Friday, February 27, 2009

Your Turn

Last week's Tori Spelling post turned into a bunch of stories about celebrity jackass behavior you had encountered. I think for this week, I would love to hear about any celebrities you have met, seen, been fondled by, or have otherwise encountered. The stories can be good or bad, happy or sad. I have got to stop reciting song lyrics in the posts. Anyway, get on with it, and for those of you who shared your stories in the Tori post, share them again here.


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Now! said...

I once unintentionally bumped into Farrah Fawcett so hard on a Manhattan street that she fell over. I was in a hurry at the time, and didn't realize who it was until I looked back and saw Ryan O'Neal hovering over her.

Emobacca said...

Wrestler CM Punk was outside the Nassau Coliseum a couple of hours before the show started. His back was towards me but I didnt notice it was him until he turned around and bumped into me. The conversation went exactly like this.

Punk: "Sorry man, didn't think anyone was behind me."

Me: "Holy fuck CM Punk"

Punk: "Yeah" (laughs)

I was erect for the entire show after that

Ror said...

Worst: Most probably won't remember Carl Eller. He played for the Minnesota Vikings and I grew up watching and admiring him. I was in a restraunt and he and some young bimbo were sitting at the table next to us. I waited until his date went to the bathroom, and politely asked if I could get an autograph. He said no, he doesn't do that.

About 15 minutes later, a group of young females stopped at his table, and of course he signed anything and everything and took photos with them.

Complete douchebag.

Best: Brad Roberts, lead singer of Crash Test Dummies and my idol. I even named my boat "Splash Test Dummies". Got to meet him and the band, have some beers. Nicest and most generous folks you could meet.

Babs said...

I used to work for the cousin of Jon Anderson's (of the group Yes) wife, Jane. My boss offered to arrange concert tickets for my husband and I a few years ago. We got to the venue, and they didn't have our information, etc., etc. Apparently we used the right names, though, and an 'official' looking guy standing near the will-call desk told the ticket agent to comp us down front.

After the warm-up group played, the same guy came strolling down with backstage passes. When we got backstage after the show, Jon came out for his portion of the meet-and-greet. Without introducing myself or using my own name, I walked up and said, "Hi Jon. I'm (cousin's name)'s friend." Without missing a beat, Jon said, "BABS! I was SO worried about your tickets!" I immediately fell in love with the man.

jax said...

i met this Entertainment Lawyer in Vancouver once, he showed up 30mins late,drunk and almost got us kicked out of the Art Gallery for being too loud.

i met Christopher Reeve b4 his accident. really nice.

my ex-boyfriend sold drugs to Jason Priestly. Meth in the 90s.
Both losers.

I freestyled with Ice T on the street in Vancouver b4 his show...1990 i think. so funny and what a nice guy. no i cannot rap!lol.

MontanaMarriott said...

Once I had taken my mom to go see Almodovar's "All About My Mother" when I go to get her some popcorn, I run into Ali MacGraw who smiled to me and said,

"I saw the way you interact with your mother, correct?"
"Yes, she is"
"That is beautiful, you are a wonderful person, we need more people like you in the world"

Then she turned and went back into the theater.

twunty mcslore said...

I have too many to recount here. My boss's Siberian Husky took a giant dump on Grandmaster Flash's leather jacket back in the 80s. I warned him about leaving it on the floor but he didn't listen.
Also in the 80s, I was in a taxi with my brother who was visiting me in New York, hollered and waved to Rupaul who was walking down St. Mark's place in full drag. He ran up to the car (we had become friends at the Pyramid club) and laid a big kiss on my brother. He never forgot that and probably never will.
I worked with a model named Frederique during the same time period and the location van we were in had broken A/C. We were all sweating our asses of while she was cool as a cucumber. I asked her why and she said that she was born with no sweat glands and had to stay as still as possible so she wouldn't overheat. She was super hot to the touch while the rest of us were wet and clammy. Weird.

marilyn said...
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Goodgrief said...

When I was a little girl I used to do modeling. Once I was modeling some early 1900's costume on a float for the St Patricks Day parade. It was freezing cold but I was told not wear a coat to cover up my costume. Once the float got going Linda Benzel one of the hotshot local newscasters from Denver at the time took off her coat and wrapped me in it while she about froze to death.

Nichole Fisher said...

I went to high school with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I know she gets a lot of flack for her politics. I can't speak to that aspect of her life as we are no longer in touch. What I can say is that the super nice (too nice it has to be fake, I've heard people say) aspect of her personality is true. We had tons of classes together and she was very smart, athletic, artistic, fun, and friendly. You wanted to hate her, but you couldn't because she was the first to help you with your homework or laugh at a joke or share a story.

twunty mcslore said...

Jax, I ran into Christopher Reeve on the street in Tribeca. His friends almost knocked me over and he was the only one to apologize. And maybe the most perfect physical speciman I have ever seen, just gorgeous.

kimmypie1 said...

He is no way a celeb, but you know who he is anyway.

About 5 years ago Puck from the Real World showed up at my apartment with a friend of ours where we were all meeting up to go out (the friend had just met him at a bar earlier in the night). He kept saying over and over how he hates that everyone knows him as Puck from the Real World and that he is "just Dave".
Well we believed him at first, but as he repeated the same lines over and over we realized he was full of it.

By the time we got out to the bar, he was practically screaming to anyone who would listen that he was Puck from the Real World.

Just as loud and obnoxious as he seems.

Hilary said...

I met GLove from the band GLove and Special Sauce. He is very good looking and I have been a fan for many years- add this to the fact that I had 10 beers by the time I met him and I was speechless. He kept asking me questions and trying to get me to relax while my friend rolled her eyes and said, "Forget it, she is hammered and she worships you" he just laughed and said that was all good especially since I was a Jersey Girl. My friend got the camera out and he threw his arms around me and we are literally cheek to cheek with big smiles in the pictures. I finally gathered myself and made a joke as I stumbled away. It was so awesome, I felt like a 12 year old. I have met a lot (at least 30-50) other celebrities, but that is the one that stands out as the best.

Katy said...

I was vacationing in Colorado with a friend the summer after we graduated high school, and we were in the Stanley hotel (where they filmed the Shining.) There was a sign in the lobby that asked guests not to sit on the antique furniture, but there was this guy, probably in his 50s, gray hair and beard, glasses, sitting on the couch. Being my smartass self, I turned to him and asked, "Comfy?" obviously joking around. He turned to face me, smiled, and said, "yes, I am." I laughed, told him to have a nice day, and moved on.

Five minutes later while I was in billiards room I heard people talking excitedly about Steven Spielberg sitting on the couch in the other room. You know, the man I just mouthed off to. D'oh.

I will say that he was incredibly nice and totally unpretentious, and just seemed to be a very pleasant person.

palealebrew10 said...

On a trip to Los Angeles, Jada Pinkett Smith was at a restaurant with a few people-total bitch face and very cold. Depressing.

My best friend grew up in Los Angeles and has had several encounters with the rich and famous.

-Rob Lowe-just as skeezy as you'd think-and extremely drunk.

-Ashley Olsen at a Fred Segal(I'm pretty sure that was the store)-tiny and wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. Lives in her own world.

-Cameron Diaz-sweetheart but HORRIBLE skin. Like unrecognizable from her movies, sadly.

This one's from a different friend: Hilary Duff. Yes, she is a bitch, and yes she is a cokewhore. Nonstop lines and it wasn't even her stuff. This one surprised me at the time, since I thought she was the "wholesome" one of teeny boppers.
Do ANY of these child stars turn out right?

JagerLilly808 said...

I used to work for I. Magnin's in THE Valley - Sherman Oaks to be exact. I worked in the lingerie department. Leslie Nielsen came in to buy a gift for his wife. I wound up holding up every single bathrobe we carried. He didn't buy any of them and looked bored the entire time. Jerk. I sold a black corset to Karen Valentine to wear to an awards show and I sold panties to a VERY coked up Heather Thomas. The nicest "celebrity" I met is a tie between Kyle Petty and Travis Pastrana. Both gave autographs to my kids and spent time talking them. GREAT men.

Unknown said...

My uncle used to be on the PGA. When I was a kid each year we were go out to gallery for him at a famous pro/am tournament near our house. One year he played with James Woods as one of the amateurs in his group. Woods was exceptionally friendly with me and showed a lot of interest in what I was doing with my life. At one point, he flirtatiously put his arm around me and asked me what I was majoring in. At which point my grandmother screeched, "majoring in! She's only 12!" Ha. What a pig.

Dianne P said...

In my distant youth, I worked at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego one summer. Robert Hays (of Airplane fame) was acting there that summer. He was soooo cute and nice and flirty. All us girls and no doubt many of the boys had crushes on him. He almost kissed me one time. (Sigh.)

I did see Alan Alda close up once. I was attending a play that his daughter was in. I just gave him a big smile. He will always be one of my favorites.

I have seen others from a distance...My sisters both lived in LA and sightings are common there. My sister worked at Saks or somesuch on Rodeo Drive and had many tales, too. She said that Pierce Brosnan was really nice.

TKO said...

long time lurker (probably close to two years)..first time poster...

I was a PA at a medical office in Beverly Hills one summer and I was obsessed with meeting Nicholas Cage at the time (circa 1997). I knew he was a patient because during my down time, I would go into the database and look up the medical records of celebrites and look at all the medical procedures they had done (god knows how many HIPPA laws I violated!). I looked up his record and noted when he was coming in for an appointment and my friend and I stalked the elevator knowing he was coming down any minute. Freaked out when I saw him and couldn't say anything so we followed him and a friend to the parking garage and I finally got the nerve to ask him for an autograph and he was more than happy to do and he was wearing sunglasses and I loved his eyes so I asked if I could see him w/out his glasses and he started laughing and took them off so I can get my look..he was really nice about it..even though he had just come from a drs. appt.

Second time..I was in vegas and playing at the $5 dollar blackjack table was Kevin Spacey (a couple of weeks after he won his oscar), Mike Myers, Helen Hunt, and Hank Azaria playing. They had security all around the table so no one could sit there and then I went about 25 feet away and tried to tak a picture. Mike Myers saw me and sent over one of his goons to tell me to stop taking their picture..I didnt even ask him for a pic..just taking it from a distance..I obliged cause the goon was a little scary looking but what the hell did they expect playing at a five dollar table that no one would recoginze them..

*girl said...

In my defense, most of my friends and I are party kissers.

- Made out with Joshua Jackson at a bar

- My girlfriend made out with Jason Priestly and we hung out for a night

- Dumped a glass of vodka soda on Chad Kruger from Nickleback

- And, the one that I tell ALL the time (and I should probably stop because it makes me look sad, but it's funny), made out with Keanu Reeves. More than once.

JJ said...

I worked at the Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara back in the 80s. Celebrities were there a couple times a month. Everyone from LaToya to Liz Taylor and the Brat Packers. I remember when I saw Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez and was shocked at how tiny there were.

My favorite meeting was the night Eric Stoltz came in the opening weekend of Mask. It was the last show of the night and the front doors and concession were closed. He knocked on the door and asked to come in. He asked about the size of the crowd and then snuck in the back of the theatre to watch the audience. When he stepped out I mentioned that I went to his high school and that the music teacher still raves about teaching him. Eric was way cool back then, I wonder if he's still the same.

Mr. T said...

When I work at the Starbucks at the Beverly Connection in LA (c.1991 or 1992) this cute girl used to come in & get coffee. At first I thought she was one of the gals form the band L7 because of how she dressed but she wasn't. We would talk a little & I would lamely try to flirt with her...I always wanted to ask her out but I had a girlfriend & couldn't be an a-hole. Not long after I quit I was watching the Ben Stiller show & realized that the girl was Janeane Garofalo.

nancer said...

i grew up in a house on the golf course. when i was 12, i had a badly sprained ankle and had my foot in a bandage and had to use crutches.
one weekend, pat boone was in town because he was performing locally and he took a day to play golf at the country club. i wanted to meet him. since i couldn't walk across the golf course to the clubhouse, my mom drove me and had to take my dad's car with a standard shift, which she didn't really know how to drive. but we got there.

so here comes pat boone from the 18th hole and i'm standing there with a piece of paper and a pencil and i say 'mr. boone! could i have your autograph?' he walked right past me like he didn't even see me and went into the clubhouse.

so fuck pat boone.

JaxSux said...

I met Angelica Houston once at a wrap party. I was expecting her to be crusty because she's so intimidating but she was so warm and friendly. She also had the best and most genuine handshake of anyone i've ever met. She does the kind where you cover the person's hand with both of yours. People don't put enough stock into handshakes anymore, but you can tell a lot about a person that way methinks....

deity2 said...

Ha Jayme.....mine is about James Woods as well.......he grew up in the same town as I did, and his brother and Mom owned a small video rental store in the neighborhood.....I was working split shifts for the telephone co. at the time and decided to rent a movie on my " in b/w" time.....well lo and behold...who was working behind the counter, but James Woods. You had to show your license to rent the video, and he ended up cracking up and flirting with me over my license picture vs. what I looked like in real life! I have to say, his family was extremely nice and genuine, and I felt he was as well. Btw, this was about 17 years ago.....not many celeb sightings in little ole R.I.

CDAN Mod said...

would love to read some keanu encouters to cdner's. :)

jw12 said...
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BellPlus1B said...

i am currently screaming in my mind because i just met michael j fox. holy crap it's marty mcfly! looked way better than i thought he would. i had no clue he would be there and i just saw him perchance. he was extremely nice to everyone and signed autographs for a bunch of ppl.

selenakyle said...

In various bars and restaurants over the years, I've either served, met or interacted with the following: Dickie Smothers, who kissed me; Jack Nicklaus' and his good-looking son who hit on me; I was blitzed and walked up to Liza Minnelli's table in a big DC restaurant blathering on and she looked at me like I was a complete idiot; I waited on Ed O'Neill (handsome and nothing like Al Bundy) and Al Franken and his whole family (also very nice) both a couple of times; and lots of old low-end bands who played in various bars.

And I'm sure I've forgotten several.

And no one was a jackass except for probably ME!

Boring, really.

Dianne P said...

Forgot to mention that I met Helen Hunt at a Springsteen concert about 20 years ago (I think). She was recognizable but not a big star (it was after she was on St. Elsewhere and in that movie with Matthew Broderick).

My friend insisted on going up to her and saying hi after we had discussed whether or not it was her. Very pretty in person and nice enough (if she was annoyed, she hid it well).

RocketQueen said...

@ girl* Hurrah for dumping the vodka soda on Kroeger! What a douche.

selenakyle said...

Hahahaaa, good one, jax!

Momster said...

About 10 years ago, I won a trip to the Indy 500, from a contest sponsored by Smith-Beecham Kline. Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady was thre and couldn't have a nicer, cooler guy. This was right after his book came out, and he talked about how he still had a huge crush on Florence Henderson. He has a beautiful singing voice, too. The race was delayed a day due to heavy rain, but he just hung out in the tent with us.
Also 10+ years ago, I was a manager in a pet store. Some of the Texas Rangers used to come in there alot. I met Nolan Ryan once, and could not utter a word. Also met Bobby Valentine and his wife, a bunch of times-super nice folks. They would bring in six collies to be groomed! Also Raphael Palmero used to come in with his cocker spaniels but never would talk to us common folk.

twunty mcslore said...

Love the stories, everybody. Keep 'em coming! It's cold and dark here and this makes for a good read when you are stuck inside.
I think that Enty is compiling a book on CDANer's personal experiences that he can sell to a publisher so that he can afford to move out of the basement.
I hope that this goes on all weekend. I am so entertained. Big kiss, everybody.

Anonymous said...

Worst-Interviewed David Duchovny on my radio show for that POS 'Return to Me'. Started out asking his astrological sign, you know, just trying to get him to loosen up when he said 'So this is the extent of your interview skills? And did any of you even see the movie?" I told him we wouldn't waste our time on the piece of garbage and as for my interview skills, the best I could offer him in regards to the celebrity we considered him to be was.....

We hung up on him.


Opened for Kevin Nealon with my first ever stand up act. He was the nicest, most encouraging person. Even wrote me a note after the fact. He's the greatest.

Dick Clark
Kevin Spacey (nice but WAY too professorial when it comes to his craft and trying to explain it to a top 40 radio audience)
Rob Thomas


David Cassidy Told me to throw my panties at him and make sure they were 'well worn'. Destroyed me. I had his poster on my for christsake! I dreamed of marrying him when I was 12! Shit.

dollface said...

