Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Photos Part One

It's Marcel Marceau.

The kids looked jacked up on caffeine and sugar and Brangelina looks like any couple that had to take four kids to a Broadway play.
I have been taking the time lately to go back and look at everything Ed Burns has done. He doesn't get enough credit for how good he is.
It's been too long Eva. I need to start putting her back in the photos more often.
I would pay money to go to a dinner party at Grace Jones' house.
See, I think Gwyneth Paltrow looks good here. The difference between us other than 300 pounds is the fact that I will say if someone looks good or does something good even if I generally dislike them. Gwyneth on the other hand keeps defending her website as if she is really doing all the things she says she is doing.
Owen and Jen still making money off that dog movie.
And prior to that, Owen took Kate to go visit Normandy. She looks thrilled.
The Katie Holmes school of acting. Reminds me of the photos I showed of Jessica Simpson during the filming of Blonde Ambition. The movie Katie is in is called The Extra Man. Kind of think that's what her marriage has been about too. Or needs.

I love this look. Julia Roberts was doing press for Duplicity and you know a photographer can say give me the Julia laugh and this is what you always get. It's actually I think iconic.
I always show European royalty. Here though is the Queen of Malaysia.
The one and only Martin Sheen.
Sorry that I couldn't find a photo without Nicole. Here they are trying to convince the Japanese to go pay good money to see Australia.
Pete Doherty only looks half dead. Good for him.
The soon to be divorced Peaches Geldof. Is that a tattoo on her upper thigh?
The rarely photographed Ramon Estevez.
I feel bad for always putting everyone else from that damn show in the photos but never Shenae Grimes so here you go Shenae.
Ten bucks says he didn't kiss Robin goodbye, but will the stripper he sees wherever he is going to.


Ms Cool said...

As iconic as Mr. Ed?

mooshki said...

If Hathaway were a mime, we wouldn't have to hear her speak. Sigh...

I hope Owen got the scarf inspiration from Wes instead of Brad Pitt.

Pete Doherty looks a hell of a lot more lifelike than Nicole.

Please, dear god, never feel the need to put Shenae in the randoms again. Believe me, she has earned her exclusion.

jin said...

peaches' tattoo starts at her knee and ends at her bustline.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Trust me Enty, you'd have a blast at Grace's house.
Once attended a Gay Rights benefit that she headlined - at the dinner afterwards, there was a drag queen who had been part of the show sitting at the table with Grace at the head.
For whatever reason, the drag queen had decided to dress like Grace - and apparently was receiving a little too much adulation for Ms. Jones' taste... as the next thing that was heard was a wine glass smashing against the wall, with Grace screaming "**I'M** GRACE JONES, BITCH!" -
So if you do get that invite, lemme know if they're using glass or plastic.

Anonymous said...

I like Eva's dress.

Grace Jones I am sure is a hoot to have a party with.

I really can't stand Gwyneth but she does look nice in this picture. Color suits her.

Owen and his nose lol.

I really don't like Julia Roberts.

Nicole K. isn't aging well.

Pete D. looks so greasy.

Anonymous said...

So, LiLo's resorted to stripping...I knew it would happen.

ElsieFire said...

Shiloh is either flicking boogers at the cameras, or doing the preschool version of the middle finger! God she's cute!

Nicole K looks preggers.

Katie looks sickly, and that's WITH the film makeup!

ItsJustMe said...

Anne's nose is looking awfully red.

MontanaMarriott said...

Is that coke up Grace's nose?
What am I saying its Grace for gawd sake, YEAH ITS COKE, lol

Anytime I see a turban I think of Leontyne Price and Eartha Kitt. They wore turbans well....

I can't believe Pete Doherty was an escort, I mean who would pay to f*ck em?

I always found Julia Roberts, overrated, sorry but I don't see the character in her movies, I only see Julia, very much like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and most of young hollywood.

HannahPalindrome said...

I cannot stand Julia Robert's laugh.
Annoying. I have never been a fan

Anonymous said...

I've never been a huge fan of Julia Roberts, but her smile really does show happiness.

Thanks for the Hugh, Ent. I'm always up for Jackman.

Ent you missed the best picture of Pax where his eyes are all droopy and he looks like he's in ecstacy sucking on his cup.

There's something wrong with Anne hathaway's lips in that picture. It's like redder in the middle.

jbeebs said...

Please,no more of Shenae Grimes! She is so irritating. I have seen the new 90210(with my niece)and its not half bad, until that girl has screen time.
Ann Marie-Lilo's stripping?

FrenchGirl said...

Enty,you're firm/constant about Sean Penn! i love you for that!

nancer said...

nicole looks knocked up.

not a fan of julia roberts' laugh. it makes me want to feed her an apple.

redhotpepper said...

I lurve me some Ed Burns! He may even be on my laminated list.

Audrey said...

I read something last week that Grace Jones was so late to her party that it was over when she got there. Security wouldn't let her in. Was it on this site? Anyway, take a look at her nail polish and what looks like a something white in her left nostril and tell me you don't think - TRAIN WRECK. I respect her for the stuff she did in the 80's and all, but she seems to be in a downward spiral these days.

clatie said...

I swear Nicole Kidman is wearing padding under her dress there to get us to talk about her because she was wearing a close fitting dress at the Oscars the other night and there was nothing going on there. She's just crazy enough to do it, too.

Kristen S. said...

Enty, why didn't you post that pic of Nicole placing some guy's hand over her belly at the same event? She's totally knocked up.

Unknown said...

Katie Holmes really bothers me.

Paige English said...

Don't give Paris Hilton any ideas. She might decide to overthrow this new European monarchy of Malaysia and proclaim herself Queen! She might not notice that the people of Malaysia suspiciously look Asian (only if she is using her wonky eye)!

PollyPureBred said...

Can't stand Julia Roberts. Sorry she didn't retire for good (meeeeoooww).

Lolita Breckenridge said...

I was forced to watch Conan the Destroyer last night. Grace Jones was the best thing in that film.

I hope I don't have as many teeth as Julia Roberts, because if I do, that's too many.

I really think there should be a concerted effort made to bring back the turban, a la the Queen of malaysia. Who doesn't look good in a turban? No one, that's who.

sandman said...

i've always liked ed burns also.
doesn't seem to be an effected hwood ass like others pictured, pitt, penn, sheen , & even wilson is screwed up. hwood headcases.

Unknown said...

Am i the only one who thinks Anne Hathaway is completely overrated and has the personality of a teabag?

mooshki said...

Manda, nope, you're not the only one.


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