Thursday, March 27, 2008

DNfromMN - Movie Review - Flawless


Release Date 3/28/08

The Story: 1960s London, Demi Moore (Laura) is the only female executive at the London Diamond exchange, who continues to be passed over for promotions. Michael Caine (Mr. Hobbs) is the night janitor on the verge of retirement. Both are looking for a little financial security, and decide to rob the vault of just enough to keep them both comfortable for life, but not enough to be noticed missing. But things don’t go according to plan.

So this is almost the exact same plot as that Katie Holmes/Diane Keaton/Queen Latifah movie “Mad Money” that came out in January. So having seen both, it’s hard for me to not compare the two. Mad Money is something that entertained me for 90 minutes, and then I was able to forget it. Flawless stuck with me through to this morning at least. And part of me wants to see it again to see if I can catch the things they hinted at me missing.Demi Moore is good as usual. There won’t be any awards for her performance; despite some age make-up in the bookend segments as she tells her story to a modern young woman writing a story on women leaders in the 1950s. The only gripe I had is that her character is described as an American woman who went to Oxford, and she slips in and out of a mild British accent.

Michael Caine is still a charmer. And I can’t imagine Mr. Hobbs being played by anyone else. He’s prickly and quick and really a winner. As smart as he is, you wonder why he’s stayed being the janitor for 15 years.Unlike “21” which had no tension, Flawless keeps you engaged with the characters and you feel apprehension when they’re almost caught in setting up their plan or when plans are forced to change.

Not to say Flawless is flawless. There are lots of events that occur that are pure luck, and kind of plot holes. I was able to get over them, some people won’t.

What it’s Worth: $9.00 easy. In my opinion, it’s enjoyable and it’s worth spending a full price ticket on. It’s not exactly a popcorn movie, so it doesn’t get the extra money. Nor would I say it’s a “must see”, just one that if you’re planning on hitting a flick this weekend, this one would be worth your hard earned cash.


ablake said...

I love Michael Caine!! Glad to see he's in a good one. I'll do my best to see this.
D, any chance of you seeing and reviewing Funny Games? I'm hearing all sorts of stuff about that one. Very very very mixed.

Thanks for your reviews <3

YahMoBThere said...

I'm so excited to read this good review, DN, because I was hoping this would be good.

You wrote:
"And part of me wants to see it again to see if I can catch the things they hinted at me missing."

They meaning DB and friends? Were there little details in the movie that we can catch if we're paying attention? I LOVE THOSE!!

Anonymous said...

I saw Flawless and really liked it. The movie is kind of slow but I think it's entertaining enough not to feel bored or dragging. I also liked the twist.

Anonymous said...

sweater - did not see funny games yet, DB doesn't want to see it. And I really don't have time to see movies outside of my other activities and him.

TS - "they" meaning the movie. I think that there are some things that I didn't catch the first time through.

sylvia - if you thought this was slow, don't go see 21.

YahMoBThere said...

Got it, Dn. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dn - 21 comes out tomorrow in Texas. From the previews it didn't look slow. Might go see it looks interesting.

Ellen said...

Thank you DN! IF it has Michael Caine, I'm freaking there...

End of story. But, I'm glad you have it a good review. Never sure about the addition of Demi...


Jessy Jane said...

They should have called it "Flawless after plastic surgery #863


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