I worked a Bush concert the night I got engaged, and they gave me a bottle of Dom Perignon and a Graffix bong.

Not enough drugs or alcohol to help that nightmare of a marriage. JK

Kristen S. said...

I saw Ted Kennedy in the hallway of one of the Senate buildings. His hair had an aura.

I saw James Brown (the football guy, not the singer) on the street in DC jawing with a homeless guy....pretty cool.

I saw Marion Barry coming out of The Palm. He can't afford to pay his taxes because he's having surf n turf for lunch!

Robert Vaughn came into the movie theater I worked at in high school. I started reciting the A-Team opening narration when I saw him go into the theater, then he walked out into the lobby in the middle of my recitation! Oops!

Carrie said...

*Girl - you're my fricking hero! I HATE Chad Kroeger. A friend of mine grew up with him in Hannah, AB and he is a total fuckstick. The type of school yard bully who beats on little kids for their lunch money (which is exactly what happened)

Also, ran into Criss Angel in Vegas when he was supposedly dating that Playboy girl... unsurprisingly, she was nowhere to be seen, but he had 3 skanky groupies hanging on his arms and licking his neck. ICK.

Cooper's Mom said...

I went to school with a couple of famous parents' kids: Bob Hoskins, the british actor's daughtr was one; can't remember how she was, but i DO remember Mr Hoskins being really nice, he was always flirting with my Mum and even asked her for a date, but she declined! LOL

Another one was Rik Mayall's (very famous UK actor/comedien)kids, they were so sweet and seemed almost embarrassed by their dad's fame. He was lovely, always had time for all us kids who constantly went up seeking photos and autographs (for those in the UK, it was in "Bottom's" heyday.

Then we come to the Geldoff girls. The eldest one, the one who noone talks about, Fifi her name is, was at our school too. Total bitch, i may add. But then her dad was a rude prick as well, so what do you expect? A girl in my class became really pally with her, and would tell us stories of when she was invited on holidays with the Geldof girls and their mum, Paula, when she was still alive. Some were quite juicy, but as the lady is dead, i think i'll refrain from posting about them.

Who else? I was walking in Brisbane city center a couple yrs ago now with my husband and we were waiting for lights to change when he pointed to the man directly to my left and said "that's john travolta". Well, everyone within earshot whipped their heads round, i let out a big "oooohhhh!" (cue my husband's eye rolling), anyway Johnny boy was on the phone but he waved at us, and i heard one of his security people comment to a lady next to him that it was so great here as if this had happened in the states he would've been mobbed (really???).

Also, i ploughed into Jerry Hall (mick jaggars ex-wife) in the street and she was actually really nice, making sure i was ok, even though i wasn't paying attention to where i was going so it was my fault!

The Veronicas twins, Jess & Lisa, are from Brisbane, and went to the same high school as my husband (though 10yrs apart) and you still see them hanging around the huge shopping mall near where they went to school (when they're back in Oz) anyway i can never tell them apart, but i was queing behind one of them, and i didn't recognise her initially, but she was really fucking rude to me when i asked if she was in the queue or not (she was sorta off to the side with a few hangers=on). I thought it was really unnecessary to be so rude to someone for simply asking a question, so i just ignored her and waited in line, but she kept turning round and giving me dirty looks. It was only then that it twigged who it was.

that's about it i think, if i think of anymore i'll post them later :)

Kristen S. said...

Hilary...too funny! I forgot that my roomate's best friend was dating G Love and she came to DC to visit. She and G Love were on the phone screaming at each other!

ItsJustMe said...
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ItsJustMe said...

Brandy -- oy, what a 'tude! I didn't get the foundation color she liked fast enough or something.

Nia Vardalos - sweetheart. Came over to me, hand extended, when a coworker told her I wanted to meet her.

Richard Simmons - made fun of me and let me give him a bear hug without calling security. Yes, I'm a dork.

bramblewitch said...

Well, let's preface this with "i'm old"... I grew up in Miami and when Jim Morrison was arrested at that concert in 1968, I went to his trial and sat behind him in the courtroom every day and watched him doodle all day. Two of the other "Doors" were in and out. I felt like a geeky kid at the time, which I was, but now it's a good story.

mooshki said...

OMG, Kristen, Robert Vaughn is my FAVORITE! I'm so envious!

I visited the set of a Vanilla Ice video ("I Love You" - it was supposed to be his big follow-up to "Ice, Ice, Baby." Yeah, right.) We were there for over an hour while they were filming, and he stayed in his dressing room the whole time, except for coming out for 5 minutes to swear at everyone then stomp off. Not exactly a big surprise, right? :)

mooshki said...

Oh, and my mom and I once saw Paul Wellstone at a restaurant. I couldn't believe no one else there seemed to recognize him. We both gaped, and he gave us a big friendly smile and wave. R.I.P. Paul, you're still very much missed.

Midnight Wizard said...

Working at a bookstore in Burnaby, BC, I met Wil Wheaton, Joe Don Baker and Jennifer Tilly. Joe Don Baker was kind of in a hurry, Jennifer Tilly was nice, and Wil Wheaton was a total dick. (But that was during his dick years, so.)

I met Corbin Bernsen and Theresa Saldana when I worked at another bookstore, in Vancouver. TS was a regular, always bought dozens of books and donated them to charity.

Maja With a J said...

Jayme - awesome James Woods story...*LOL* And *girl - kudos for the drink on Nickeldouche. My husband played a show with them once - way before they were famous, I don't think they even had a record deal at the time, and he said they didn't know how to tune their own instruments or change strings on their guitars.

I was in a music/ recording industry program in college and we had some great guest speakers. My publicity teacher was Cynthia Bowman, who used to be married (?) to Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane/ Starship) after Grace Slick. So Paul Kantner came and spoke in one of our classes, and he was really cool. He was wearing long johns and a leather coat and sat on top of a desk the whole time. When he left at the end of the class he stared at me for a while and told me I reminded him of "a chick I used to know". He didn't elaborate.

In another class, Ben Fong-Torres came and spoke to us, he was also really awesome.

I met a lot of famous people when I was working in a recording studio, for example - this was in Sweden - Roxette were recording there at the time. Per Gessle was really nice and asked every time he went for a bottle of coke or water if it was OK. Marie was also super-polite.

Nicole said...

My husband has dragged me to tons of sci-fi and comic book conventions, so we've met a lot of celebs (or at least they were celebs at one point), but the ones that stick out for me are Sean Astin, who was one of my childhood crushes. I'd brought along a postcard signed by him from 1987, in response to a fan letter I'd sent, and I was so excited about showing him, but he didn't even glance at it and his handlers pushed us along before I got to speak. I also met Corey Haim, another childhood obsession, who was very nice, but charged us $20 to take his picture (no one else was charging for pictures). He did give me a kiss, though I'm not sure if that's a plus or a minus. Another one I was really looking forward to was Adam Baldwin, who I met around the time Serenity came out, but he was kind of a dick. He wouldn't even smile when we took his picture - and it's not like I cornered him in a restaurant; he was at San Diego Comic-Con for the purpose of meeting fans!

One of my favorite celeb encounters was with Enrico Colantoni (from Just Shoot Me and Veronica Mars), who I met at a Veronica Mars promo event. He was very, very gracious. I met the whole cast, but he's the one that stood out because he was so friendly. Finally, my favorite encounter was with Jay Mewes (of Jay and Silent Bob fame). He had just gotten sober, and he was very chatty and humble. He kissed me too, and though I wondered what diseases he might have, he was so sweet that I didn't mind.

Nicole said...
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Jill said...

Shortly after Nelly hit it big, he and the St. Lunatics held a charity basketball game at a small college in STL. One of my friends was invited to play, so I went to watch. During their warm up, I went to the concession stand, and when I was walking back to my seat, Nelly stopped me and asked if he could have some popcorn. Of course I said yes, and when he was done, he smiled and said, "Thanks girl, enjoy the game."

I didn't actually MEET him, but Nelly ate my popcorn. And that sounds dirty, haha.

Leah said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm not naming names here, because 1) I don't think most would recognize his name and 2) on the off-chance he googles himself, I'd hate him to know the last bit of information. ;)

I was supposed to meet a friend at a hotel bar in San Francisco and was having a terrible time finding the place. It wasn't at the corner I'd been told, and I was wandering around trying to find someone to help me when I stopped to listen to a street musician. There was only one other person listening - a guy who looked like he was maybe late thirties to mid forties, wearing a pair of plaid shorts, birkenstocks, and a worn Soundgarden t-shirt. He looked over and noticed my distress and asked was what wrong. I told him about my trouble finding directions and he replied that we were just a few blocks away and he'd be happy to walk me if I liked. I thanked him profusely and began to follow him.

He asked where I was from and (Sacramento, so I came into town regularly) complimented my PowerPuff Girls backpack, and the next thing I knew, we were actually having a pretty good conversation. He flirted a little, I flirted back, and I was kind of sad when he stopped in front of the hotel. I thanked him for his help and he told me to e-mail him. I told him that would be hard since I didn't have his e-mail address and he called it out as I started to walk away. It was very memorable, and I laughed as I asked if I'd heard him right.

"Yeah, a friend of mine came up with it...e-mail me next time you'll be in town"

I e-mailed him that night to say thanks again and let him know I planned on being in town the next Tuesday. We talked about possibly meeting up and swapped emails for the rest of the week. One night, I got curious and decided to look up the domain his e-mail was from, and was stunned to realize that the very friendly and down to earth guy who'd helped me out and wanted to possibly go out with me was a grammy award winning member of a very famous band with a legendary frontman. He'd never mentioned it, never hinted at it, and I was totally unsure how to proceed.

I eventually decided honesty was the best policy, and told him that I knew what he did, and as far as I cared, he was still just a nice guy who helped me out and shared some good conversation. He seemed a bit relieved, and we continued to plan on seeing each other soon.

Unfortunately, the Tuesday in question happened to be September 11th, 2001, and I understandably wanted to stick close to home. I e-mailed him to let him know I wouldn't be coming into town and though we continued to email for a few weeks afterward, we both kind of withdrew and I never saw him again. He was a really nice guy, but it's probably for the best since (in an odd twist) I have always hated the band in question, and actually name the song that won him the Grammy as my Most Hated Song of all time. ;D

Ones I will name - I saw Penn and Teller in the audience at a Residents show back in 1999. I'm short, but years of dating tall men has made me almost immune to the fact. Penn was sitting down and I still felt tiny by comparison. When I asked for an autograph, he gave me the once over and replied "you can have anything you want" - which was torture since I've had a crush on him since I was about ten (I tend to like them snarky, geeky, and weird) and my boyfriend at the time was about twenty feet away.

A friend of mine and I went to see Weird Al in 2000, and the show was delayed due to the bus breaking down. We decided to try waiting by the gates afterward anyway, just in case. We were out there for a while when one of the crew announced that he'd be out soon, but he would only sign one autograph per person, would not personalize anything, and we were not to try and engage him in conversation. Fine, we were okay with that - it was late and the guy puts on quite a show so we knew he had to be tired.

When it got to be my turn, I handed him my battered copy of UHF (then out of print) and took a step back as I blurted "I'm being good and not asking for a hug" he looked up from my tape and, with the sweetest look on his face, said "Of course you can have a hug!" and gave me one of the best hugs ever before looking at my friend (wearing black leather pants, black creepers with zebra-print tops, a zebra-print fake fur button up shirt, and a zebra print cowboy hat) and saying "Man, I love your outfit!" Both of us being uber-nerds, we were giddy beyond words and still occasionaly pretend to fight over who got the better surprise that night.

My name is Audrey, and I am proud to be a nerd. ;D

Leah said...

I've got lots of different stories, don't know if I'll post them all. But two of the funnier stories are sort of politically related:

1.) In an attempt to ditch Amy Carter at her own birthday party at the White House, I got stuck in a bathroom. The door had swollen and jammed, and I had to yell until the Secret Service busted me.

2.) My husband and I were driving in Washington DC one day, and I sat in the back with our new baby. We were stopped at a light, and the baby started with that "I'm going to die of hunger unless you feed me right this second" kind of cry. I leaned over to nurse him in his carseat. A big SUV pulled along side, honking; I looked up to see Arnold Schwarzeneggerg giving my naked nursing breast a thumb's up. My son kept nursing and Arnold kept watching. Then the light changed.

JaxSux said...

i have another but it was my friend's encounter...

my friend worked craft service on the first X-Men movie as it was filmed here in Toronto. Her birthday occurred during the shoot and while she was off set prepping food the cast and crew conspired to surprise her. When she came back carrying a tray of food/drinks and was walking onto set, suddenly the whole cast/crew burst into Happy Birthday. She turned bright red and kind of scowled, lol. The best part was that they filmed the entire thing- a big, panoramic, widescreen shot where the camera panned around her the whole time it was happening. Awesome! They gave her the tape of it to keep of course.

Unknown said...

1) Literally almost ran into Nancy Pelosi in a DC shopping center once. Super super tiny in a really really bright pantsuit.

2) Bruce Willis did a donation at the museum I work at. Wore a ton of makeup and refused to interact with the public (whereas Garth Brooks INSISTED on walking through public ares to meet his fans). Rumer and Talullah were there. They were very polite but the tiniest things I've ever seen.

3) A story I heard from a co-worker: (allegedly) Aretha Franklin did an event at the Smithsonian and requested an entire roast turkey and associated spread, and was paid $2,000 in cash - which she stuffed into her bra when she received.

And on a random note, Gretchen Mols dad works at my old high school. I always thought that was weird.

Ms Cool said...

Dang. No celebrity hangs out in Milwaukee. Wait - my sister-in-law worked on the Public Enemies set last summer (as a set painter) and got an autographed picture, personalized from Johnny Depp. On the local nightly news we would see stories of fans that met him and talked about how nice he was.

I went to a book signing of John Denver with my parents and he couldn't bother to raise his head to even look at the people passing through asking for an autograph. Crushed my mom.

When I was a freshman in high school, my brother took me to see the Simple Minds. We had front row center tickets in this little theater (The Oriental) because my brother was friends with security guards. Anyway, during the song "Don't You Forget About Me," the lead singer Jim Kerr held my hand and sang to me. Goodness, that feeling stuck with me for a long time.

When I was a senior in high school, I saw the Oakridge Boys (yes I like all types of music!) and got kissed smack on the lips when I brought roses down (so geeky) by one of them named Steve. I can't recall his last name but he later killed himself. So sad.

Cheryl said...

Met lots of celebs while working at Cracker Barrel in Albuquerque, no lie.

David Faustino (Bud Bundy) was dating a woman from Santa Fe and they came in a lot. Ridiculously short, I'm 4'11 and he was maybe 5'1". He dressed really weird like someone in LA told him those clothes were cool. A bit annoyed when I asked his name. I was the hostess.

Fabulous Thunderbirds left a good tip and tickets to their server.

I got a hug from Michael Martin Murphy when I told him that I love Wildfire. He told his assistant to take my name and two weeks later I got his new CD in the mail.

Marty Stuart was a jerk. He is also about 5'1" and was wearing head to toe leather in the NM heat. It was a busy Saturday might and he had to wait for a table. Scowled at night, no tip .

I saw Weird Al in NYC walking down Lexington Avenue with two hookers. I thought maybe he was filming a video, but it was midnight and there were no cameras around.

Saw Andy Summers from the Police outside MSG. I said hi Mr. Summers and he jumped into a waiting limo.

Carrie said...

I have another one to add (I used to work at an airport, so I have a few!)
Avril is a complete twat. She is a whiny, pathetic little whiner who constantly mumbles and treats people like crap. She wouldn't even carry her own purse - made her 'bodyguard' do it, all the while complaining that she had to go through security like everyone else.

My sister helped make props for Brokeback Mountain and was constantly gushing over what a nice guy Heath Ledger was. He was very down to earth and always willing to talk to people, even ate lunch with the crew!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Worst celeb encounter was Corey Feldman. The same friend I was with for the Weird Al incident knew him in passing and got us backstage when his band came through town. I was pretty much nocturnal at this point, and actually had to set my alarm to get up in time for the show. I hit the snooze button too many times and neglected to eat before leaving and completely forgot about this when we got to the club and my friend presented me with a drink (and another and another and another...)

