Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards Photos Part One

Amy Adams
Anne Hathaway
Anthony Hopkins
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Alicia Keys
Amanda Seyfried
Bridget Fonda
Ben Kingsley
Virginia Madsen


juicy said...

Angie Jo looked horrible, IMO. Her boobs sagged, her hair was bad, and she looked as if she hadn't slept in days.

Kristen S. said...

Bridget Fonda looks like she's wearing something from Target. Beyonce - hott mess.

MnGddess said...

Agreed, Juicy. She didn't look good at all.

Loved the bottom of Anne Hathaway's dress. Top was kinda plain.

MnGddess said...

Oh - and did Beyonce's mom design that dress? Yuck. Oh, and did she think she was the shit onstage with hugh. Please.

twunty mcslore said...

mngddess, her dress does look like some House of Dereon shit. It looks like wallpaper from a Chinese restaurant.

lmnop123 said...

mngddess, yes Beyonce was wearing a House of Dereon dress. Also she looked particularly bottom heavy in her performance outfit. I didn't like her performance or her look at the Oscars. I just wasn't feeling her at the Oscars this time.

I remember the first time she sang at the Oscars about 4 years ago she was at her best which was because she was still humble and knew her place.

Now she's trying so hard to win an Oscar and it's annoying.

Maja With a J said...

Beyonce's dress was gaudy and horrible. Virginia Madsen's I liked. And Alicia Keys too even though that leg might have been a little too sexy.

juicy said...

Yeah, Beyonce's mom definitely needs to find another hobby. That dress, and pretty much everything else she designs, was AWFUL!

jax said...

Kate Winslet was best dressed IMO.

David D. said...

I think I made my mother a 'vase' like that one year--a bottle with black and gold tissue paper pasted all over it. I found it in the trash a few weeks later. Yes, Beyonce's dress is setting off my PTSD.

Pookie said...

eep, angelina def is not ageing well. aniston won this round, hands down.

califblondy said...

Anne Hathaway's dress looked really nice in the close-up shots I saw during the pre-game show.

I thought Brad and Ang dissed poor Tim Gunn who gushed all over them only to get an icey "thank you" from Angelina. I could see dissing Ryan Seacrest, but Tim Gunn? Nooooooo.

Beyonce's dress was horrible and looked uncomfortable as hell.

Same with Jessica Biel's dress. I think it would have looked so much better with even an inch trimmed off the bottom. Her hair sucked too.

Reese Witherspoon's dress and hair were bad.

Jennifer Aniston's dress was nice.

Angelina looked like she just woke-up from a nap. The emerald earrings and ring were awesome.

Mickey Rourke looked pretty good and I was disappointed he didn't win.

I've already read some crap, but I liked Marisa Tomei's dress. It was a big improvement over what she's been wearing lately.

SJP's dress seemed to overwhelm her and I thought she was going to fall on her ass when she walked out with Daniel Craig.

Why did Alicia Key's wear that gawdawful wig? She sure looks different.

Hugh Jackman did a good job. I loved the idea of five previous winners presenting the award.

The funniest parts of the night were the Pineapple Express deal and the Jimmy Kimmel commercial with Tom Cruise.

Overall though, the show was too long, too boring, and I would have rather been in the bubble bath during most of it.

Unknown said...

Anne Hathaway annoys the crap out of me, but her dress was awesome. Everyone else made me yawn and roll my eyes.

Sinjin said...

I saw Natalie Portman's diamond cuff bracelet snag her chiffon dress and I had to wonder, if she ruined it, was she now obligated to buy it?

When I watched people stroll the carpet, I kept thinking about things we've read about them, for example:

Evan Rachel Wood takes it up the butt.

Marisa Tomei: drunk AND mean.

Aniston: heavy drinker (I thought she looked uncomfortable on stage and was CLEARLY trying to not look in Brad & Angie's direction.

etc, etc.

JJ said...

Bridget Fonda looks like she's wearing a summer dress. Is she pregnant? It's not a good look for the Oscars.

Angie looked old and dour. She needs to be slapped.

The dress on Anthony Hopkins' date is horrid. Makes her bosom look all sorts of wrong.

I liked the past winners presenting the acting awards. It was much better and more personal than simply showing a clip. Tho didn't what's his name get Philip Thomas Seymour's name wrong?

Goodgrief said...

