Friday, March 28, 2008

Have You Heard About Remy Ma?

You may have read yesterday that female rap star Remy Ma was convicted of assault and faces up to 25 years in prison. Ma, real name Remy Smith, shot her friend outside a nightclub in July of last year thinking the woman had stolen $3,000 from her.

Smith yelled "Oh my god!" as the verdict was delivered, while her brother was taken out of the courtroom after shouting "This is bulls**t!"

Smith was ordered to remain in prison without bail until her sentencing on April 23.

Madeka Barnes Joseph told the court that she was shot in the abdomen and had to undergo three operations during her stay in the hospital.

I know most of us think that justice has to different levels. One for those who have, and one for the have nots. Completely true, but when there are like 20 witnesses to a shooting, justice starts to equalize just a bit.

The thing is that Remy and her brother and her entire family totally bought into the stereotypes that Remy would walk because she is famous. They didn't care, weren't nervous, and did not even take the whole thing seriously. At one point it had to be explained to Remy why there needed to even be a trial. Apparently she thought that as a celebrity, she should just go free.

Her defense team tried the tactic that it was an accident. That was about all they had to throw out there. Unfortunately once you take the gun out, even if it is an accident, that assault charge is coming. Pretty tough to take a gun out and hold it in your hand and say that part was an accident.


Kevin said...

Gulliest Female in the Rap game. I guess her and her lady friends won't be pulling trains on any guys for a couple years.

jax said...

justice served. gun happy bitch.

Ask A Hooker said...

I hate delusional bitches with a huge sense of entitlement. She's not even that "big" of a rapper. I can't believe she was so arrogant as to think she was a superstar on the level of getting away with crime. You're not freakin' Michael Jackson, sweetie, move along.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I can't shoot my in-laws and claim it as an accident? :)
And who shoots someone over $3000? Seriously. I am in no way rich or anything close to that, but I would not shoot someone over $3000 - $300,000 maybe but not $3000.

Kat said...

I hope she gets the full sentence. What did she think was going to happen when she shot the other woman with the gun? She'd say sorry and move on?

I don't get the American gun culture. The right to bear arms ended when people were able to buy meat at the grocery store, and the whole cowboy/native American thing came to a close. They are no longer necessary, and all these gun-happy idiots with a false sense of superiority are doing nothing but bringing attention to how stupid they are.

Throw the book at them. If they don't learn anything from it, at least they're barred from co-mingling with the civilized.

jax said...

so where's the NRA backing her up on her right to bear arms and 'protect herself' in America now?

i don't get it either and i dont think i ever will. we have all kinds of registration laws for guns up here that most people couldn't be bothgered with and just relinqueshed their weapons to the police. guess there just isn't a need to carry a .22 to Safeway.

weezy said...

She and her crew must be delusional; maybe they were harking back to P Diddy's bust and forgot his driver took the fall for gun possession.

Gun possession in New York City is taken very seriously, even if it's licensed. If it's an illegal gun, it's a guaranteed felony conviction right there. I know her lawyer must have told her that, and she has to have sat there listening to the judge telling the jury that in the locked courtroom during the jury charge.

Sad thing is she'll probably write a lot of material out of this and emerge with a hit album.

Ms. said...


The NRA supports the right to bear arms... for white people only.

RagDoll said...
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RagDoll said...

The NRA won't touch this with a ten-foot-pole because of what ms. said, AND because I believe that the weapon in question was a .45 ACP. Those are classified as "assault weapons" right? It's a 10-round shooting automatic, which falls under the jurisdiction of the "Federal Assault Weapons Ban"

That the victim survived is amazing.

Jemtastic said...

Remy better start a petition for solitary confinement because if she's sent to Rikers, the Latinas at the jail are waiting to beat the crap (or worse) out of her for what she did to Gloria Velez.

Judi said...

The general public hasn't a clue who this moron is and couldn't care less. She did the deed. Let them have her. And why wasn't this an attempted murder charge?

Unknown said...

Honestly, I hope her sentence gets reduced. Something likeable about her.

GammaGirl said...
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GammaGirl said...

Remy Ma never really stood out to me until this happened. I don't think any of her songs have been all that memorable or notable.

I respect that she established herself in a male dominated industry, but what she did is pretty damn despicable. An assualt charge is one thing, she SHOT someone. She also tried to flee the scene and crashed her car.

Yeah. She needs to go to jail.


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