Friday, February 27, 2009

America Young - Groupidity Part 7

The Meaning of Restraint

So now back to the group. Especially Vanessa and Kelli. The dynamic duo. With their powers combined they can do...'ll see. Guest starring Brandon Loeser who puts on an amazing Christmas Show every year called Santasia ( ) and J Micheal Briggs as Esteban. A cross over character from another webseries called The Romantic Foibles of Esteban. The last guy in the bar is Devon one of the shows producers. Also this is the only episode that I make a cameo in...

Groupidity Episode 7 - The Meaning of Restraint from Groupidity on Vimeo.


Majik said...

I found you, can't hide.

Love these shows.

__-__=__ said...

Very nice, thanks!

jax said...

nice shirts El. Sluts do RULE.

mooshki said...

This was a nerdgasm episode!

Why did she say "I?" :)

Ha, he said "vagina."

Jungle007 said...

Ok. That was semi-funny at points.

EL, if you're the big guy with the t-shirts in the group, you're actually the funniest-- scratch that-- the only funny character on the show.


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