpering, pouting ex-wife. She was left behind, I assume she was sad, and now it's time to stop being third graders and making fun of her for having her heart broken.

Jax, you're right about Nicole not spending time with her kids, at least, not that we know. I have always felt that there is a LOT more to that story that we don't know, and it actually scares me. I have a feeling that it's not all Nicole's doing that she doesn't see her kids that often and has more to do with Xenu than anything.
I am frothing at the mouth waiting for her to step up and spill it, but I get the impression that she keeps her silence out of fear, moreso than out of respect for her ex.

Anonymous said...

Kat - I think the hatred is directed mostly @ people that try to trick and manipulate the public.
All of the people you mentioned are famous for their over-the-top publicity stunts, and shifty ways.

But if you'd like an expert to explain, read Lainey's blog... she has a way with words.

The Bad Seed said...

Nicole Kidman has kids?? lol

ummmm she may be cold to hetero women but not gay ones, she's veryveryvery friendly with them. at least thats what my lesbian friends tell me.

notvotingforsuckno said...

Lainey does NOT have a way with words. I skim her blog because she usually has more pictures that I am interested in and wouldn't otherwise see, but her opinions are pretty hateful (Dwarfism is a medical condition, stop using it to mock Tom Cruise, plus it wasn't cute the first three thousand times you used it), repetitive (gee, is Madonna 50 and still relevant?), sexist (really, we should give dirty looks to women who sleep with our husbands instead of just dumping their asses), and hypocritical (love how you trash Pam Anderson but pimp her movie for cash on your site and isn't Denise Richards also in that movie?). Plus, anyone who "trademarks" their phrases is a douche. Does. Not. Have. A. Way. With. Words.

Anonymous said...

ouch! lol, still her "gossip guide" sums things up i think... and since when were we sensitive on gossip sights??

Lux Luthor said...

lmao. notvotingforsuckno, I'm voting for you after reading that post!

"Plus, anyone who "trademarks" their phrases is a douche. Does. Not. Have. A. Way. With. Words."

LOL. Couldn't agree more.

notvotingforsuckno said...

Sorry, pm, didn't mean that towards you. And I wouldn't say I am sensitive, per se. Ent can snark away. It's just a) Lainey beats dead horses to death (intentional) and b)she's not funny about it.


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