By the time we saw Corey, I was falling-down drunk and could not hide it. I think I scared him a little bit. ;D

Same friend also used to work in radio, and at one point the station he was working for was having Sting come in for an interview. All staff was drilled on The Rules. Do not talk to him, do not touch him, do not look at him, on and on and on - seriously the most douchewaffle-y divatastic crap you can think of. Anyway, show goes as planned, no drama, and as Sting's walking through the room where my friend is working, he (my friend, still at work and with his head down and not looking anywhere near His Divaness-es direction) calls out "Good job, Gordy!" ;D

Ice Angel said...

My hubby and I were living in Bermuda about 10 years ago and volunteered at a golf tournament. Met the following:
Star Jones-walked everywhere with a little umbrella and heels-really thought the world of herself. Quite large at the time.
Michael Douglas-very little and shriveled-total ass-almost took my head off with a drive that went across the cart path that I was standing on-I had to duck or it would have hit me.
Lee Majors-we sat next to him at dinner-total arrogant ass-wouldn't talk to anyone and was really crabby-his then girlfriend/now wife talked my ear off the entire time-total ditz
Daphne Zuniga-my husband's biggest crush and she was totally cool-we talked for at least an hour-mostly about Melrose Place-hilarious!! We were both talking about how stupid her character was for sticking with Jake all the time! LOL!
Samuel L. Jackson-pretty cool-my husband asked him what was in the suitcase and he said he honestly did not know
Met Michael J Fox when he was making a movie near my house with Joan Jett in the 80's. He shook hands with everyone, but stopped to talk to me for a little while and smiled and winked at me. I was so in love! He was really short though. Lots of freckles and had a tan-really cute and sweet though, just like you would expect.
Before we got married, my hubby got arrested for trying to sneak into a Squeeze concert. (duh..I know) When we lived in Bermuda, they played at a local hangout and he went to the show and hung out with them all night and drank with them. Great bunch of guys-but he never told them he once got arrested just trying to get into their show! LOL!
Not sure if this is before most of your time, but Carol Lawrence is my mom's cousin. My mom grew up with her.
My friend waits on Bill Curtis and his girlfriend (wife?) every weekend.
Jim McMahon came into the golf club company I worked at to pick up clubs-total ASS!
Dan Hampton (Bears) met several times and a really nice guy, but sure likes to put em back. My hubby had to help carry him to his car one night. Luckily his wife was driving!
And last but not least....thanks to the obsessive infatuation of my son, I have had the pleasure of meeting all of the Wiggles on several occassions. I have to tell you that they are by far and away the very NICEST and GENUINE celebrities one could ever meet. They are sweet, down to earth, kind to the children and just all around nice guys. They all get along really well together in real life.

lawyagirl said...

Bruce Willis--Total f--ing douche. Met him when he and M. Night Shamalan (sp?) were sitting on my apartment stoop while filming Unbreakable. He refused to move out of the way so I could get into my apt and gave me some crap about how he was "busy working."

Emeril Lagasse--Very sweet. We are from the same hometown, so had lots to chat about. Met him at a cooking expo.

Robin Williams--Extremely hairy, much shorter than I thought he'd be. Saw him in Manhattan with a crapload of Barney's shopping bags.

Bob Dole--Very friendly. I forgot about his prosthetic hand and almost tried to shake it. Duh!

Duran Duran--I'm a huge fan and have met all of the members several times. Simon is sort of aloof, loves to get drunk and is kinda slutty. John is usually pretty friendly with the fans, but can be moody on occasion. Roger is very shy. Nick is the most friendly of them all. Andy is pretty friendly as well but always keeps the dark sunglasses on.

Eddie Money--Very sweet and gentlemanly. Kissed my hand.

Artie Lange--Nice guy, loves to drink. Very humble.

There are a lot more people, but I just can't think of them right at the moment.

ItsJustMe said...

Weird Al and 2 hookers?! LOL!!! My mom has video footage we took about 20 years ago in LAX of him making out with some random woman, who I'm guessing was his SO at the time. LOL ....

Whateverman said...

LOVE the stories! Mine is kind of non-dramatic, but when I was nine my mom worked in the restaurant of a Holiday Inn, and one weekend Johnny and June Carter Cash stayed there after giving a concert in our hometown the previous night. The next morning my mom brought my 7 year-old brother and me to work with her for some reason (babysitter cancelled or something, don't remember) and one of the room service guys came into the restaurant to pick up some breakfast for the Cash's. The guy let my brother and me go with him to deliver the food, which was cool in itself to a couple of little kids. I remember us knocking on the door and then looking WAAAAAAY up at the Man in Black, who was wearing, YES, BLACK PJs!! He was absolutely huge to me!It was so awesome! He was so nice to my brother and me. He signed autographs for us, and then June called to us to come see her, too. She was sitting up in their bed reading the paper and she was just so great to us! She called us "Honey" and "Baby" and signed autographs for us, too. I'll never forget that, how these two legends were so cool to two tow-headed little kids! I still get a smile on my face when I think about that day.

:) See? :)

parissucksliterally said...

All of these celebs have pet my dog, and were very nice:

Jodie Foster, Demi Moore, Christian Bale, Fergie, Martin Sheen, Dustin Hoffman, Michelle Phillips, Peter Horton, Owen Wilson, Sharon Osbourne, Keira Sedgwick........just to name a few. Good people.

Cheryl said...

Christine: I'm jealous of your Duran Duran encounters. I was a teenage Duranie in the 80's and now I'm a 40 something Duranie. Good times!

lawyagirl said...

Cheryl: They are working on a new album right now. But when they are promoting, they are just everywhere...especially on the east coast. You should join

Maja With a J said...

AUDREY! I AM SO CURIOUS!!! *LOL* That was like a blind item and I think you are going to have to reveal it at some point....PLEEEEAAAAAASSSEEEEEE???

Merlin D. Bear said...

The only brush with celebrity that comes to mind that's worth repeating is the time I met Jessica Tandy (who was in Atlanta filming "Driving Miss Daisy")- I'd been out for a few (okay, many) beers with friends, and stopped by the local Kroger for late night munchies.
As I was coming 'round near the dairy section, I looked up to see Hugh Cronyn looking over the milk...and immediately, my alcohol fuddled brain said "oh there's no way in HELL that's Hugh Cronyn, especially at this Kroger at 1am" - so I continued my shopping, only to come down the next aisle to see Jessica Tandy pushing her cart. I did the classic double take, and somehow got the nerve to approach her - (Gods above know what was running through her mind when she saw my 6'4" self coming toward her, reeking of beer) - I uttered the classic line "Excuse me, but aren't you Jessica Tandy?" -
And she, every inch the lady (and oh my GOD she was tiny) replied in an ever so slight British accent, that she indeed was. At which point, drunken me said "oh, in that case that would have been Hugh Cronyn I saw over in the Dairy section..." and she giggled lightly and said "yes, that would be himself".
All I could do at that point was to say "Thank you for your body of work, I am a great fan...and enjoy your stay here in Atlanta", and try not to embarass myself further as I stumbled off.

Unknown said...

Hi Kate! Miss you! Loved hearing your Bruce Willis story again- what a douche.

Let's see...Joshua Jackson ran away from me at a gallery event once. I would very much have preferred a make out (I hate you *girl)

JLo & Marc Anthony walked out of my building lobby hand-in-hand as I was walking in one morning- it was before she announced the pregnancy and her stomach was HUGE. I got a good whiff of JLo- smelled pretty damn good.

Yelled to Joan Rivers "you're my hero" while walking down Lex one day. She was with her much younger boyfriend and yelled back as only she could "well thank god somebody likes me."

Shooks Sean Connery's hand in the Bahamas when I was like 12.

Partied with the band Fuel at the Borgata in AC. My friend is good friends with them. Watched the concert backstage and then had drinks comped all night. Not a big fan of the band, but they were all cool guys. Drummer had to leave right after the concert b/c his mom was quite ill. I hope she ended up getting better.

Dave Attell is a dickhead. Doug Stanhope is awesome. John Mayer is okay I guess, but he tries way too hard. Sherrod Small is a sweetheart. Melora Hardin is adorable and super nice.

Eh, that's all I got. Again, *girl, I am jealous of your make out stories. Next time you are in NYC lets party.

Merlin D. Bear said...
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Ms Cool said...
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califblondy said...

I have heard from friends that when Brad Pitt and George Clooney filmed in my area they both were very nice, especially George. I know people who met John Travolta here and said he was very nice too. I wanted him to autograph my VHS tape of Staying Alive, but never got down to the bar where he was hanging out.

I've seen lots of people in NYC, but the one that stands out right now is Gena Rowlands. My Mother and I were walking towards the elevator in our hotel and who comes walking out but Gena Rowlands all dressed up and wearing a fur. An older gentleman was with her and he looked familiar too, but I never could put a name with him. I think he played bad guys in movies. Anyways, Gena gave us a "don't talk to me" look. She was intimidating as hell. I kept on walking, but Mother tells me "I just have to say something to her!" Crap, I was too scared to even turn around. All I could hear was Mom saying "I just want you to know I admire your acting" and in that low voice of her's I hear Gena say thank you.

I talked to Matt and Katie at the Today Show and both were really nice. I spotted Chris Kattan outside of Rockefeller Center and he turned his back when he saw me staring. Charlie Gibson talked to me outside of GMA, but Diane Sawyer didn't speak to anyone.

Bobby Caldwell is one of my all-time favorite singers and everytime I've seen him in concert he's been rude to fans. Dave Koz and Craig Chaquico both said hi to me and were nice. So screw you, Bobby.

I was in a hotel room with Tower of Power back in the 70's, but I was too young for anything good to happen.

Love the mention of Travis Pastrana. :)

Great stories.

Ms Cool said...

That Johnny Cash story rules and reminds me of my own kid story. Of course, mine isn't so cool but I did sit on Tom T Hall's lap at a concert and he called me cuter than a speckled pup. I adored his song Sneaky Snake. Still do.

svd said...

awesome topic. will share my own stories this weekend. so many run-ins.

jax said...

"Dumped a glass of vodka soda on Chad Kruger from Nickleback"

*girl...not only are you local you're my fuckin hero now!

Anonymous said...

Harriet - believe me, it's probably more interesting without names. :)

I will, however, say that the band he was with has been around for decades and the song I hate so much? Often tossed about in talks of the top songs of the last ten years. :>

Unknown said...

Oh right, and I pantsed Kobe Bryant in high school. He deserved it!

Oh, and met T.O. at a bar in Philly. He was with Freddie Mitchell (who tried to take me home right in front of my date!) and was wearing sunglasses in the dark bar- DOUCHE.

Dijea said...

I've run into some interesting celebs, but my favorite was walking thru the streets of San Antonio looking at a series of sculptures on display I ran into Ali MacGraw. We struck up a conversation on a street corner talking about the weather and the exhibit and off she went.

There is only one word I can say about that woman. CLASS.

captivagrl said...

After dinner @21 we were waiting in line for a car. I saw Andy Williams ahead of us getting into a limo. I walked over to get an aotograph(my mother is a huge fan). Well, he was so rude, really mean, telling me to go the hell away. As I was walking away a man got out of the other side of the limo and offered an autogragh, apologizing for my hurt feelings.
IT WAS STEVE MARTIN!! Apparently they were having dinner because they were rehearsing for a New Year's Eve event the following night.

Missjenny619 said...
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Missjenny619 said...
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ItsJustMe said...

A few more as they come to me:

Saw Debra Messing and hubby in Whole Foods ... seemed very "couple-y", was a couple years ago.

Hilary Swank at an outdoors farmer's mkt. in Santa Monica ... tall and willowy, big smile.

Tommy Hilfiger and nephew at the Gucci store ... both have the same haircut.

Lisa Rinna -- HORRIBLE skin ... not pimply horrible, but she has a lot of hormonal discoloration.

Diana Ross - hair is a hot mess, was with one of her sons who is gorgeous

Donatella Versace and daughter - daughter was veeeeeeeeeeeeeery thin at the time ... poor thing.

Jessica Simpson - teensy little thing

Pink - nice, seemed very shy, bought a whole lot of makeup from me because a couple other SAs ignored her

Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis -- as greasy in person as in the pictures

Adam Sandler - looks exactly the same in person

Missjenny619 said...

My favorite story first:

Mary Guibert (Jeff Buckley’s mom)….. A Brad Pitt story….
- Her and I were pretty good friends for a few years (yes, I am beyond lucky), so I heard some pretty good stories about Jeff. My favorite was about Brad Pitt. After Jeff Buckley died, in 1997, Mary was contacted by Brad Pitt. He had told her that his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) was a HUGE fan of Jeff’s and was devastated by his loss. He told Mary that he would track down every last audio and video recording of Jeff that could possibly exist. He set-up a bank account with enough funds to pay for shipping/buying the copies/whatever she needed. Mary was flat broke at the time, so this was quite a blessing. He didn’t want any recognition from it, so we went under an assumed name. “Boo Radley” was the name he used. I have no idea what exactly we can thank him for finding, but there have been numerous recordings released on the Grace Legacy Edition CD as well as Live at Sin’e and several other releases. Hats off to you Brad. Without you, I’m sure that a lot of what we know about Jeff would be gone forever.

Angelina Jolie
- She was at the San Diego Comic Con several years ago, promoting Tomb Raider 2. I was hovering near her table as she signed autographs for an hour. She seemed genuinely happy to meet people and sign things. She was very engaged in conversation with each person who approached her. She would give little waves to people who hadn’t won 1 out of the 100 tickets available to stand in line to meet her. She had also signed hundreds of TR 2 mini-posters in advance, so that more of the crowd would be able to take some home. I took a million photos of her. She was flawless. I didn’t get to stand in line and meet her in person, but I was handed a mini-poster with her autograph on it.

John Stamos
- Stayed at the hotel I worked for in San Diego. Saw him in the lobby, just standing around, waiting for his people. Accidently made eye contact; he gave me this raised eyebrows, “aren’t you surprised to see me here?”. I believe I actually rolled my eyes in disgust.

Joan Collins
- Hotel story again…. She was performing Love Letters with Stacy Keach at the Spreckels theater and she had come to the front desk to access her safety deposit box. As I was helping her, she had told me she wanted fresh towels in her room. I said “Yes, Sir!”. I gasped in complete horror. I called her “Sir” to her face!! I was so nervous around her b/c I had heard she wasn’t very pleasant, but she took it like a champ. She got all ‘Norma Desmond’ from Sunset Blvd (old b&w movie) on me. I began to talk about the play, telling her I had seen it many years ago when the TV couple for Hart to hart were in it. She said “Why don’t you come see me??” I told her that I only work nights, so I would have to miss it. The day that she checked out of the hotel, she had left me a signed program and had addressed it to “Sir”, along with a small message and her name. Nobody else got one…neener neener neener!

Billy Crudup
- At my hotel. The whole cast of Almost Famous was staying there for a press junket. The hotel staff was invited to see the movie before it was officially released. I loved the film! The next morning, I saw Billy come out of the elevator and I told him “I loved your show!”, he smiled and said “Good, now tell all of your friends!”.

William Shatner
- Another story from the hotel… This guy is the definition of A-Hole. He was pissing off the entire staff. One night, I was sitting in with the hotel operator when he called down to set-up a wake-up call and I could hear him on the end, slurring his speech pretty badly. When she asked him to repeat himself, he said “What are you, a f*cking a**hole?” and then hung up.

Giovanni Ribisi
- Stood in line behind him at the Amoeba Music Store on Sunset in LA; he had a pretty big stack of cd’s. When he handed the cashier his credit card to pay for them, she told him they don’t accept that type of credit card (probably an Amex or Discover) and he told her in a dry-humor kind of way “Well…I have a million dollars”. After he left, she was helping me and I told her that I like Giovanni Ribisi’s work and she was like “Oh, is that who he was?” and she told me what he said. He wasn’t a jerk about it though, he was just being funny.

Andy Dick
- Several unfortunate encounters in LA. This man lives up to his last name. He told a friend of mine (a talented, unknown musician that was eventually discovered by Kid Rock, but still isn’t famous), that “if you don’t lose weight, you will die. I told the same thing to Chris Farley and look what happened”. My friend knocked him out. True story.
- Saw him again numerous times at the Rainbow Room on Sunset. He would always be effing with strangers. Soooo annoying! I saw him mess up some guys hair, and one time he even sat with a random couple dining in the booth next to us and started eating their pizza. Dude. He’s a DICK!

yeahwhatever said...

