Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nick Cokas Can Stop Pretending To Look For A Job

Hey, Nick Cokas. Guess what? You can go back to laying on the couch and doing nothing. No need for you to keep pretending to search for a job that you had never wanted in the first place. Your new wife, got a job. It only pays $250,000 a year before taxes, agency commissions, lawyer fees, publicist fees, and greedy husbands, but it is at least enough that Nick can sit on his ass for a little longer.

Katharine McPhee is the new face of Neutrogena. No, not the entire company. Not even the aging line or the other good ones already taken by Hayden Panettiere or Vanessa Hudgens or Mischa Barton. No, Katharine is going to be the face of their anti-acne product line. So, Katharine will get a whole bunch of photos taken of her with no makeup and some big red marks which may or may not be zits, and then voila they will vanish thanks to Neutrogena. Meanwhile, Nick will be piling on the pounds at the craft service table, yelling encouraging things, while asking for a part for himself and hitting on anything that looks like it has the possibility of making more money than Katharine.

On a side note, I believe that is one whole dollar in Nick's hand for the valet. Last of the big spenders there Nick. If you are trying to save money, use a meter. Otherwise tip the valet the money that Katharine gave you to tip him and not pocket half for yourself.


Amber said...

Who's the lady standing with them?

Judi said...

I like K's dress! Nick who?

Rhianna said...

Eh, I use the nutrogena bar soap, it works really well. I can only ever remember 1 person as their "spokesman" and that was a voice over by the guy who played Warf on Star Trek.


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