Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards Photos Part Two

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell
Dominic Cooper
Danny Glover
Josh Brolin & Diane Lane
Freida Pinto & Dev Patel
Emile Hirsch
Evan Rachel Wood (If I didn't hate her so much and if she didn't look like she has a stick up her butt, she would probably get my vote for best dressed)
Frank Langella
Giuliana Rancic
Seal & Heidi Klum


Kristen S. said...

I hat ehe combo of Heidi's shoes, bag and dress. Wouldn't the Project Runway judges say she was too "matchy matchy"? Evan Rachel Wood looks meh to me.

Sinjin said...

I thought ERWood looked really pretty, except that I hate her as well. When she was posing on camera all I could think was:
"I'll bet most of America doesn't have any idea she had to take Marily Manson's goth wiener up her bony butt if she wanted to stay with him." LOL

David D. said...

Come on, where's the Miley Crisis dress? I need to see it just once more!

MontanaMarriott said...

This year no one really stood out for me, no one gave us the WOW factor, I guess the recession is taking its toll even in Hollyweird.

Pookie said...

enty, hurry up and put up aniston's dress. i want to oooh and ahhh over it.

and ita on the evan rachel weirdo. she looked gorge.

Pookie said...

eeeeeeeeeeek! and when did guilinana rancid start channeling sophia petrillo's body?

Molly said...

the dresses matched the show. yaaawwwwnnnn...

califblondy said...

I liked Heidi's outfit, but I wished she would have let Seal talk during the Seacrest interview.

Heidi was wearing red for the go red for women's heart health campaign.

Ms Cool said...

Daniel looks smoking hot. Thanks for the picture.

Anonymous said...

Josh Brolin beats women...Diane Lane specifically. So why is he such a darling with Hollywood when Chris Brown is a pariah? You can't pick and choose. Anyone who beats women should lose all media and celebrity support, no? (Oh, and that goes for you, too, Sean Penn.)

Molly said...

it's presumption of innocence until proven guilty. people thought chris brown was a beater but he was also a darling until there was proof.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I see that point...but what about the group hug of Mickey Rourke?? That was absolutely proven.

Maja With a J said...

Daniel Craig and his girlfriedn has to be the most boring couple in celebrity histroy. Serously. It would not kill you to crack a smile every now and then.

Although when he smiles, it looks like his face is going to crack.

jax said...

lol i had the 'who beats who' conversation with my mother last night during the show.

weren't the cops called in the Diane Lane/ Josh Brolin case?

Ms Cool said...

Shame on you Harriet. I love Daniel's cracked face.

lutefisk said...

what was up with Heidi's hair?
she was really in need of a touch up.

Maja With a J said...

Ms looks like smiling literally makes his face hurt though...*L* Like a case of rampant sunburn!

FrenchGirl said...

in " who beat her girlfriend/wife?",don't forget mickey Rourke,Axel Rose and Eric Roberts
Evan Rachel Wood is the new Nicole Kidman?

princessj1987 said...

Frieda Pinto's dress would have been perfect without the sleeve.

Love Evan Rachel Wood's dress. I don't mind that she's super pale. She'll have great skin in 20 years.

Giuliana Rancic-(gag). Her dress is nice though. I'll give her that.

Don't like Heidi's outfit. Too matchy, matchy.

shakey said...

I don't even know why EVR is there.

I wonder if Diane got smacked around because Josh didn't win.

Why is there no talk of drama between Frank Langella and Whoopie Goldberg? Friggin' Brange and Jen have to hog the spotlight.

I have to say Guiliana looks as if she's eaten a carrot and celery stick since last year - not as anorexic.

B626 said...

Oooh I can feel all that hot chemistry just percolating between Daniel Craig and his girlfriend-unit.

In my favorite 3 named Rachael names I much prefer Rachael Leigh Cook over Evan Rachael Wood.
She really 'cooked' in '11:14'.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they must be ice skating in hell because Heidi Klum looks like crap. I did not think that was possible.

Love Guliana's dress on her. Agree with the less-anorexic assessment.

EVW looks fabulous. Not a fan, but she looks really great. Top shelf.

Is that Danny Glover's wife or Harrison Ford's ex wife?


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