Chatted with Carnie Wilson at the food court in Sherman Oaks Fashion Square while we ate. She was very sweet and complimentary towards my kids. This was about 9 years ago. LOL, the girl can eat. Shocking, I know.

Hung out with Jamie Kennedy at his house twice and once in Vegas, where went clubbing together with a mutual friend. His "assistant" would go in ahead and try to get us in without waiting in line since "Jamie Kennedy is here" but no bouncer gave a rats a$$ that JK was there. It was funny as hell. At an after hours club, after I had a bit to much to drink, JK kissed me and then later told our mutual 'friend' (who at the time looooooved him) that I kissed him. F'ing douchebag liar.

As long as I live I will never forget the threesome experience with this same girlfriend and JK (prior to Vegas) We did this twice, actually. Why was it memorable, you ask? Because midway through I started my period. He freaked the hell out, seems he's quite the germophobe!! As we were leaving I told him I'd call him next time my period started and he did laugh, I'll give the d-bag that much. Oh, dude makes the weirdest sounds and faces when he f*cks which is funnier than any of his films/tv gigs....

Spoke to John Stamos on the phone. Super nice, but real freak in the bedroom according to my girl who 'dated' him briefly post-Rebecca.

I'm sure I have lots more from my partying days in LA, maybe will post more later...LOL, folks: Drinking and drugs are bad for you!!!!!

Sarah said...

i have two very boring encounters.

1- saw renee zellweger at starbucks. was very nice and sweet to the people who approached her. she and her assistant sat at different tables, and renee was on her blackberry the entire time. apparently, the next week or so [she was shooting a movie here in canada] she bought coffee for the entire crew.

2- john mayer came into the bookstore i work at and bought almost a $1000 in moleskin journals.

Anonymous said...

I can only think of two - the first was sort of horrifying, we'd gone to our local theme park and the music "treat" for the day was Bobby Vinton. After the show, my 11 year old daughter, familiar with his music from my collection of 45s from the '50s and '60s, went up to get his autograph, and he French kissed her.

A better one was years later, living in Kansas City, and Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were in town filming "Mr. and Mrs. Bridge", and I ran into him on the street on my lunch break - well, not literally, he was still standing. I was astonished that a star of his magnitude was just strolling along the street with no retinue, smiling and nodding to everyone who looked his way. I was also surprised to see that his eyes really were that blue.

Carrie L. said...

Back in 1996 I attended ShoWest, and my observations at that time:
Tommy Lee Jones: went crazy in an elevator when he thought someone was looking at him (though they claimed they were not). He completely lost it, and terrified those in the elevator. Andy Garcia, Meg Ryan, George Clooney: yes, I got to stand and talk to them all together, and it was awesome. Enormously friendly, and stood around talking to us even though their part of the program was done and the staff was almost finished cleaning the room by the time we parted company. Elizabeth Hurley: complete bi*ch. Nick Cage/John Travolta: spent an entire event talking only to each other (which was rude, as their fellow actors were speaking and clips of THEIR FILM was being shown), and then gave normal folk enormously rude stares and huffed their way out of the room the second the event was over.

I've also met Ann Richards when she was governor of Texas. I was standing in the capital building doing a self-tour with some family members on a Sunday (it was very quiet) and she came by with a few bodyguards and asked us how we were enjoying our visit. She asked us where we were from and gave us some history on the building. Had not thought much of her before, but she really redeemed herself that day.

Dennis Miller came into a theater I worked at in Peoria all of the time and he was completely down to earth and funny! Was just a normal person, but was willing to sign autographs, talk to admirers, etc.

My "favorite" one though was Lynda Carter (aka Wonder Woman). She had made this movie in the early 90's that was to premiere in Peoria and she was to be the headliner for this huge fundraiser which I believe was for blind kids or something similar. Well, she didn't show. No call, no nothing. To see all of those young kids show up to see her and then her completely diss them was beyond disgusting.

Unknown said...

I used to date Mike Sorvino, who is the brother of Mira Sorvino and the son of Paul Sorvino. Paul Sorvino is really nice and down to earth. Mira Sorvino is gorgeous in person. I also met Quentin Tarantino who was dating Mira at the time. He is even uglier in person, if you can believe it, and a total asshole.

I hung out with Darrell Hammond after we did a stand up show together in NYC. He's really cool, was very complimentary of my comedy (I've only been doing it about a year) and even gave me his phone number to keep in touch. We text each other to this day.

mooshki said...

Where are the Tori sTories? :)

Ms Cool said...

Mookshi - here is the link:

Missjenny619 said...

I have one about Tori!!

Circa 1999/2000 at a glam rock club in Hollywood (it was either Club Make-Up or Club Cherry). One my of best friends at the time (a guy, who was a pretty boy Vince Neil looking guy) ran into Tori Spelling while he was piss drunk and said to her "Hey Tori, why the long face???" in front of everyone. She was completely humiliated and everyone laughed at her and pointed.

It isn't much so I didn't include it in my earlier post, but it did in fact actually happen.

IndigoBlue said...

I'm on board with the Duran Duran fans. Met them back in the early 90's after stalking them all over Chicago while they were in town. Simon was an ass -- got his autograph but he made some comment about, "It had to be THAT picture?" with some shitty look on his face...I think I was the only one who got his autograph that day, he got in the car and wouldn't speak to anyone else.

John Taylor was very nice and gracious and sweet to all the fans, as was Nick. Roger and Andy weren't around.

I met Michael Jordan at a charity deal long before he was famous. I was very young and he kept ribbing me saying "You don't know who I am, do you?" but in a playful way. I, being the snotty teenager I was at the time, said, "No" complete with eyeroll. He just laughed and said, "You will." And I did.

Went to college with Jenny McCarthy. She was in my roommates sorority and we would all go out on weekends and stuff together. Can't tell you I was sad she flunked out. She was a brat.

Met INXS in about 1988 or so, KICK tour. Very nice boys. Didn't get to talk to Michael Hutchence, but saw him through a conference room door at their hotel. The other guys came out and signed autographs and hung out with me and my friend. We were the only ones who went inside the lobby, everyone else just loitered on the sidewalk. No one was keeping them out, I guess they just thought they weren't allowed inside. I was like, "Uh, hello....public building mean anything to anyone?" and marched right in. They were eating pizza. Fun guys.

This is one of my favorites, although not mine. Back when Will & Grace just started to be a huge hit, my bf from highschool's neighbors kept telling her they were friends with Sean Hayes. She was huge fan and thought they were pulling her leg. (Sean Hayes went to my college and lived for a time in my hometown). Well one Saturday night, she's sitting on the couch with her sweats and glasses on and there's a knock on her apartment door. She opens it and who's standing there? Sean Hayes. She about died. He was all giddy and smiley and said, "See?? I do know your neighbors!" He came in and visited for a while, signed some stuff, the whole nine yards. Very nice, genuine guy from what I'm told. He got as big a kick out of surprising her as she did with the surprise!

ItsJustMe said...

I have heard so many people say that John Stamos is a freak in the bedroom without going into more detail. I went to school with someone who was his and Rebecca's Disneyland tour guide and she said he was extremely pervy to her all the time, suggesting 3somes, etc.

Anonymous said...

My dad is friends with Caleb Quaye, the original guitarist for Elton John....that's about it for me! lol

mygeorgie said...

Oprah. sat on her couch, saw up close, the drag queen make-up. She's actually very short in person. Came into the green room, all 'natural' looking before make-up. Very friendly. Oozes power & energy, even in sneakers & sweats.

Victor Neumann/Eric Braeden. Total douche. Stays in character off camera. Pulled the "Do you know who I am" bullshit when rebuffed by a very young blonde, even though he was married.

Micheal J. Fox: Soooo wee in person. Very humble, polite & gracious. Hung out with "the little people", not in his designated V.I.P room.

Rae Dawn Chong: Freaking gorgeous

Blair Underwood: Gorgeous. Had an entourage with him and SLOWLY walked out of the restaurant, 8 feet ahead of his family, smiling at everyone like a supermodel with that, "Ya it's really me" smirk. He carried his take out box like it was an Oscar.

Angie Harmon: Total pothead. Hard partying face up close.

Engelburt Humperdink: total DINK. Brought in his body guards. No one knew who he was. He got pissed off, Diva style, and left the bar in a huffy. This was back in 1989, at the hippest club in T.O. He looked like an overtanned lounge lizard. My grandmother wouldn't have recognized him.

JJ said...

captivagirl, I met Steve Martin several times at the theatre. I adored him but have heard he can be a prick. I'm glad we got had good experiences with him.

Unknown said...

This one is from almost 20 years ago. I was in college and a waiter at a country inn in Vermont. Joanna Cassidy from Who Framed Roger Rabbit stayed there with her bitchy mother, fugly-ass son, and her rented stud. She was a complete BITCH! Horribly rude to the entire staff. She and her mother would parade down the stairs in the morning wearing fur coats and act disdainful of having to be in the presence of commoners. I don't know who the hell she thought she was. She's not even that famous! Vermonters for the most part are unpretentious, so her L.A. bullshit didn't go over well. Everyone hated them, even the fellow guests.

Every night at dinner she was drunk off her ass. She yelled at me one night and I told the dining room manager I refused to wait on her anymore, so the manager took over table. Everyone rejoiced when she left. I will say her rented stud was very, very nice and seemed embarrassed. He was hot, too!

mygeorgie said...

@Nancer: "So fuck Pat Boone."

Ha! I think I found my new mantra :)

TCD said...

My parents asked me to show their elderly friends around LA while they were out here on vacation.

Took them to Gladstone's in Malibu for some sunshine and peanuts on the patio.

Noticing that Bruce Willis was lounging with a date in the adjacent booth, I leaned in to the friends and whispered "don't look now, but that's Bruce Willis next to us."

Obviously, Bruce heard me because he looked over and smiled - just as the nearly deaf woman yelled back "who's Bruce Willis?!"

Bigger smile.

HannahPalindrome said...

1. Sting-kiss on cheek & handshake
2. Matthew Perry-received a kiss on the cheek
3. Hank Azaria who is HOT HOT HOT in person & kiss on the cheek/lips
4. Britney Spears-Never liked her & VERY RUDE!!! B....
5. Steven Van Zandt-kiss on the cheek
6. Danny Devito & his wife-They are SHORT, but were smiling the whole time walking down the street.
7. Rod Stewart-fast walking with his trainer
8. Markus Scheckenberg-not impressed. Looked ok in person
9. Robin Givens-HOT Body!! She was making out with Markus S at the table next to us. Teeny with the smallest waist.
10. Law & Order cast-you see them everywhere in the city. They were filming in front of my old building
11. Keith Urban
12. Depeche Mode-really disappointed. I really loved them when I was growing up & they were ok. My friend lives in the same building with the lead singer.
13. Nitzer Ebb-partied with them back in the day when I was in my teens. I was very naive & shocked to witness a few things.
14. Sarah Jessica Parker-Total Butter! Great body & fug face
15. Matt Lauer-losing his hair
16. The guys from the Sopranos. I made out with one, but I cannot remember the guys name.

I can't remember the rest. I live in the city. They're all over the place.

I would love to meet Johnny Depp, Clive Owen, Angelina Jolie, Ewan McGregor...but would hate to be disappointed.

Ellebee said...

Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen, Twilight)

My daughters were at a Twilight event last weekend in SF. At the Twilight Ball on Saturday night, Kellan Lutz and two other Twilight actors (Michael Welch, Christian Serratos) met with all fans at the table.

As Kellan Lutz left the table where my daughters were seated, he gave them all hugs. My oldest daughter, who was not a Twilight fan (not a fan girl), said to him that she wanted a hug too.

As he leaned over her chair to hug her, she leaned back, the chair fell over, he caught her and she had a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. Both were embarrassed, but he was very nice about it. (she just turned 20,sounds creepy if she were younger, I know)

The girls did say that all of the actors involved were very nice to all the screaming fan girls and cougarish Twilight moms at the event.

I never really meet anyone because by the time I realize who someone is, they are usually gone. Closest, stood next to the lady on Frasier while in line for Dumbo at Disneyland and sat next to Kings of Leon at a concert. Blissfully unaware.

Dianne P said...

I forgot! I got my picture taken with Orville Redenbacher. I was at a parade in La Jolla chasing my then-tiny daughter around--she was crawling but kept trying to dart across the street. This older lady kept coming up to me and saying something and gesturing to this dried up thing sitting under a shade. Eventually I realized that it was Orville and she was inviting me to have the baby's picture taken with him. So I have this picture of me and Orville with a big shit-eating grin on my face and my baby dangling off me.

Snautrag said...

Johnny Depp @ a Living Colour gig The Town Pump in Vancouver. So-o tiny. Like wee tiny. He was filming Jump Street at the time.

Bryan Adams: Total ass and pock-face.

Darryl Hannah: Shared a flight to LA with her. She had a antique violin case as a handbag and slathered on moisturizing cream on as soon as she boarded.

Paul Walker: Cute but stupid.

Sarah McLachlan: Ran with her crowd for awhile just before she really hit it big.

Drew Barrymore gave me a dirty look outside a diner for randomly chatting with her b/f at the time.

keeko said...

Great stories, everyone!

While, I, too have many, here are my two faves:

Charlie Sheen: When I was 16 (many, many moons ago), my identical twin sister & I were sitting in the airport waiting for a flight. We are both blonde, and we happened to be dressed in our matching cheerleading sweats. This man was sitting across from us, completely stoned, and staring at us very, very creepily. A personal growth moment, if you will. Yes, it was Charlie. A very stoned and turned on Charlie. Fast forward many years: The What's-her-name Madam's black book was published & Charlie Sheen's order of choice? Two blondes dressed up as cheerleaders. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Bruce Willis: I know many think he is a jerk, since this is my only experience with him, well, you decide: This was about 10 years ago, I had just moved to LA and was at the Sunset Room, where many celebs were hanging. I was kinda freaking out since this was my first LA experience with celebs. I was a little toasty, and somehow made it into the VIP Room. Where Bruce was quite literally peeling gorgeous women off of him all night. He was very nice to each of them, from what I could tell. We were hanging out with his friends, and he came to join us, sitting RIGHT next to me on a chair. (Backstory: I used to be totally in love with him when I was 14, and if you would have told me I would have this experience, I would have died!) So, he is hanging out, then checks his watch. So, I say, "Oh, are we boring you?", a little flirtaciously. He looks over at me, gives me the slow up & down, cocks his head to the side, and gives me the "Hey baby" smile. I couldn't believe it...Bruce was hitting on me! After all of the hot ladies! I started laughing because I couldn't believe it, and because I was a little drunk. He immediately got up and left. I think I totally offended him when I didn't mean to. Then, we left too, and stood next to him at the valet & he & his friends (who we had just been talking to for an hour or more) wouldn't speak to us.

j74 said...
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No1uNo said...

Yay!! I was hoping Enty would do this. One hundred comments already! I better get reading...

Rene said...

I was an extra on quite a few movies and dated the prop master so I had access to celebrities. Here are the nicest:
1. Keanu Reeves about 3 times was very nice to me. Knees almost buckled when he looked at me
2. Hillary Swank was the sweetest person to me and gave me a hug
3. Cate Blanchett was soooo pretty and sweet.. gave me a kiss on the cheek
4. Taraji P Henson met her at sephora in DC. She was so down to earth
5. Gary Cole is funny as hell
6. Giancarlo Esposito from Do the right thing: Very gracious
7. Julia Roberts: very unpleasant will not watch her movies she has a nasty temper
8. Tom Cruise. Knew he was batshit crazy years ago. Was given a memo saying that everyone had to look down at the floor in his presence.
9. Bernie Mac very flirty and funny

Rene said...

I forgot Giovanni Ribisi.. He was really cool. Very approachable and engaged anyone in conversation.

*girl said...

Okay, I love that people hate Chad Kruger too!

Short story: Nickleback was at TRP in Toronto and I was there with friends. Saw that they had bottle service and walked over and sat down. Told them I thought Chad seemed like a douchebag and wanted to see if he was in person too. They laughed and asked me to stay.

I sat (drinking their bottles) and talked to the other guys because they were pretty cool. Chad gets next to me, grabs my hand and tries to get me to touch his junk while saying "baby, how are you going to know what I'm like if you won't have a touch."

