Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ashton & Demi Do A Good Deed

As much as I snark on celebrities, I really do enjoy writing about the times where they do something good. This is one of those times. Back in 2007, Ashton Kutcher met 19 year old Logan Laack through the Make-A-Wish program and apparently has been keeping in touch with him ever since.

Well, apparently Logan is back in the hospital. Specifically he is in Children's Hospital in Milwaukee. Well, Ashton thought that the best way he could cheer up Logan was if the entire world started sending him messages. Therefore, Ashton & Demi, who have about 200,000 followers on their Twitter site started tweeting about Logan and the next thing you know one hour later Logan has almost 300 responses from people wishing him well on the site CaringBridge.

What did Logan think of all this? Well his mother Debra said this. "Logan is too weak to visit this page right now, but I know when he is a little better he will find great strength listening to your messages and knowing how many people are behind him."

Ashton & Demi deserve some kudos because they didn't tell anyone or seek any publicity for it. They just did it because of the connection Ashton established a few years ago. To read the entire story and how you can send a message to Logan also, click here. Thanks to Ms. Cool for the tip.


canadachick said...

meh still think their egos are soooo over inflated and really doesn't make me like them more

Julie said...

i love caringbridge.
i have one for my daughter, but i generally just use my regular old blog.

but yeah, i had met so many kids over the summer that have them, so thats how i keep up with them/in touch.

Ms Cool said...

Thanks, Enty. Looking past their egos, Demi's and Ashton's messages and the subsequent support for Logan and his family is wonderful. So, if you have an extra minute for a prayer or warm thought and a message, I was hoping some of you could visit Logan's Caring Bridge site today. The link to his Guestbook is:

Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

I never understood what Demi did to deserve so much hate (she's no more horrible than any other mediocre actress, sure she's made of plastic, but she looks good), and Ashton is a midwestern boy at heart - sometimes a douche, but in general a good kid who cares about other people.

Pookie said...

color me impressed!

so can't hate on them today.

libby said...

I just signed the guestbook. Seeing Logan in those hospital photos makes me feel like such a jerk for whining about being scared of gall bladder surgery.

I am a wimp.

Chris said...

What demi and ashton are doing for logan who is a friend of mine is amazing and i respect them for doing it.


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