Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paula Abdul Wants It Both Ways

Yes, you may think from the headline that I mean that Paula Abdul may want some attention from both sexes, but that is not what I meant. Sure, she might want to do that, but that isn't what this post is about. Yesterday Paula told Access Hollywood that she doesn't think there should have been a fourth judge added to American Idol and things were fine the way they were.

So, she basically threw Kara under a bus and then backed over her again for good measure. Umm. Paula what were the producers supposed to do? You keep threatening to quit and were thisclose to not having your contract renewed because of your, umm, how can I say this nicely? Sometime difficulties communicating in a way that everyone but your dog can understand you.

Were the producers just supposed to have no backup plan? Did you finally realize that a fourth judge means hey don't need you next year and you realize that singing thing isn't working out so well? And speaking of singing when is your Today Show appearance happening? I have been waiting for the damn thing forever.

I think Paula realized she has no career prospects other than Idol and that everyone will forget about her and so now she is "let's get rid of the judge." I have a better idea. Let's just rid ourselves of the show for a year or two and make people really want it again.


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Paula was self-medicating again last night.

Ariel said...

Hey I am sure you guys have already seen this but...

Ben Stiller is the answer to the Blind Item about the A List comedian at the Oscars that had a meltdown about the jokes that were written for him.
And WWTDD is also saying he stole the Joaquin Phoenix impersonation idea from Frank Coraci, who also impersonated Joaquin at the independent spirit awards the day before.

Pookie said...

well, you're a little late on the uptake enty, b/c she's already retracting and saying her quote was taken out of context, and has gone into lengthy detail about what specifically she "meant"...i'm so ashamed to admit i read that on perez. *ducks*

B626 said...

Absolutely Enty, shut the show DOWN, let the dwindling talent pool build up a bit, ditch Paula.
I'd like to see someone like Paula as the replacement judge-a forgotten 80's entertainer.
Like Debbie(Debra!)Gibson,
who can speak properly.
Or not.
Dale Bozzio?

JaxSux said...

i agree that Idol should just go away for awhile. I don't know anyone who follows that shit anymore.

as for the Ben Stiller thing Ariel mentioned, it's not surprising. Stiller has yet to have an original thought or idea pass between those monkey ears of his.....

jax said...

i like kara, in fact this is the first time i've watched the show.

lmnop123 said...

I'm all for getting rid of American Idol and all of the other reality shows.

But then again I still remember when actors were on television every day and free tv played movies at night.

Oops am I telling my age. :)

Anonymous said...

"I have a better idea. Let's just rid ourselves of the show-" FULL STOP.
"-for a year-" AH!
"'-or tw-" ZIP!

Bring me back some decent sitcoms, dammit!
(Man cannot survive on 30 Rock and The Office alone. Well, one can if one didn't watch so much TV - but whatever.)

bionic bunny! said...

it seems all my favorite shows are on only on mondays. i'm tivoing in one room and watching in another, the rest of the week i pretty much have "house" re-runs. and survivor.
and i'm stuck at home with the computer (which my physical therapist is threatening me about) and TV.
and a short attention span, apparently.

oooh, look, something shiny........


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