Pour my drink on him, and I leave.

j74 said...
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Lissa THEEE Pissa said...

I have only met two "celebrities" in my life and neither of them were really great celebrities, although at the time they were very famous in the sports industry....

"Marvelous" Marvin Hagler used to do lines with my mother. Lovely mother she was. Sometimes they tried to hide it from me, but most of the time she really didn't care.

The second "celebrity" was Christian Laettner, who played basketball for Duke in the early 90's. He. Was. A. Complete. Asshole. I was so disappointed. Bobby Hurley then became my favorite player.

Not very interesting, but that's all I've got.

bionic bunny! said...

well, even though i sat on the national board of directors for parrot heads in paradise, i never met jimmy buffett. i did meet greg "fingers" taylor, and spent an evening helping michael utley and robert greenidge (all from JB's coral reefers) with autograph seekers-- utley & greenidge are dolls, fingers was a little imposing, but i think he was busy. hey, it was a big deal to me! what DID happen, though, was the one pre-concert party i got into, my club had gotten a bunch of stuff together to forward on to JB. his new album, "fruitcakes" was a lot of fun, and the title song had a verse "we lost our martian rocket ship, the high paid spokesman said..." (do you guys remember when nasa lost contact with *ugh i can't remember the mission offhand* their mars mission back in the early 90's?*) ANYWAY, it of course wasn't really lost, and mr. bunny at the time worked for JPL in the image lab, so we had pix from the actual mentioned "lost rocket ship". i was able to get this care package w/ pix to JB's personal assistant backstage, and before we left the party mark came running back looking for me, wanting hubby's email, street address, etc.
a VERY long time later, we received a letter from an unknown gentleman who said he had found the enclosed note under a pile of papers and thought he should forward it to us. it was a hand-written thank-you note from jimmy himself, thanking us for the pix, talking about the space program, and all kinds of stuff.
i never met the man, but did have friends in high places, and i got ahold of PA mark's email and invited jimmy and the band to the lab (JPL) for a guided tour, but it never happened.
okay, as a kid, i met a bunch of old movie stars, some i don't even remember, but in newport beach in the mid-60's it was still just boat owners, and everybody was cool. fess parker, jock mahoney (who played tarzan in a couple of the movies, and was in the tv series as the bad guy my dad said), john wayne was docked right next to us, but of course he had a huge yacht and we never even saw him. anna maria alberghetti (sp?), i think, but my mother said she was a bitch. most sailors were good folk with something in common in those days.
we have innumerable items signed, believe it or not, by O.J., from when he was at 'SC. along with the rest of that team. that was an amazing introduction to football for an 8 year old. i've met a lot of people through the university, also.
met one of the brothers from "my 3 sons", and my brother met ray bradbury, they came every year to one of my high schools.
went to school with 2 of bobby allison's kids from one of his divorces (nascar driver).
mr. bunny is always looking up and saying "duh" as somebody really cool is walking away. and of course he knows "rhino" from "bolt"!
see, mine are boring, because we see people all the time, and don't even think about it, because we never see anybody we're interested in seeing!! and nobody good ever comes to our wrap parties.
does it count that the stemmon freeway in dallas was my uncle storey stemmons? i don't think i ever met him, he was married to my aunt grace.

i am SO boring! now, my BROTHER.....

bionic bunny! said...

oh, crap, sorry that was so long, guys!
i'll try to remember something decent to make up for it!

amazonblue said...

I used to work for a now defunct department store, in the OC. Our branch was a couple of miles from Angel Stadium and the Honda Center.
Derek Jeter and a couple of teammates came in and were very pleasant to everyone.
When he was with the Lakers, Shaq and a fellow Laker came in and browsed the Furniture department. Shaq jumped on a display bed like a little kid, bouncing up and down. Thank God it supported him and didn't crash to the floor. Our visual merchandiser was so excited he wouldn't fluff up the bed until the store manager ordered him to the next day.
About 15 years ago, Dita Von Teese worked in our Lingerie department. She used her real name, Heather Sweet, and was just starting her burlesque routine appearing at Captain Cream's on the weekend. She had red hair back then. The store management kept trying to get her to transfer to the Cosmetics department.

Anonymous said...

This is about Ray Combs whom not many will probably know (Family Feud host and stuff like that) but bear with me. I had to do a job for him years ago in another state and when the time came to leave he was running late and I was afraid we'd miss our plane so I told him that he could laze around all he wanted but that I was leaving NOW. He told me to relax and picked up the phone, dialed a number by heart and said into the phone "Hi, it's Ray. I'm running late. So what's it going to be: delayed connecting flight or mechanical problems?" (Because apparently the airline would hold the plane for him.) But that's not the good part. We get to the plane finally, and he realizes that I've booked myself in coach, whereas he is in First Class so he asks a stewardess if he can pay for me to be bumped up and is told "no, it's full." So, he follows me to my coach seat (on the aisle) and asks the person in the middle seat (MIDDLE SEAT! the worst!) if he wants to trade with him and go sit in his seat in first class. Of course the guy did. Now, I'm pretty mellow so I wanted to just watch the movie during the flight. He thought that was boring so he spent the entire movie, talking into my headphone set (which he'd unplugged), overdubbing the dialogue - it was HYSTERICAL. I mean, for something like 90 minutes he played all the parts and made up all the dialogue. I guess some people just have to entertain - even if it's only an audience of one. RIP, Ray.

boxofdiamonds said...

well, i'll just add my few...
met keith Richards in NYC during the Steel Wheels tour at a concert afterparty. i was introduced and he blew smoke in my face- I nearly gagged, then i met his wife patti hansen- then i sat next to keith at the table we were sitting at. James Woods and his late brother were also sittin g atht etable and telling keith stories..I know james and his late brother are HUGE stones/Mick/keith fans.
i was introduced by someone in keith's inner circle. i got the feeling this person who introduced me was not well liked by keith or the others, but he provided a service to them so he was accepted-

met Diana Ross in 1983 in a flower shop up the street from me. very sweet, tiny and petite.

met Meg Ryan- while she was on As the world turns- the soap opera - before she did any films...She was polite and nice. i told her i thought she was going to be the biggest star one day- she just smiled, said thanks- that was it.

met Rod Stewart around the time he was seeing kelly Emberg (1980's??) and he was standing outside the St Moritz hotel in NYC- Central park south and 5th ave. he was putting Kelly into a taxi-she was a really beautiful model.probably still is (Rod's daughter Ruby is kellys')..i think he lived at the st. mortiz at the time. After kelly left, We walked around the hotel to the back.he invited me up into the hotel- i was too scared. Said no, and he just went in, around the back way. Rod is very short, tiny with the tall blond hair- and had on those tight tight turqoise pants, -

I also worked at LIVE AID in 1985 with the late Bill graham. Saw Grace Slick there, and just about everyone else backstage...A very very hot hot day. too hot.

Ms. said...
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Ms. said...
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Ms Cool said...

I forgot I met Grace Slick in the basement of a hotel I was staying at on a business trip to Seattle. She was selling paintings she had made of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, white rabbits and the like. They weren't bad but they aren't my cup of tea. She was talking to some guy about her brother and what a loser he was. She was friendly to me and gave me her autograph. According to stories I have heard, she has lived pretty hard and she looked it.

Bxrlvr said...

I love this stuff!

When I have had celebrity encounters, I usually don't approach - hey, they're just trying to make it through the day like I am.

LA, around 1990, driving past Burt Reynold's home. He had vehicles parked out in front of his house from various movies - a Trans Am with the license plate SMOKEY, a blue van with the plate SHARKY, etc. Egotist. A bit later, I saw him pull out in the Trans Am and he wasn't wearing his toupe! He watched me drive by while I was pointing at him and laughing my ass off!

About 1995 in Chicago, I glanced up and locked eyes with Rob Morrow in the restaurant we were in. No one else in the restaurant noticed him. About 10 mintues later I glanced over again, and he was giving me a very encouraging smile, like he wanted to be noticed. I looked away and kept eating. Much later I glanced over, and he looked really pissed that no one else had noticed he was there! When he left he was wearing his big Northern Exposure jacket with a big scowl on his face.

Got a kiss from Ted Nuggent back when he was hot.

Pierce Brosnan quietly boarded a flight I was on a few years ago and I was one of the few that noticed. When we got to the luggage claim, he was standing to the side waiting for his luggage, and was barely noticed. Someone approached him for an autograph, but he said he didn't do that. We left the airport at about the same time, and I stood back quite a ways back from him and zoomed in and took a picture very unobtrusively. He noticed and gave me a smile, presumably because I gave him his space.

Same trip, found myself standing next to Alfre Woodard in an airport bookstore. I was amazed at how beautiful she is in real life.

Same trip again, on my way to my gate. A petite woman, older with obvious plastic surgery, 5 inch heels, tiny skirt, 5 people hoovering around her, giant floppy hat and sunglasses because she obviously didn't want to be recognized - yea, right! She practcally walked into me and smiled and said hello, and I realized it was Charro.

O'Hare airport in the early 80's I found myself standing next to the guys from Styx at a gate. Tommy Shaw and J.Y. were a hoot, and Chuck and John Panazzo came over and started talking, too. We stood there for quite a while and shared a few laughs, then I told them that my friends had arrived and I was going to board with them. They offered to give me an autograph, then encouraged me to go over to Dennis DeYoung, who was sitting with his family some distance away and giving us dirty looks. I didn't know the band was about to break up and that Dennis was a dick, but he did give me his autograph, though he never looked at me or spoke to me, just took the paper, signed it, and shoved it back at me. The other band members were cracking up, knowing that Dennis would be pissed!

Anotheramy said...

I scheduled an appointment for service with Jay Leno. He is very down to earth and makes makes own calls. He told me a funny story about a time he talked to customer service in India, I also agreed to bill him as he's had trouble with people using his credit card after service calls.
Nick Lachey also called in himself for a service call, very down to earth, at least back when he was married to Jessica.
I spent a weekend in the hills of North Ga. at a party hosted by someone who works at an Atlanta recording studio. Many of his friends are band members from very notable southern rock bands. I dont remember exactly who was there but they were all drunk, high, hot and dirty just like everyone else.
I was on a plane with Steve Tasker. A retarded gentleman (with an amazing knowledge of football) loudly pointed him out. He was in first class and was nice enough to turn around and talk to the gentleman for a minute. We got off the plane together and he walked me to the terminal where my next flight was taking off as he was going there too. Mega hot bod.

bionic bunny! said...

WAIT! i remember some real people i met!
the asshole was an extra in a made for TV movie because he was an amputee (see how much of those years i've blocked out?).
so i met stephanie zimbalist (very, very sweet, especially considering the annoying person who was introducing me), mike connor, and CLORIS LEACHMAN! neither of whom were were friendly to me at all, quite uppity, but again, they were big stars, this was um, maybe 1979, and who was this asshole extra anyway?
i knew i'd remember something! can't remember the name of the movie though.

Ms. said...

@ bunny

Long Journey Back

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

this isn't so much about me as a family member. in the '70s and '80s, my uncle in dublin used to work with bono's father at the post office (this is way before U2 made it big).

bono's mum died when he was a teenager, and my aunt felt sorry for his father trying to raise two teenage boys (irish men back then didn't really cook or clean much), so she told my uncle to invite him and his two sons around for a sunday roast. they came, and my aunt remembers bono being a bit surly but very polite and mostly quiet, as you'd expect of a kid whose mother just died. (the funny thing is, my aunt still lives in the same house and has the same dining room furniture and whenever i visit her in ireland, i always ask if i can sit in the "bono chair" for dinner, hahaha).

anyway, fast-forward several years and U2 are now megastars and bono's father has little need to work at the post office any more. my aunt and uncle know i am the biggest U2 fan on the planet and so, without telling me, they get in touch with bono's father and arrange for me to get an autographed photo for my 21st birthday ("to [my name], happy 21st, love bono XXXX"). i was THRILLED (it remains my prized possession).

when bono's dad died in 2001, my aunt and uncle went to the funeral. to this day, my aunt still refers to bono as "that paul hewson". heh. i know he gets a lot of flak around the world for his attitude, but the times my aunt and uncle have seen him in dublin over the years, he's been nothing but kind to them.

other celeb encounters: david bowie (for 2 seconds, i didn't realise it was him until after he drove by); duran duran (waited my whole entire life to meet them and then when i met john and roger, i was mute with shock and couldn't actually SAY anything); jim cuddy from blue rodeo (awful, horrible, embarrasing story); katherine heigl (10 years ago, she was actually quite sweet then); the cast of that '70s show at jerry's deli in LA; kiefer sutherland (ran into him head first -- my head into his stomach -- at LGA airport); prince (on a flight from LGA to toronto); noel gallagher (ditto, but a different flight); bunch of british indie bands from the '90s when i was an entertainment reporter; yoko ono (at central park, near strawberry fields -- it was the day after the annual tribues to john lennon's death and she was on her way back to the dakota after admiring them); phillip seymour hoffman (tailed him around london for about half an hour because i was bored); matt damon (backstage at a play he was in in london -- SO nice) and madonna (same night as matt damon but a different play, and she was a total bitch).

Unknown said...

I met John Krasinski from "The Office" while he was filming that Mendes movie. He was really sweet and took time to sign stuff and take pictures even though that PA was trying to drag him back to set.

stiffkittens said...

These are great! I wish i didn't live in The Middle of Nowhere, England :(

Genesis said...

You'd think living in Dallas you would at least see one film/tv celeb. Just Basketball players round here. Woot Mavs.

Unknown said...

Up until this past November, I was a flight attendant for the past four years. I've flown all over, quite a few celebrities (in the airport, on flights I've worked and flights I've taken for leisure) and most of them were pretty cool cats.

If you're a Dallas Cowboys fan, then you know who Michael Irvin is. (I hate football- I only recognized him because I grew up in Texas. I had Tom Brady on a flight once but didn't know or care who he was- he was a prick, regardless.) Anyway, Irvin was nice, and I found it funny that he was a pro athlete yet had a Louis Vuitton messenger bag.

I worked a red-eye from JFK to Toronto once with Robert Englund sitting first row facing my jumpseat. He was friendly and a total gentleman, but it was creepy as hell to sit in the dark facing Freddy Kruger.

About a month before I lost my job, as I was lugging my suitcase, laptop bag, purse and various other crap after the end of a four-day-long trip. Some douchewad knocked into me causing my belongs to go flying. He kept walking and went into Starbucks. Didn't apologize, offer to help me, nothing. A blonde woman happened to be walking past me with a small child and a few bags of her own, yet had the kindness and decency to stop and help me collect my belongings. It was Michelle Williams and her daughter. She was very sweet.

As far as douchebags I've encountered? The usual suspects. I don't know her name/which one she is, but the gargantuan Kardashian sister was on one of my flights. Total bitch. Her sense of entitlement was amazing- I can't even begin to imagine what Kim's must be like. Tom Brady, as I mentioned, was a dick. David Caruso was (as expected) an ass. Moby I didn't expect to be a prick, but oh, is he ever.

There are at least a dozen more, but most them were pretty normal and nothing sticks out about any of them.

Pink Skull said...

-Britney Spears, twice. Once was when she was at her peak with Oops...and the second time when she was preggers with her first kid. (Jaimee Lynn was also there). She is very angry and hated fans asking for her autographs and of course, the paps. She loves the perks of being rich and famous, but she hates having to sign autographs and having people take her picture. She's egotistical, self-centered and feels entilted to have more than others. Total narcissist. She's also kinda ugly without camera magic.

-Paris Hilton. I didn't meet her, but my friend did at Nicole Richie's club in Hollywood. Paris is the total opposite of Britney. Loves attention from fans and loves the paps taking pictures of her, she even took a picture w/ my friend. She also smoked a joint with my buddy, making sure that the camera was off.

-Kierra Knightley at Fred Segal. Gorgeous and down to earth. She was shopping in the men's section.

-Reese Witherspoon at a Starbucks. She loves her fans but hates the paps. She smiled at me but hissed at the paps. Very short in person.

-Ryan O'neal. He is a drugged out wifebeater. I promise you there will be more in the news about him and his family and it will make the current stories look tame.

Jasmine said...