I thought Whoopie and Beyonce wore the worst dresses. They both could have done much better. Goldie was her usual stoned self. I think Sofia Loren must have had a few puffs off the Goldie cig. I loved Natalie Portman. Didn't like that big honkin thing around Amy Adam's neck. I thought for sure she would tip forward at some point. Didn't like Marisa Tomei's dress. Wasn't that crazy about Reese, but she has been really bugging me lately so that might have had something to do with it. I thought SJP was trying a little to hard to make it look like Matthew is interested in her. Over all it was ok but still needs to be shortened a bit. No one really cares for the most part who they thank. These windbags really need to be cut off at the 1 minute mark or sooner.

Syd said...

Harriet Hellfire, by "sexy", do you mean "looks like Earl Campbell's thigh"

twunty mcslore said...

JJ, are you talking about Philip Seymour Hoffman?

jenna said...

agree with all the Angie comments - she is not ageing well. Jennifer A looked much younger than her last night even though she's almost 7 years older! she always looks so blah now.

I thought penny cruise was best dressed. Also liked natalie p, jennifer aniston and SJP but i don't think she suits the dark hair.

Unknown said...

i don't understand the "angie looked horrible, aging badly, needs to sleep, or infact slapped" comments

ummm what's the deal? she hasn't gone the usual hollywood way of getting injected to freez her face or tan herself to orange and be in the gym for hours a day to look younger.

Angies face and body is the body of a woman who's a mother to 6 children all under 8yrs old with very very young twins, with a man/husband. Show me any regular woman with that many children and a busy life who looks like Angelina?

She looked stunning given how tired she must be with a busy life and 6 kids...

come on people try some objectivity.

Aniston is 40, spends her days in the gym and tanning herself. Its ALL she does and drinking and smocking and with no children.

Isn't this Aniston vs. Jolie comparison tired now?

Kat said...

I disagree about Angelina looking badly. The woman has six kids! I don't know anyone who looks as good as she does, much less someone who has actually given birth. The woman is unmatchable in beauty, sorry.

Also, at one point, Aniston clearly looked at them while she was presenting and she smiled. It was unmistakable, and I actually was a little disappointed that there seemed to be peace between them. She's moved on. She's with whatshisface.

Bridget Fonda looks strange, like she's been altered in some way.

jax said...

i'm no Brangeloonie but i thought Ange looked beautiful and i watched that shit in Hi Def!

MISCH said...


MISCH said...


shakey said...

Bridget Fonda?!?

Brenda22 said...

Jennifer looked good, wasn't too crazy about the dress though. Angelina's dress was boring. Hasn't she worn that same exact dress before? It's the Oscar's and that's the best you can do? Loved the earings though.

FrenchGirl said...

i dislike every dress here!

princessj1987 said...

The problem with Angie is that she is too skinny. She's needs another 10-15 lbs on her. The emaciated look doesn't fit her body type at all. She looked best during her Lara Croft days.

Amanda Seyfried-I love you on Big Love so I will not say anything bad about you.

Beyonce- Another one of Tacky Tina's creations. WTF? She needs to go away already. And she was the worst thing about her performance last night. She can't act and will never get an Oscar.

Virginia Madsen-I love this dress on her.

princessj1987 said...

Forgot to mention, Alicia Keys' dress would have been better without the slit.

bionic bunny! said...

WTF happened to the flowers behind anne hathaway? what a terrible place to pose her!

nancer said...

wow, tough crowd. i thought angelina looked gorgeous. i wasn't crazy about her dress, but i do like that she gets the jewelry right with whatever she wears. loved her hair and thought she looked happy.

i only wish brad would shave the stache and stop the clark gable squint. what's up with that anyway?

B626 said...

I don't care what Bridget Fonda was wearing I am just so happy to see her out and about, ever she married Mr. Elfman, she's dissapeared, great actress who had so many good roles in the past,thrilled to see her, thanks ENTY.

Cindy said...

Whoa, when did Bridget Fonda get so matronly????

Anonymous said...

Love that Amy Adams took an edgy chance with her dress/necklace.

I know everyone hates her, but Anne Hathaway looks like an elegant lady.

Anthony Hopkins wife?date? . . oh I just can't say it.

Love Jolie's dress, but would have liked color better. Yes, she looks tired. She has six kids and sleeps with Brad Pitt every night. Girl probably needs a nap!

Amanda who? Is that dress five sizes too big?

Oh Beyonce - is that dress five sizes too small? Besides being incredibly ugly, it manages to be tacky AND unflattering. Trifecta!

Ben Kingsley = win. Just for being Ben Kingsley!!


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