Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I think Angela Lansbury deserves the top spot. Someone tell me different.
Give me a couple bottles of vodka and a Good Eats marathon and I am set for the weekend.
I will say one thing for Drake Bell. He is not afraid to make a statement with his fashion choices.
Counting Crows - New York
Hugh Jackman in his bathing suit. For other celebrity dads in bathing suits, US Weekly has a whole bunch. The reason I am giving you all these guys will become obvious shortly.
Fergie actually makes Quentin Tarantino look good. That is saying something. Not sure what it is saying, but it is saying something.
The new film from the Farrelly Brothers. Bitch and Bitchier. Also known as Eva Amurri and Lydia Hearst.
People in Australia are willing to pay Dennis Rodman to open a club.
Someone said yesterday they wanted a book from Tatum O'Neal's offspring. I want a book from Dakota Johnson.
Reason #1 for the Hugh Jackman photo. Although I must admit that Ashley Olsen doesn't look half bad.
Mary Kate on the other hand. Not so much.
Mother daughter talks in 2008.
Throw on some turquoise earrings and Mischa Barton is ready for a k.d lang concert.
Leslie Nielsen is about 30 years older than Pamela Anderson and about 30 times better looking.
Selita Eubanks at her 25th birthday party. I know, I know looks about 45 with a really bad wig.
Marisa Tomei always looks really good before she gets to the open bar.
I don't think that when Mena Suvari is about 70, that the tattoo is going to look quite so good. Hell, it doesn't look good now. WTF was she thinking?
Marilu Henner still looks great.
Oh yes, Tracy. She is much classier than your wife.
Simon Rex at 7pm.
Simon Rex at midnight.
See. This is why I love Random Photos. Stephen Root and Wayne Knight.
You probably don't watch as much porn as I do, but Sienna Miller getting into this van with strangers kind of reminds me of a Bang Brothers film.


Anonymous said...

LOL at Simon Rex before and after.

Work it Marilu! Looking fabulous.

Ty for hugh. Shame he's got those bad sideburns right now.

RagDoll said...

Finally figured out how to tell the Olsens apart: MK has the nose job and Ashley has the boob job. LOL.

MontanaMarriott said...

Yeah its very much The Bait Bus lol

YahMoBThere said...

Are there answers to some blinds here? Marilu, Marissa, Tracy Morgan?

Why do I think if that bikini top slipped down nobody would notice?

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Alton Brown is a great guy. I've seen him twice (in a Whole Foods -- he really does shop there) and he was nothing but kindness. The first time he asked me if I watched his show; when I said yes, he asked me what my favorite episode was. We talked for about five minutes. The second time I met him, he actually remembered me and my favorite episode, and talked for ten minutes.

Mena's tattoo is of Nomu, the power of the spoken word. Voodoun studying? Doesn't surprise me.

mango said...

How about Dakota Johnson, wasn't there a blind about a mother/daughter combo?

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Also, rock on Jessica Fletcher.

Maja With a J said...

Alton Brown. TV's oldest virgin.

Chatty Cricket said...

Twist- I kind of feel like the Marisa Tomei comment might be a clue to the blind about an actress working with an eclectic cast who gets drunk and belligerent?

Moonmaid said...

Simon Rex, lol.

Hugh Jackman - could you just send him on out here, please??? I could just woman-handle those pecs for a little while, not long, I promise. {{sigh}}

Chatty Cricket said...

And to that end:

Check out the cast of her latest completed film (slated to be released this fall)

Hilary Duff to Ben Kingsley? Eclectic.

YahMoBThere said...

Chatty, I couldn't think of the specific blind - maybe the one about the building used during filming in NYC? Yeah, that's not much of a hint, is it? Sorry!

Kristen S. said...

Yeah, Alton Brown is very virginal, isn't he? His wife suffers daily, and his kid was conceived immaculately ;)

I'm so glad AB made the Random Photos!

Chatty Cricket said...

Twist, here's the blind I was thinking of:

but here's the NYC apartment blind:

you thinking she could be #1 or #4?

YahMoBThere said...

Chatty, I think you're right - it sounds like her for #1. Did they reduce her role, do you know?

Well done!

jax said...

Alton Brown. TV's oldest virgin.

LMAO- no kidding he seems very ryan seacrest.