My uncles' family helped produce Eminem. On the album he thanks Mark and Wendy Bass- thats them.
All my fam live in detroit and i hear about things they are producing every once in awhile.
So, my dad tells me years ago, Hey Jaz, you ever hear this guy called Eminem? I was like Eminem? What kind of GD name is that?! I rolled my eyes and he became famous 6 months later.
My cousins have pics of Dr. Dre and em all over their rooms and for my cuzs barmitz he got personalized turn tables from em.
My uncle had a chance to invest in em's career more fully but didnt do it.
True story- Em sent my uncle a gold and diamond wall plate that said 'to the biggest jackass of the year' or something to that regard for missing out on the opportunity to clean up and make the millions the rest of the fam did.
>>>>the plate cost at least 10K and was all done in jest. Dr and Em are super cool.
p.s. my client's friend has to find a new roomate in la becausse his current one just got knocked up with Hank Azzaria's baby. She has known and told me about this before it came out in public.

Pink Skull said...

I also met Gary Coleman. I went snowboarding in Montana and the flight stopped in Salt Lake City, Utah. "We will provide a free ticket and hotel room for anyone who is willing to give up their seat this evening" says the flight attendant. Everyone on the plane looks confused. Then, Gary Coleman, dressed in a black leather jacket and matching black leather cap stands next to the flight attendant and walks down the aisle with her. Every single person on the plane laughed hysterically. It must have been so humiliating to be him, but he was wearing a godawful outfit. No one gave up their seat for him.

Julia Gulia said...

Audrey - your Sting story is priceless! I am a huge, HUGE Police and Sting fan but I am aware of what a pretentious, self-important diva a-hole Sting is. A big pat on the back to your friend who yelled, "Good job, Gordy!" That is absolutely fantastic and I would have loved to see the look on diva Sting's face. It would have been even better if your friend said, "good job, Gordy the Geordie!" (apparently Geordie is the unaffectionate term Brits give to people from the part of England he comes from.)

Julia Gulia said...

Nicole - I am so jealous you got to meet and KISS Jason Mewes!!! I have had such a huge crush on him for years.

Leah said...

So, I just have to share a sweet celebrity sighting with you all.

On Feb. 13th, Best Buddies held a Valentine's Day dance at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA). Teens with congnitive challenges from all over the area attended.
I was watching the kids dance, when out of the corner of my eye, I see Eunice Kennedy Shriver being wheeled in by her grandchildren. No fanfare, no "people" just Mrs. Shriver and her grandkids. She is so frail, yet offered her hand and a smile to everyone there. Kids and adults were lining up to get a photo with her. And yes, I did get a photo of my son and his buddies with her. :-)

jetgirl said...

totally addicted to the stories - all of them are sooo good!

i had to pick up my boyfriend at YVR ( vancouver ) and the flight was so delayed that i ended up going to the only bar open in the airport and it was deserted in there - except for one guy who had 4 drinks lined up in front of him. vodka tonics or rye and gingers - i sat down at my own table and minutes later the guy at his lone table said to me "is it always this empty at this airport? it's only 11pm!" i was like "ya, it's a total snoozefest for an international airport". then i almost fell off my chair because it was Keefer Sutherland - a pretty big deal for a canadian girl who knows that his grandfather Tommy Douglas created free health care in canada and his mother was a pioneer and champion for the under privillaged. he invited me over for a drink and he stood up to introduce himself and put his hand out for me to shake it - he spent the next half hour asking me what i did in the city, what my life was like, where the best places to see on Vancouver Island were, etc etc. FELL IN LOVE with him right then and there - so sweet, so kind, and paid for my drink.

sat next to angelina jolie on a flight to LA when she was married to BBT - freaking gorgeous and totally aloof. didn't make eye contact once or attempt to make any indication that i existed in her world.

kurt russell - hot hot hot - so nice - a total gentleman -

reese witherspoon - flew into vancouver when she found out ryan was sleeping with all of the waitresses from the cactus club ( and one of my coworkers at the airport ) and she was totally rude - understandably so.

rebecca gayheart - cute. dumb. nice. skinny.

heather graham - didn't know what city she was in and needed help navigating her way around - so skinny but totally gorgeous - empty headed - you could see the tweety birds and stars flying in her head like in the cartoons.

montel williams - so so drunk at the bar i was at in whistler and he hit on everything standing - he was flying out with my company the next day and that hung over piece of shit the made me carry all of his luggage and ski gear to the plane while he watched and his "bodyguard" looked on. he also said he was dehydrated and asked me to get him water FROM THE COOLER THAT WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!
Rumor mill has it he was taken in for questioning after a girl accused him of serious serious misconduct. I heard he paid to make it go away.

mathew mcchaunhay (sp) - i couldn't speak - his gorgeosity was blinding. wore a touque in the middle of summer and dripped sexiness. he knew people were drooling.

jean claude van damme and family - so so so short - i had 2 inches on him and i'm 5'7 - very very nice.

wesley snipes - very cool, very tall, very nice but with no smile - showed up for a private booking flight and i met him in a back room where he was followed in with 4 or 5 diplomats from asia - his asian girlfriend was from a seriously important family - that was about 6 or 7 years ago -

ashley judd - supreme bitch of the century - tore a strip off of me when weather cancelled her flight - she demanded the jet to go and i said "if the pilot doesn't want to go, why the hell would you?" i sent her in a private limo which she demanded we pay for.
rude. bitch. oh ya - and she's the blind for the "mute stones".

that's all for now - but i've got tons more.

love you all CDAN'ers!

Fabulous! said...

Hey Audrey! I'm from Sacramento, too! Hah, had to point that out.

So, since I'm in Sac & I've worked at a club for several years, I've met a few- not too big names, but recognizable, I suppose.

Kings Players- My God, they're total womanizers! I met Hedo Turkolou (IDR the spelling) about 1 season before he was traded. He was nice up until he asked me to sleep with him. He took home a co-worker instead. She's a slut.

Peja Stojokovich (SP?) Really sweet I guess, but a total player. Was dating a girl I worked with for a whole year and BAM suddenly he's engaged to another girl. This was right before he was traded if I remember correctly.

Rammstein- Met them when I was doing promo work. I had NO clue who they were until they came into my work later (I wasn't there). All I remember was they were really nice, but their manager was a bit of a prick. Def. not pretentous "don't you know who we are?!" type of guys.

Bullet For My Valentine- Total douchebags. They act nice at first, but they think they're better than everyone because they had 2 decent songs. Tried to screw half the girls at my club. I think it was the drummer? who ended up being the only semi-nice guy.

Tommy Davidson- Hands down the sweetest, nicest guy I've run into He actually approached me and gave me a compliment. Seemed sincere. 'Lot shorter in person (come to think of it, so was BFMV). Very humble and friendly!

Jerry said...

Keeko, don't be too hard on Charlie Sheen for getting turned on at the thought of twin blonde cheerleaders. I'm a good boy, the kind you DO take home to mother, and I'm having a little trouble at the moment myself.

So...before I became The Boss, I was a hotel massage therapist for a long time. And since I'm one of those guys you look at and know right away that he knows what he's doing, people never give me attitude.

David Cassidy - flirted with some of the girls at the spa front desk; with me he was just a guy especially when we discussed how to treat a minor injury he had.

Heather Mills - saw her about a month before her split became public, which means she was probably travelling solo by then. Registered under a different last name and no one at the hotel recognized her except maybe me {not unusual - in Miami they all speak Spanish and don't pay much attention to anything Beatles related}. Shockingly normal. Funny, witty, interested in what I had to say and it's still weird for me to read everything about her since it's so opposite of the woman I met. And yes, I massaged her amputated leg, which isn't skeevy to me at all.

Chris Rock: according to his then-girlfriend, I have his massage virginity. I wonder how he'd react to that sentence.

Vidal Sassoon: yeah, he's a real person, not a brand name. Spent his entire massage asking me about myself. Went out of his way to come back to the salon to meet {and exchange business cards!} with one of our British hairdressers who was a fan for years. Never mind celebrities, there aren't too many people around like him and I hope he lives forever.

svd said...

alright, i'm ready to spill:

1. Susan Sarandon adn Tim Robbins are wonderful people, incredibly smart, well-read, self reflecting and interested in the world. Her daughter Eva Amurri used to play with my sister when they were kids. Her dad is nice too (Franco Amurri, director) and was reeeeally into my mom.
2. Their friend John Torturro is a neighbor of mine, really down to earth, takes his kids to soccer practice etc. We run into him at the local bagel store etc.
3. Alan Cumming is a sweetheart with an edgy sense of humor. He is very kind and soft spoken and fun. Endless energy and constantly working. Also does a massive amount of charity and activist work, without trying to get press for it all the time.
4. Monica Lewinsky is a a very sweet girl. I feel terrible for her. She will never have a normal life. I've met her at a party and chatted with her. She is pretty and sweet and really very very normal.
5. Saw Julia Roberts going to her early morning workout sessions at Crunch gym in Manhattan a few years back. Tall, striking features, quick pace, pear shape behind.
6. Had a longer chat with Ethan Hawke. Charming. But not all that.
7. Chatted with Paul Giamatti about comic books once. Also very nice.
8. Ran into Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke in Greenwich Village, back when they were together and she had just had their second one. They were pushing strollers and the youngest was crying her heart out. Uma went: "Shhhhh, No! I can't give you titty right here in the middle of the street!"
9. Ran into Brad Pitt on a rainy day, very early morning in Manhattan. Street was almost empty. He shot me a brooding look that I'll never forget.
10. Al Pacino has a very strong aura around him. He oozes sex appeal, despite his age.
11. other sightings: Parker Posey, Kiefer Sutherland (teeeeeny!), Alec Baldwin (with very young asian girlfriend), Robert deNiro, Isabella Rossellini, Famke Janssen (very tall and amazonian), Patrick Dempsey (out at a romantic dinner with a woman that was NOT his wife-this was last year), Mario Batali, Jeanine Garofalo, Liev Schreiber, I also see famous models all of the time, many more, i'll comment again if i can think of some more....

Things I know from friends: Paris Hilton is a disaster and major bitch (from a friend who worked at a major LA hotel...she made the staff crazy and she eats those diet cookies...that friend also says that the nicest and most enigmatic star was George Clooney..go figure). Sharon Stone is a loon and pops pills, she's batshit crazy most of the time, Cindy Lauper is a massive bitch with "star" attitude, who is rude to the little people. Cynthia Rowley is a sweetheart. Tom Cruise is gay, as is Rob Thomas.

i might be back with more.

Ms. said...

@ SVD - love love love John Turturro. One of my top three favourite actors. Did you see Mac (his directorial debut)? If not, definitely rent it. It's sort of based on his Italian immigrant father. I was surprised that he is so tall.

Cindy Lauper is a bitch? Oh man, that is soooo disappointing.

Hilary said...

Ellebee-- Kings of Leon-I would die, they are my favorite band and if I sat next to thim, I think I would have to try to convince them to play my wedding since I met the love of my life at their concert-

Although not as exciting to me, everyone might appreciate this more than G Love because of the level of fame- About 4 or 5 years ago,my friends and I sat next to Fred Durst, Christian Slater, his then wife Ryan Haddon (sp)? and Luke Wilson. This was at a restaurant in the Bellagio in Vegas the night that the night club Caramel opened. Fred Durst and Christian Slater were both VERY VERY short- Ryan Haddon was knock out gorgeous. Luke Wilson went to the bathroom no less than 10 times during the meal- He is pretty tall and nice eyes but a weird sort of potato sack shaped face. Saw him about an hour after dinner wandering around the casino aimlessly looking like he lost his friends- clearly he was on something the entire night. That sunday was on the flight back and there was Christian Slater, limping no wife in sight. We were pretty much walking next to each other the whole time till we got outside where he immediately lit up a cigarette. I also used to date a NBA basketball player and thus have met tons of them, nothing exciting but Shaq is the most incredibly large person I have ever been close to in my entire life. I think at 5'1" I came up to his waist, I really couldn't even talk to him due to the height difference.

Bxrlvr said...

Thought of two more ...

Mike Ditka - was on my flight from Orlando to Chicago, no carry on luggage. Got stuck in security and while they checked him with the wand, he just joked and laughed with all of us who were standing nearby. He sat and waited at the gate for the flight (which was delayed)just like everyone else, and was very pleasant. When the flight finally arrived, Mike was sitting directly in front of the walkway, and it was priceless watching everyone's faces light up with shock and recognition as they walked off the plane!

My facility did an MRI on Dennis Rodman when he was still with the Bulls. He came in wearing baggy pants made of a very thin material and no underwear as it turns out, because when he laid on the table, his pants showed everything, and the techs were trying not to let their eyes pop out of their heads - that boy is packing!

Unknown said...

svd- I can vouch for the sexiness of Pacino. I've seen him around the city a handful of times; he was in front of me at Topaz on 56th, of all places, the one time I met him. Dude is a fucking legend, yet he was so down to earth and cool, and despite being old enough to be my grandfather, he's still got that something that makes him incredibly sexy.

briar said...

20+ years ago, I worked in a big sporting goods store in Manhattan. Lots of famous folk in and out, but s few that stick out:

James Taylor and his daughter buying ice skates at Christmas time. The store was packed and the line was wrapping around the floor. They went straight to the back of the line until my manager noticed them and persuaded them to come to the front. He wa paying by check and the store policy ws that they had to show ID. Shaking, I asked for his river license and he handed it over without question. Some other well known shoppers were rude and beyond when asked the same question.

Billy Idol and his Dad buying sneakers 9trainers) on an early weekend morning. Store was fairly empty and Billy Idol was quite laid back and really respectfully deferential and solicitous of his Dad. Dad was just as nice.

Patrick Ewing, early in his NBA career, in store for a personal appearance. Came in early with his son who couldn’t have been more than 3 years old at the time. Kid insisted on walking , as they tend to at that age, and there was 7ft Patick Ewing holding the wee guys hand and letting him lead him about the store.

Subway spotting
Maybe 3 years ago, Dylan Baker and Wife and Kid on the subway on their way to probably Lincoln Center. He was recognized and extremely polite and chatted with people. It was sort of rush hour and he gave up his seat.

V. Holt said...

About 10 years ago, I lived in a marina on a boat in D.C. Kelly McGillis was in town doing a play and stayed in the marina on her sailboat. Husband and two little girls were with her. Had opportunities to speak to her, but never really cared to. I know common folk approached her and she appeared to be gracious about it and I never heard a bad word about her.

Anyways, on a couple of occasions I observed her almost awkward interaction with her children. Girls were little, maybe 3 & 5 and it seemed that the Dad was the primary caretaker. One time she was trying to lead one by the hand off of the boat and the little girl just SCREAMED for her father. Another, time I observed her trying to do something playful and the whole scene just looked forced and uncomfortable. Other than that, she keep to herself, walked with her head down and smoked a lot. Tall handsome woman.

KMG852 said...

I got to go to the Huff Season 2 premier a few years ago and met Hank Azaria, Padget Brewster, Oliver Platt, Bobby Flay, David Schwimmer and Jeneane Garafolo.

Hank Azaria - extremely nice, I have only nice things to say about him.

Padget Brewster - also very nice, super skinny but not in an unhealthy way.

Oliver Platt - very nice and much taller than I expected.

Bobby Flay - kind of an ass, very into himself.

David Schwimmer - polite but standoffish, was warned not to mention Ross Gellar to him and told he is really nice once he knows you.

Jenean Garofolo - didn't even realize I met her until someone told me afterwards, she had blonde hair at the time. Nothing memorable about the experience so she must not have been too nice or too mean.

Also Mike Myers' ex Robin was there and she was super nice too.

Unknown said...

Miranda Kerr - she was in front of me in the line for a flight at LAX with her then boyfriend. I had no idea who she was, but certainly noticed her, and was talking to the woman behind me, when she noticed we were Aussies and turned around and started talking to us. She was soooo nice and acted like we were her best friends, telling us how she missed Australia but worked in NY now, how she just got back from Vegas, how her boyfriend was heading back to Oz etc. She had barely any makeup on (if any) and was dressed completely casual and didn't act like a celeb at all. Much prettier in real life than in her pictures. About 6 months later I figured out who she was.

Unknown said...

