Monday, February 23, 2009

Highlights From Last Conan O'Brien Show

Friday night was the last Late Night With Conan O'Brien. Here are some of the highlights of the final show. Actually it is more like highlights from the final show and the best clips they pulled from the 16 years he did the show. It seems like only yesterday he started doing the show. It is really going to be interesting to see if he can beat Letterman. Although I think Conan is hilarious, I think Friday was the first time he had beat Craig Ferguson in months.


califblondy said...

Love Dave, Conan...not so much.

littleoleme said...

I love Conan, Dave and Craig. I think it was actually a pretty rotten thing that Leno did to Conan.

Pookie said...

conan is so funny, i suppose i should care. but uh, meh.

Lucky777 said...

Enty, are you saying Ferguson beats Conan in the ratings? I find that hard to believe but if it's in the ratings, it's in the ratings).
I do like Craig Ferguson, there is definitely something about him...a little more sarcasm to Conan's goofiness, maybe?
Given all the same factors, I would choose Conan...but now I won't have to!
His closing comments and "Thank you's" were great.

jax said...

man i so wanted to see this, why was it not advertised more? i only learned about it on saturday!

shakey said...

littleoleme, what did Leno do?

I'm glad to have seen the last show. I saw his first show, and have tried to watch as many as I could over the years. Will Max Weinberg and his Max Weinberg 7 make the trip to California with him?

I'm concerned that maybe his type of humour isn't really for the earlier crowd. He's going to have to appeal to an older audience as well.

B626 said...

Put Andy Richter back as the sidekick, that will help in June.
My mini review of why I sometimes
click over to Craig. He seems so fresh since he's been out living
life(wildly)while Conan's been stuck with the daily grind of a show for 16 years. Conan's monologue-sometimes adlibbed.
Craigs's monologue-ya never know what that guy's gonna say!
Still looking forward to Conan's earlier show.

warmislandsun said...

Craig is always fun and when he has a good guest, he is unbeatable. Conan had a lot of good sketches, but his interview and monologues aren't as good.

Cindy said...

Craig is the best -- he never takes himself too seriously, the way the NBCers do. Love him and Dave --- Conan and Jay bore me to tears.


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