Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Naked Pictures Make You Easy

Kristin Davis did the same Oxfam thing that Scarlett Johansson did, except for the fact that Kristin will actually meet you and even give you a pair of Jimmy Choo "Felix" style shoes whatever the hell those are.

Scarlett went for $40,000, but when Kristin was sold this week she went for $52,000. Now, the only reason I think she went for that much is because 'Superiorlotus912' thought they had a chance to get some. Probably saw the naked pictures of Kristin and said that it was worth $52,000 to have a chance at sex with her.

Everyone knows Scarlett was not going to put out. Hell, she wasn't even going to show her face. I have tried and tried, but it is pretty tough to get any, unless the person is actually touching you.

Another even more logical explanation for the huge sale is that 'Superiorlotus912' is a guy who got in a huge fight with his significant other. The significant other is a huge SATC fan and wants a new damn pair of shoes. The significant other had the flu during Nordstrom's half off sale, and wants to hear no excuses from 'Superior' about why or why not Kristin is too expensive. Just get the date with Kristin and get the shoes. Or, it could be Kim Cattrall and she just wants to make Kristin her bitch for one night.


IndigoBlue said...

WTF was she thinking with that shirt?

And, people, get a clue. If you do naked stuff with ANYONE on film, it will eventually get out if the relationship sours. Ever see those "My ex-girlfriend is a slut" websites? I bet there are a LOT of women who don't know that they are naked on the internet. Just say no.

califblondy said...

Or if you've got pictures, make sure you (ladies) get custody before you kick his ass out.

It's funny when you get those panicky 2 a.m. phone calls "What did you do with those pictures? "Will you destroy them?" Ha ha loser.

Not that I've ever done that...


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