Mike Tyson - at the Planet Hollywood/Alladin breakfast buffet in Vegas....about 4 years ago. He was having breakfast with an Aussie boxer (who a few of my friends are good friends with, but I'd never met him). I noticed them, but just ignored them, but when I was walking back to my table, with my plate, the Aussie guy gave me a big smile, so I went over and said hi to him (not many people would have recognized this guy in Vegas, unless you were a boxing fan)...I was talking to him, with my back to Tyson, when Tyson pipes up and says "she's from australia is she?" I introduce myself to him etc. It was quite surreal! I didn't think I'd like Tyson, but he actually came across as a big sweetie. I was a bit embarassed, but felt much better when the Aussie boxer stopped by my table on the way out to say good bye. His name was Jeff Fenech by the way (for any boxing fans!).

George Brett (baseball hall of famer). Played beside him at a table at the Bellagio one night....he was really nice to me, wanted to place bets for me etc. I had no idea who he was (baseball is not big in Australia), but every one was fawning over him, and I accidentally was rude as I was a bit intimidated by it all and turned my back to him a lot...ooops....but he was really nice, to me anyways.

Julia Gulia said...

jetgirl - great stories! I know what you mean about Heather Graham - I never met her like you have, but when I saw her on Letterman once, I was floored by how DUMB this chick is - it was around the time that Robert Downey Jr. finally went to prison bec. he was busted for the millionth time with narcotics, and she goes, "I just don't understand why they put him in jail?" and Letterman was like, "well, if you commit a crime, you should go to prison no matter if you're a celebrity or not just like anyone else would have to" - the audience applauded him and she responded with an airheady "oh" with a head tilt - that girl seriously acts like she has shit for brains.

By the way, what is the blind about the "mute stones"? I missed that one.

Ms. said...
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Ms. said...
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Ms. said...

Mute Stones BL

ALM said...

I met Richard Simmons several times at artist doll events. I remember well once in San Francisco when I asked to get a picture of him with some dolls, he wouldn't do it unless the doll artist was included.

He said - "Never forget the artist, they're the ones who create the beauty."

Pookie said...
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Pookie said...
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Merlin D. Bear said...

Another from my misspent youth... these are people not many of ya'll will know offhand, however within a certain demographic, they're very well known names.
The year was 1979 and I was involved with the group hosting the "First Southern Psychic Seminar", Ravenwood Church and Seminary of Wicca - the event featuring Lady Sybil Leek, Gavin & Yvonne Frost, Herman Slater, and Ray Buckland among others...
Well, we had a pot luck dinner welcoming Lady Sybil to Atlanta and Ravenwood in particular. As Lady Sybil was being shown around Ravenwood, I was in the kitchen putting finishing touches on some of the dinner. I forget exactly what it was I had my hands in at the time, however I held a tasting spoon out for an opinion on seasonings from my friend who was helping, *knowing* she was right behind me.
Or so I thought.
The next thing I knew, I heard a clipped British voice saying "Needs a bit more garlic, I should think"... and as I turned around, I came face to face with Lady Sybil, who I'd almost hit in the face with said spoon.

That being said, Gavin and Yvonne Frost - he was a lecherous old goat, full of himself and his opinions, she was every inch the lady and incredibly tolerant of Gavin.
Herman Slater - looked like the stereotypical Arab wizard you see in all those old Steve Reeves movies - was also known (rightly so as he'd quickly tell you) as the Witch Queen of New York. Quick wit, and was a lot of fun to talk to.
Ray Buckland - the man's an elf. Cute as all get-out, but he's TINY. Absolute sweetheart too.

Ms. said...
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Ms. said...
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twunty mcslore said...

This is from 1991 but it still pisses me off. I was in the south of France on vacation with some incredibly rich friends and we took a trip to Portofino on a yacht for a couple of days. The paps weren't out in full force back then, giving famous people on holiday a bit of room. We wanted to dine at this great restaurant right on the docks and were told we couldn't because some asshole (Maitre D's words, not mine) booked the entire patio. We had a perfectly fine dinner at the place next door and walked by the other restaurant to see who had decided to eat al fresco without being bothered by any little people. It was Ivana Trump and the husband of my rich friend's very close girlfriend. They were obviously having an affair from the way they were all over each other and this took place only a short time after she was the victim of The Donald and his extramarital affair with Marla. We got back home only to find the wife waiting for her cheating husband at their dock, totally losing it.
Ivana played the poor cheated upon wife only to turn around and do the same thing to another woman. I guess she figured that because she was in Europe nobody would find out. I can't even tell you all the hideous things we wrote on her rented Mercedes after that. They weren't very nice.

mooshki said...

"Reese Witherspoon at a Starbucks. She loves her fans but hates the paps. She smiled at me but hissed at the paps."

Okay, now I like her more than I ever have before.

"damn work, and the hours it takes away from this site!"

Sing it, sister!

Love hearing from all the fellow Duranies.

braverwoman said...

Yeah this particular post is addicting. Should be doing chores...

Anyways, I live in LA and used to make the music scene up and down the west coast. Lots of rock stories, but I'll just share 3 for now. Not the most interesting, but don't want to put all the dirt out just yet.

Billy Idol - interviewed him in 1978 just after he hit it big w/Gen X. He came to the interview hung-over and covered in hickies. Seems the local LA talent had had him the night before. He was about 23 yrs and just beautiful. Mighta been his 1st trip to the US.

Ringo Starr - an asshole, but that's prolly well known. Does NOT indulge his fans. Was w/a girlfriend at a Willie Nelson show at the Hollywood Bowl. Again, late 70's. My friend saw him and without thinking shrieked, "It's Ringo Starr!". He gave her this withering look and replied, "Don't TELL ME, I know my name". Crushed her.

Eddie Money - Funny story. Mid-seventies. He was playing a fraternity party at UC Berkeley. I knew him as a local bar fixture and was standing there watching him. He was shoved in the corner of the living room at this frat house standing behind a cheap keyboard wearing an even cheaper "rock star" outfit. He looks over at me and says, "Hey babe, if you go get me a beer, I'll play Louie-Louie for ya". I laughed in his face, but as I think back on it - what a great line. Lol.

WednesdayFriday said...

I happened to be at Disneyland with my then boyfriend (now fiance). I feel like a snob saying this, but every time I go there, I refuse to eat dinner anywhere but the Blue Bayou. The little restaurant in the Pirates ride. While standing in the lounge area waiting for our table, we noticed Don Stark of That 70's Show.

While no big star by any means, My fiance and I were both stunned because the night before had watched and episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm which included him.

Fortunately, my fiance had the balls and went up to him and said "no freakin' way" which was part of a punch line in the episode of Curb. He had a good laugh and proceeded to talk to us for about 15 minutes while we waited for our tables.

He was a very nice man.

Holly Golightly said...

Best: Justin Chambers from Grey's Anatomy. He came into my pharmacy on Valentine's Day 2008, looking at cards. I teased him a little about buying so late and said in jest, "You should totally write me a card."

I had an errand to run and when I came back 15 minutes later, he was gone and left a V-Day card addressed to me. It was honestly the sweetest thing ever and made my crappy Valentine's even better.

Worst: TONS. I worked in a well known pharmacy in Beverly Hills that caters to celebrities and I have horror stories.

mooshki said...

Those of you who can't tell your real juicy stories should email them to Enty to use in blinds. :)

Ella said...

One of the nicest guys I met is Rob Thomas. I worked on one of his first video shoots and he was funny, smart, way more intelligent than I expected a rock star to be, and back then, a real hound. Don't know why svd thinks he's gay. That is not my experience with him at all but a lot of my gay friends think so, too, so who knows. He flirted with everyone, so could be bi, I guess, but lately he is really into his wife. A few years ago we saw him making out with her in the doorway of restaurant totally going at it. Anyway, he's done a lot of things for friends and fans that nobody ever hears about. Just really a very good guy.

Unknown said...

I can't think of any particularly interesting stories involving famous celebs. Most of the "famous" people I've met have been D list, or even Z-list.

For instance, I was once Traffic Babe of the Day at Q101 in Chicago (after they moved Tingle to Sherman and Tingle in the afternoons but before they broke up the morning crew). Obviously, they didn't have much in the way of standards, as I was probably the least babe-like traffic babe they had ever had. On a good note, I was in town early enough to see a crew filming one of the scenes from The Dark Knight.

I mentioned in a thread a few months ago where I walked past Bruce Willis at Union Station in Chicago without recognizing him right away. He was dressed in a tux and had a young, pretty brunette girl accomanying him. They had just come out of some kind of huge soiree (the name of which I can't remember atm).

Canadian people seem to know who Paul Hoffert is, but I had never heard of his band, Lighthouse, before I met him. I was friends with his son and daughter-in-law. He is quite the character (in a good way). He once vowed to find me a nice young man in the Toronto area before I got mixed up with the guy I eventually married.

In the Netherlands, I met several people associated with the music business, but I wouldn't know how famous any of them were. Most were very nice, but they pretty much laughed at my broken Dutch (hey, at least I tried, right?).

Genesis said...

I'm so dumb, I DO have a story. I personally wasn't there, a teacher of mine was. Her husband works for a news branch here in town and they cover sports games, well they got invited somehow to New York where they met up with some old (rich, well off, etc) friends and as it turns out the owner of a local team "knew" her as well. He's married with 2 children, I wonder if she knows.

Siemens said...

Carmen, I second your rave about Kevin Nealon. We talked along with my husband for about two seconds before he went on to do some standup at the Uncabaret in Hollywood. We really just bumped into him and he was rehearsing his bit and still very charming and witty. This was a few years after he'd left SNL and he hadn't done much since then at that point.

I tell my Charlie-Sheen-is-a-dick story whenever someone wants a celeb story. I was waiting tables in Malibu during grad school in the 80's. He'd done next to no acting at that point and wasn't really well known. I knew who he was because he hung around with the Brat Pack/Pt. Dume actors and was Emilio Esteves' brother. He came in for brunch with C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders) and was just an attitude problem from the start. Just right out of the gate giving me crap over something I had no control over. Howell was a 15% tipper, though, so no complaint there.

Chris Isaak was the most charming performer I've ever met. I was at a listening party for one of his albums in the mid-90's at the Griffith Park Observatory and he had just flown in from overseas, where he'd filmed a bit part in that Bertolucci movie (I think) and he was working a crowd of about a billion suckups and plus-ones like me. I almost lost my nerve to meet him, but my then-boyfriend got his publicist to introduce us. He was funny and warm, had the biggest, softest hands and looked me (and every other person there) right in the eye, relating to each of us that he met as an actual person. That was refreshing. He is hilarious in person.

Siemens said...

Oh god, Audrey, I wasn't going to bring Arnold up for a few reasons, but that is so disgusting that I'll break down. Back a few years now when I was in my prime (I won't say how many!), I went to dinner at the Palm restaurant in West Hollywood. While standing with my friend waiting for a table, I looked over to see Maria Shriver and Arnold in a booth. She was kind of sitting with her elbows on the table and her hands folded in front of her mouth, as if trying to hide. With his wife right in front of him in that booth, he checked me out from top to bottom. I had a cute outfit on and, as I said, this was back in the day, but I definitely had the feeling it was just a habit with him to check out every inch of anyone lacking a y chromosome. I felt so bad for his wife, but she must know what he is by now.

Hate, hate, hate der Gropenfuehrer.

Dee said...

My sister worked at a Rite Aid in the Hamptons for a few summers so she saw a whole bunch of celebrities

Paris Hilton came in with Nicky and bought $200 worth of makeup. She was reading articles about herself from Us Weekly aloud while she was on line.

Billy Joel came in with his daughter. He was very polite and bought a whole crapload of oral hygiene stuff-mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, the works

John McEnroe was actually very nice and bought beer and cigarettes

Mel Brooks came in and was very charming and funny. Bought Preparation H

Shannen Doherty came in, very rude (shocker!)

I worked at a pizzeria nearby, the only celebrities I ever saw were Nicky Hilton (kind of standoffish and a little homely in person) and Lorraine Bracco (super duper cool, very nice and very pretty in person).

Anonymous said...

MarcomMom - Ooooh, I can't stand that man! I used to work about a block and a half from the capital, and I remember the hassle of a freaking motorcade to take him to the Broiler for lunch. Blocking off a street so you can go to lunch maybe two blocks from work? What a jerk! Also, his security staff bought lunch from me on a regular basis (the restaurant I worked at was in the same building as his hotel) and couldn't say a single nice thing about the guy. I don't know about you, but if I were constantly surrounded by armed men, I'd want to stay on their good side. :P

Also, if anyone wants a hint about the guy I don't want to name, someone else here related a nice story about a famous musician who collaborated with the band he was in on the song I hate so much about ten years ago. :>

Jerry said...

...someone else here related a nice story about a famous musician who collaborated with the band he was in on the song I hate so much about ten years ago.

I think I just got a headache trying to figure out what you said.

C'mon, Audrey! Man up and give it to us.

kelly said...

I have a couple to share but I was only there for one of them

My oldest brother travels a great deal and was crossing a street in Chicago about 3 years ago. Robin Williams was standing right beside him and my brother introduced himself. They chatted all the way across the street and Robin stopped and talked to my bother for 5 minutes then shook his hand and said "It was Very nice to meet you" along with my brothers correct name.

I went to Las Vegas in 1986 with my husband and went to see Siegfried and Roy. We had seats right at the stage and (me being the kind of person who talks with her hands) I kept pointing out things to my husband but we weren't supposed to put our hands over the rail. Roy talked to me on and off through the show and when the show was over came over to me and talked with me for a little while then gave me a kiss and said "I just love you Kelly" my husband still teases me to this day

Beca said...

in 2000 i waited in line for 3 hours in the "Female Islamic Studies" section of Border's on 59th street to get Eddie Izzard's autograph for my brother in law. there were SO MANY people. he had obviously just flown in a looked quite exhausted, but he took the time to greet and briefly speak with each fan. A man whose wife was too ill to be there called her to say "guess who I'm standing next to?" and Eddie took the phone and chatted with her for a few minutes.
genuinely nice guy, genuinely class act.

Beca said...

in 2000 i waited in line for 3 hours in the "Female Islamic Studies" section of Border's on 59th street to get Eddie Izzard's autograph for my brother in law. there were SO MANY people. he had obviously just flown in a looked quite exhausted, but he took the time to greet and briefly speak with each fan. A man whose wife was too ill to be there called her to say "guess who I'm standing next to?" and Eddie took the phone and chatted with her for a few minutes.
genuinely nice guy, genuinely class act.

Beca said...

in 2000 i waited in line for 3 hours in the "Female Islamic Studies" section of Border's on 59th street to get Eddie Izzard's autograph for my brother in law. there were SO MANY people. he had obviously just flown in a looked quite exhausted, but he took the time to greet and briefly speak with each fan. A man whose wife was too ill to be there called her to say "guess who I'm standing next to?" and Eddie took the phone and chatted with her for a few minutes.
genuinely nice guy, genuinely class act.

braverwoman said...

RE: Audrey's Blind

Could it be someone in Carlos Santana's Band? Santana is based out of San Francisco, has won Grammys and collaborated with Rob Thomas (mentioned a few times in this thread)on that semi-obnoxious song "Smooth". Makes sense to me.

twunty mcslore said...

Oh, Beca. I am so jealous. I've always had a thing for Eddie.
Btw, David Lee Roth loves drag queens, had fun hanging with him at the Copa in New York.
I think I know one of the reasons that Julia Roberts wont talk to her brother. We were staying at the Chateau marmont where he was holed up doing coke on the same floor as us, and trying to get away from her. Somebody almost got fired for accidently putting one of her calls through. I was at the desk when he called down and went ballistic about how he never wanted to hear from her again, or something to that effect. You wouldn't beleive the illicit things that go on there. The minute we arrived I saw a star with someone other than his wife.
(I admit as well that we took pictures of each other on the spot that John Belushi died, then got spooked and got the hell out of there. I LOVE that hotel.)

Martin Devon said...

Reese Witherspoon at a Starbucks. She loves her fans but hates the paps. She smiled at me but hissed at the paps.


Reese Witherspoon is a phony and a shameless PR whore - she loves and uses paparazzi all the time.

MnGddess said...

Re:Jetgirl: "sat next to angelina jolie on a flight to LA when she was married to BBT - freaking gorgeous and totally aloof. didn't make eye contact once or attempt to make any indication that i existed in her world."

What, is she supposed to entertain you or something? Did you stare at her the entire flight? Jeez, its not like she was rude to you; she just didn't want to be bothered.

OK - got that off my chest. It was 2004, and I have all my life wanted to go to L.A. - live there, actually. My cousin lives there and I got invited to stay with her for a week. She lived in a gorgous condo on Redondo Beach. Now, she warned me that I probably wouldn't see anyone. Heh.