EL- you're watching too much porn if you think one of the Olsens's looks 'not so much' in a bikini.
we all don't look like REAL dolls sweetie pie.
but yes that totally looked like Bang Bus! lo.

kellygirl said...

sure, Dakota's book would be a good one -- but I still believe it would not be nearly as shocking as the O'Neal/McEnroe offspring story.

IndigoBlue said...

That's funny about Simon Rex before and after. But he's still hot in the after. He'd have to brush his teeth first, though! lol

Loved me some Jessica Fletcher. Still catch myself watching reruns on sick days and whatnot.

Hugh, sigh. Enough said.

Mena Suvari has gone to the strange side somewhat for me....

Yeah, Marissa is def. a blind, but could be a few different ones.

Enough with the Olsens! I'm beginning to think Enty's real profession is Olsen Stalker.

Kat said...

I think that every hair choice Mena Suvari has made since 'American Beauty' have been all bad ones. This girl is so desperate to be edgy, she makes herself look forgettably odd.

Every photo I've seen of Hugh Jackman lately is of him on a beach, half-dressed, looking like the Incredible Hulk. I'm not complaining mind you, just commenting.

califblondy said...

EL, change your vodka for Bud Light and we've got a weekend at my house. I flip the channels between Food and Bravo. If I get tired of Alton, Bobby and Guy, I'll switch to Housewives, Models, or a Top Chef marathon!

What's that spot on the front of the first Olsen's bikini bottom? Don't ask me why my eyes even went there. I thought anorexics didn't have a period. I know I lost mine for a while back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Interesting on the Dakota Johnson comment. Melanie Griffith used to do threesomes with Tatum O Neal and Ryan O Neal. Wouldnt be surprised if she retained her flavor for naughty family "love".

Lux Luthor said...

alpine summer, you're not even a LITTLE surprised? What do you know about Mena Suvari that I don't? :)

kellygirl said...

The O'Neal family should be a UCLA study group for the dynamics of the Addiction Gene.

I think Mena Suvari is HOT! I don't think she is faux edgy. I think she is for-real kinky. I'm certain she is the answer to several blinds, here and elsewhere, about her S&M / bondage / Dom-Slave relationships, including her previous marriage.

selenakyle said...

Yes, it says a lot about those of us who know what/who Bang Bros. is!
I gotta say, Alton Brown is sexy as hell to me. Up there with his Iron Chef cohorts Flay and the Chairman. I'd do 'em all! On the Bang Bus!
not really

bionic bunny! said...

i LOVE alton! i really love duff from "ace of cakes", and was horribly disturbed about all that stuff that came out about robert was-is-name from "dinner:impossible".
alton DEFINITELY has the best toys, though. virgin or not, i'll bet he'd be creative!

sorry. still cruisin' on some interesting meds. would kill for a private chef and a class of chilled white right now!

trashtalker said...

My stapler...
Actually, Jimmy James is my favorite Stephen Root character.

Drake is what the Fug girls call a "scrolldown fug." Eesh.

Ent also has made several comments about Maria Conchita Alonso being a big fan of the open bar.

I enjoyed the 7 p.m. vs. midnight photos. Could that be a recurring feature?

Ask A Hooker said...

I love Mena Suvari...and not just because I've been told I look like her. Kinda cool that we share the BDSM kink though >:)

jlb said...

I loved to watch Bed Knobs & Broomsticks with my kids when they were little - Angela L. was hilarious as a witch. There's no better TV detective then Jessica. :)

I was watching a Seinfeld rerun last night with Newman on it was wondering what he was doing lately. LOL

Unknown said...

Is Eva amurri really a biotch? I would have thought susan sarandon would have smacked any pretentiousness out of her by now, lol.

tedtedted said...

Mary Kate is in the yellow and ashley in multcoloured.
You have the names the wrong way round. Taken in australia on promo trip 2006 and appeared in Star mag over there.

Liebez said...

you got wrong the olsens names
and these pics are from 2006

Unknown said...

I concur, Alton and Duff are awesome!!! I love watching both their shows on Food Network. Nice to see one of them pop up here...

Winston Ono said...

Angela oozes class like no other.

bionic bunny! said...

misscupcake, don't you just imagine after spending a day with duff, your sides would hurt from laughing? everytime i hear that laugh of his, i fall on the floor. talk about doing something you love.
oh, and his cakes are AWESOME, too!


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