She asked me what I wanted to do and I told her that the two main things I wanted to do were go to a celeb-frequented restaurant and go thru the Warner Brothers tour. (This so I could see the ER set.) She arranged for us and a few of her friends to go to Asia De Cuba in the Mondrian. Perfect. ANNND we got on the list to get into the Sky Bar which is also inthe Mondrian. Now let me tell you first that my cuz has said to me frequently that she would never date an actor and is not really impressed by them. Jaded LA chick. Anyhoo - in the lobby of the Mondrian is LAUREN GRAHAM - totally gorgeous in person. She was meeting friends. At the Sky Bar, we're all standing by the outdoor pool, drinking and dancing, and I can see into the sort of covered deck area in the Sky Bar, and I decide to go take a walk inside. I get to the top of the steps, look right, and MICHAEL VARTAN of Alias fame is staring me right in the face. Man, stars look different in person - much better looking! I go back to the group of jaded women and casually say, "I'm not sure, but I think MV from Alias is in the bar. I was almost trampled by the stampede of high heels. As I don't like to approach people (I'm too fat for that), I stayed away. But I thought that the "stampede" was pretty funny. Also, one of O.J. friends, um- Al Cowlings? walked in and made sure everyone saw him. It was also strange that all the guys at the bar seemed to look like Jeremy Piven....

Warner Brothers tour. We were early so we went to lunch at a place across from the Smokehouse restaurant (can't remember the name). Who walks in but Joe Penny (remember Jake and the Fatman and Riptide?). I used to have such a crush on him. That was a bit surreal. He sat in another part of the restaurant. So I highly recommend the WB tour. Small groups and they take you everywhere. We got to go into some soundstages, like the one they used for the ocean scenes in The Perfect Storm. They apparently flooded it with water. Too cool. We also got to go into the WB museum where they had tons of stuff from Harry Potter and other films, including a "Clooney" section. My cuz had to hold me back. Nothing was behind glass. THey had some of the outfits from Oceans 11, like the dress Julia Roberts wore in the boxing match scene. They also had GC's tux. I touched it. I'm a bad girl...

We went to the Gilmore Girls set and got to go through the set that is the grandmothers house. I sat on her sofa. It was cool because they were still filming at the time and you saw some of the actors.

Last, but not least, we went onto the ER set, the exterior entrance to the emergency rooms that you see all the time on the show. And they let us GET OFF AND WANDER. I am not ashamed to say I hugged the basketball hoop. (Clooney plays basketball if you don't know.)

The only other thing I learned is that I can drink 6 cosmos and not get a hangover. Who knew?

I still regret to this day that I could not make the CDAN trip of a few years ago. I'm hoping Enty can privately contact some of us hard-core regulars for a special tour of LA.....

Linnea said...

Thank you so much, for sharing these! I have had a great time reading them...

The only one I have is meeting Spike Lee a couple of years ago. He was nothing but trouble. I had arranged for him to come speak at our college and the same day as he was scheduled to show up he changed his mind about what he was doing after three times. First he wanted us to book a flight for him, first class, then we had to cancel it cause he was going to stay in town over night at Jay Zs hotel, and an hour later he demanded that we re-book the flight, at which point it was full and he got pissed.

After the lecture he was a total douche, I stood outside with him and his bodyguard waiting for his driver to show up, a couple of people approached him to say hi and he didnt even acknowledge them, just looked away and the body guard made sure they turned around and left him alone. He was nice enough to me once he realized I had paid for him to show up, but that was about it.

Harriet - this one is for you (sine noone else will get it, or care): I once hooked up with this guy who afterwards looked at me and said " you are not doing this only because I am Lill-Babs barnbarn, are you"? I laughed my ass off cause I had no idea, and that is hardly the way you get laid...

Happydog said...

I met Owen Wilson a few years ago at a charity 5k run for a Dallas man (lived in the neighborhood that sponsored the run) who was seriously injured in a bar by random violence. Owen had no entourage, ran the race, hung with the neighbors and chatted (no press was around). I introduced myself and shook his hand and he was very gracious and friendly. He has the tiniest hands (check 'em out next time you seem in a flick). Also went to high school with Peri Gilpin (Roz on Frazier). Smart, sometimes a bit stuck-up, acted entitled.

bella said...

Linnea, which one of Lill-babs barnbarn was it? Just curious, being a fellow Swede.

Ice-T came on to me at a concert, this was way back in the early 90s. A friend of mine dragged me to his concert. He was rather short, but nice.

jetgirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jetgirl said...

mgdness -

no, i did not expect her to entertain me. and i certainly don't stare at people regardless of their celebrity, but usually when you sit down next to someone on a plane you smile or say hi - obviously you are unfamiliar with common mannars. i suppose you feel it's okay to have a superiority complex simply because you get paid to act and your face is in magazines.

we're sharing stories for fun - being snarky is pretty mean.

I hope you feel better "getting that off your chest".

Casual Observer said...

Tom Skerritt

I made eye contact with him in downtown Seattle years ago (he lives here) and exchanged an "I know you know" sort of look. No one else paid attention. He was smaller than I thought he'd be, and alhtough he wasn't flirting with me, the man just oozed sex appeal. His physical charisma was kind of a good way, though.

Linnea said...

bella - i think his name was christoffer... or sth like that.

Anonymous said...

Ding ding ding ding ding! ;>

Ells said...

I once helped the wrestler Goldberg at my store. He was super nice and kept calling me "darlin".

One time my boyfriend and I caught an elevator in our hotel just as the doors were closing. I didn't recognize the other passenger, but my boyfriend asked him if he was playing a show at a local club that night. After we got off the elevator my BF told me that it was David Lee Roth. I couldn't believe that I didn't recognize him (I loved him when I was a kid), but I had not seen him before that with short hair.

When I was a teenager, my friend and I chased NKOTB through Six Flags. They were playing a show there later... this was at the height of New Kids mania.

As a teenager, I used to go to the June Jam (a country music fest put on by the band Alabama). A bunch of us fans were standing outside the lead singer Randy Owen's house, and someone had the nerve to press the intercom button by the gate. He actually came out and spoke with everyone and signed autographs. At that same festival, I also got an autograph from Herve Villechaize (Tattoo from Fantasy Island).

TrekFanGirl said...

I'm a total sci-fi chick, and so most of my encounters have been at conventions. Per my nic, I'm a total Star Trek geek.

William Shatner: completely hung over when I met him. Something of an ass, but when in that condition I'm not much of a peach myself.....

Leonard Nimoy: WHAT a sweetheart! Since meeting him, I adore him more than ever!!! He smiled and hugged me and acted like my fangirl babbling was poetry. I'll always love him for that.

George Takei: He is SO sweet!! My hubby met him in the restroom during a convention...just a total nice normal guy who seems to like everybody around him.

Susie Plaxon: I love this woman. She's just so nice and is a marvelous singer! Oh, and she just happens to be gorgeous with hair that makes me SOOOOO JEALOUS!

Robert Picardo: kissed him in Chattanooga, TN. Almost got divorced over that.....

Chase Masterson: I wish she were my sister!!!

Jon DeLancie: that is one more TALL guy! I was at the ST 25th Anniversary in Huntsville, AL. Dealer's room, browsing Tshirts. Guy just plows over me. I stand up, full of piss, vinegar, & bitchiness...and recognize JdL. I start following him until his bodyguard looks at me, spreads his hands, and gives me this look of "please sweetie, don't make me make this an issue". He was so cute I just blew him a kiss and then told everybody who would listen that Q knocked me down.

Told my mother that I met Eugene from Days of our Lives. She's jealous to this day, LOL.

Yeah-----I'm an oddity, LOL

BTW, LOVE this blog. I'm mostly a lurker, but I don't miss a day! :)

Also, met Wayne Newton on my very first trip to Vegas a dozen years ago. Totally love women and is incredibly handsome even with the stage makeup. Have a pic where he's hugging me way up close and almost pushing my hubby out of the picture, LOL!!

Casual Observer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Roseanne Barr: This is from a friend from back in the early part of the 1990s at the height of her fame and when she was still married to Tom Arnold. My friend was in Vegas and got on an elevator. Tom Arnold is from Iowa, as was my friend. My friend gets on the elevator and notices them right away. She is a total bitch right away shen she saw he notieced her and before my friend even opened his mouth she said, "No autographs." My friend is NOT a quitter. He says he's from Iowa and wouldn't she give an Iowa boy a break since she married one. She never would give him an autograph but Tom Arnold gave him his (I know--big whoop). I always liked Roseanne but that story made me believe all the stories about her being bitchy.

BTW, I'm curious if anyone else has any Joanna Cassidy stories (see my earlier post). She was such a bitch. I've always wondered if others had bad experiences with her.

Casual Observer said...

John Ratzenburger

Near the end of Cheers' run on TV, I used to work at a farmer's market on Vashon Island (outside Seattle) and John had a house there for a number of years and would show up periodically and hold court.

He looked and sounded exactly like he does on TV and was always friendly and had a funny story to tell. He was very involved with local environmental and political issues and helped raise money for various causes.

He was just a regular, nice guy. At least back then.

Maja With a J said...

*LOL @ Linnea and Lill-Babs barnbarn - I mean, I love Lill-Babs as much as the next guy but I have no idea who her grandchildren are!

jbarinsd said...

How fun its been to read all of these posts. It made me stop and think who I've had "contact" with...
Sat right behind Jerry Lewis on a SWA flight to Vegas. My 3 yr old daughter and I pre-boarded with him and his wife and nurse. This was a few years ago when he was very very bloated from medication. He looked like he wasn't doing too well and everyone left him alone. It was funny to watch everyone notice him and stare as they boarded the plane.
Met the singer Anastasia at a party. This was right after "The Cut". She had been getting big in Europe at the time. I sat and ate w/ her and chatted. I think I was the only one who recognized her. I told her I thought she should have won "The Cut". She replied, "Oh trust me honey, I did win." She was cute with her glasses and very short.
A friend of mine was Kirk Cameron's girlfriend way back when he was on "Growing Pains" He dumped her and she enlisted my help in stalking him. We used to crank call him and I'd help her track him down while he was on set filming a movie here in San Diego. Stupid High School crap. His dad finally had a word w/ her and she let it go. This was before he became born again. He was a normal 18 yr old kid. Nice family.
2 years ago I waited in line with Diane Keaton and her group (some kids, I think her daughter and some friends) at Tower of Terror at CA Adventure. It was just me and my daughter and her group in the Fastpass line. I didn't approach her, but was inches away from her for a good 15 minutes. She was all smiles with the kids and was dressed in her trademark gloves and hat. Nice skin, extremely thin.
I waited on Alice Cooper when I was working at Fashion Valley. He was dressed head to toe in golf clothes, buying toys. I was too shocked to say anything. He paid cash so I couldn't even sneak an autograph.
I just have to add that I am tremendously jealous of those of you that have met Duran Duran. I LOVED them (and Adam Ant)back in the day...still always see them in concert when they tour. To this day, I think I would faint if I met them.

angelsnow said...

Mine aren't that interesting but I did happen to meet a few people while in Chicago.
* I was at Maggionos restaurant for a office party one evening (back in 2002) when I saw John Lithgow. He was in town for a play he was doing. I waited until he was done eating to approach him. I ended up getting a picture with him before he dashed to his car. He wasn't very outgoing but it was nice that he took a pic with me.
* On another occasion my husband and I got to meet at the time the band members of Zwan ( which broke up shortly after) and half resumed their position as Smashing Pumpkins members again. This was at the Metro in Chicago. We won meet and greet passes along with VIP tickets to see them. After the show we immediately got to meet the band minus Corgan. Jimmy Chamberlin, the drummer, was awesome. Very down to earth and so cool to talk to. He told my husband I was quite the looker and he understood why he married me so fast (I was 22 at the time) It made me feel good :P Corgan on the other hand took forever to come out and talk to anybody. When he did he complained of air drafts while wearing a huge fur coat and he was just grumpy. I did get a picture with both though.

angelsnow said...

On another note Brian H. is my husband and not the one who wrote the last post. Oops
BTW back when the "jackasses" were popular I did see them at an event and knoxville and steve-o were cool signing autographs and talking to fans.
I have really enjoyed this post. Keep them coming! Anybody have any C.Bale encounters? He is my absolute favorite and I would love to hear them.

ebgirl said...

This was such a cool idea! I LOVE reading these stories. My stories aren't too exciting, but here goes:

- My friend and I once met John Madden at a local bar. I think he was there with his son. She told John that she listened to his radio show frequently (I didn't know he had one). He was really friendly and paid for our beers.
- I once saw John Leguizamo coming out of the theater where he just performed. He walked right past me. My friend wanted to catch up to him and see if he was headed to a party, but I'm too shy to approach people like that. He is REALLY short in person. I'm 5'1" and he looked shorter than me with my heels on.
- I used to work at Visa and we saw lots of athletes (current and old timers) because Visa was an Olympic sponsor. The friendliest I'd met were Nadja Comeneci (forgive my spelling) and Bart Connor. Bruce Jenner was a total jackass. He didn't really want to interact with anyone and someone standing close by heard him tell one of the execs how he "hates doing this shit" (showing up to the promo-type of events even though he gets paid).
- I met Rob Schneider once at a NYE party (he had done stand up there and then was out on the dance floor afterwards). He was really friendly. Again, VERY short, but a nice guy.
- This was about 20 years ago, but I was once having dinner with some family members and a little girl ran up to our table as she was leaving. She was really cute and started talking to us. I could see her parents waiting for her out of the corner of my eye, but I talked to her for a second, just like you would talk to any child who approached you. When I looked up, the parents were Jerry Rice and his wife (I at least hope it was his wife). They both seemed really nice, even though he was known for picking up women pretty regularly at the bars in our area. He was MUCH bigger in person than I'd expected - HUGE legs. He always looked so small on TV compared to the other team members.
- I met Roger Craig during the same time period. My friend called me from the Tower Records where she was working, about 5 miles away from my job at the time, and told me he was shopping in the store. I went bat-shit crazy, tore his Calvin Klein underwear ad off my cubicle wall, ran out of the office and drove to Tower Records for an autograph. He looked better in his ad than in person. He was really friendly though and autographed the photo for me. Too bad my psycho ex-bf threw that out. He actually turned out to be much smaller than I'd expected.
- I was sitting in a restaurant in SF once and saw Jackie Mason and 2 mafioso-looking guys walk by. I looked up and pointed and told my friends "hey! That's Jackie Mason!" He didn't see me, but the guys he was with did and you could tell they loved it because they sort of smirked and waved.
- Best story doesn't belong to me - This happened a long time ago, but my friend was with her friend at a Marc Anthony concert. After the concert, her friend got picked to go back to the hotel with Marc Anthony (she was really pretty). This was right before he married Dayanara (sp??). He was not as famous at the time, and didn't look as bad as he does now, even though he's never been good looking. Anyway, I always laugh when people ask how such an ugly guy gets such beautiful women (aside from being a famous salsa singer) because I remember all those years ago that my friend told me how her friend said that he is HUGE. He is really swingin' a big bat, if you know what I mean. She said she had a lot of fun with him, but I remember thinking back then that she probably exaggerated since she had a big crush on him and it was such a memorable thing for her, but now I think there must be something to the rumor cuz he married Dayanara twice and then finally got J Lo (I can't stand her, but she's definitely better looking than he is).

braverwoman said...

LOL Audrey - Only blind I ever got right.

Lots of fun reading everyone's stories. CDAN rules.

hammyjam said...

Well mine aren't exciting in the least to probably anyone but me. Almost all of them involve sports players, and unless you follow NW sports you probably haven't heard of them.

I had a math class with Aaron Brooks (NBA) and he opened the door for me once. I forget exactly what he said, but something to his friend about how they should let the ladies go ahead of them.

I also had a bunch of classes with Jonathan Stewart (NFL) and he would always be sleeping in front of me.

Once I also saw Ryan Stiles at Blockbuster (he lives in my hometown).

I have also met tons of baseball players and acted like a little giddy girl in front of them. I can't help it if I'm intimidated by their hotness! Doubt most people have heard of them but there is Bret Boone, Jeremy Reed, JJ Putz (I had already met him a couple times, but also ran into him-almost literally-at a nail salon in Seattle)...yeah thats all I can think of right now.

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