Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards Photos Part Three

Judd Apatow & Leslie Mann
Jessica Biel (it's like a big napkin)
James Franco & Ahna O'Reilly
Jennifer & Joel Grey
John Legend
Phoebe Cates & Kevin Kline
Kate Winslet
Louis Gossett Jr.
Lisa Rinna (I think she actually got more lip injections. They almost touch her nose)
Tilda Swinton (I want to see her stand next to David Bowie)


juicy said...

Loved the fact that Timberlake didn't accompany Biel.

Kate Winslet nailed it! Love the color, the shape, the hair. Love her in almost anything though.

Pookie said...

wow, leslie mann & ahna o'reilly!

i agree that j-biel looks like she's wearing a napkin...but, i kinda like it. *ducks*

wth happened to phoebe cates and why is she wearing a tablecloth around her shoulders? :(

oh kate, i LOVEEEEEEEE you. but eep eww, no way on the dress.

somebody pls get rinna into some sort of therapy to deal w/ her ps/collegen obsession.

JJ said...

LOVE the dress on John Legend's date. It's a bit too revealing but the color and cut are incredible. I want it!

Phoebe Cates looks too matronly and I am not digging all the satiny dresses that are just bunched together. Ick.

Majik said...

Phoebe Cates never ages....but the dress, meh.

I know a lot of people thought Kate Winslet's dress wasn't the greatest, but I thought she looked fabulous.

Dear God, Tilda Swinton DOES look like the Thin White unfortunate for both of them.

clatie said...

It would be very fun to put Tilda Swinton next to David Bowie - she's at least 5 inches taller than he is.

Unknown said...

Awww, the Greys are the fun-sized couple.

Yeah, not feeling Phoebe's dress. I think the red dresses in general look bad when on the red carpet.

If you hadn't told me that was Rinna, I'd have though "wow, Sophia Loren looks great"

Molly said...

i think the only thing i'm more sick of seeing other than beyonce is tilda swinton's bitch face.

twunty mcslore said...

Franco's hand on Ahna's shoulder looks all kinds of awkward.

Anonymous said...

John Legend's date is wearing a very nice dress, good color and all.

I like Phoebe but that dress looks very old style.

Love, Love, Love Kate's dress.

Yuckkkk @ Lisa Rinna.

Tilda is so weird lol.

Ms Cool said...

I see Jennifer Grey has joined the angry squinty-eyed botox club. You think she would have learned to steer clear of messing with her face after the nose job that ended her career.

Jessica Biel should have sprung for a hair stylist.

Does Phoebe Cate age? She is still gorgeous.

Kate Winslet rocks.

Kat said...

I loved Kate's dress and her entire look reminded me of Grace Kelly, which is a good thing.

I really, really wish Jennifer Grey hadn't done to her face what she did. She essentially killed her career with that move. Baby, you're officially stuck in the corner.

I predict we will begin to see more and more actresses going the Winslet route, which is to use what you got and leave well enough alone. At least, I hope this will be the trend. I'd rather see acting than plastic surgery on screen.

Anonymous said...

I love Tilda, but not as a blonde, that dress is perfect for her because she's all angles and it softens her up (though the light above dark makes her look like a marshmallow on a stick).

I was disappointed with John Legend's singing, but I dig the brown suit.

Jessica Biel's dress, to me, seemed like it wanted to be a sari, but sorry.. no.

lutefisk said...

I am surprised Joel Grey was even able to recognize Jennifer.

kimmypie1 said...

I am a big fan of Kate's but I did not like her look at all. Her hair looked like a mullet to me and the dress was just - ehhh.

I agree John Legend's date's dress is gorgeous! and the date is too.

Pookie said...

lol @ "fun-size", dave!

Linnea said...

biel looked like a mess... and yeah, where was jt?

FrenchGirl said...

i dislike Kate Winslet dress too long(she did fat)and james Franco came with a GIRLLL!strange!

Reese said...

It was the evening of really ugly dresses; stylists should be fired.

Phoebe Cates looks 15 minutes older than she did in Ridgemnot High. Whatever she's doing, it is certainly working very well.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Phoebe Cates!
So good to see her, and she looks so young!!!

lmnop123 said...

Tilda Swinton scares me. She looks like a mean ghost (whatever that is).LOL

Lisa Rinna looked a whole lot worse up close. Someone should get life in prison for the job they did on her. She's the equivalent of Octomom but in the area of plastic surgery.

Jessica Biel should have stayed at home.

I can't stand John Legend's voice.

princessj1987 said...

Jessica Biel-terrible dress.

John Legend-he has such a beautiful beard.

Phoebe Cates-Hasn't aged a bit.

Kate Winslet. Love the dress. So happy she won.

Lisa Rinna-Yuck!

Tilda is Tilda.

bionic bunny! said...

maybe phoebe never ages because KEVIN is doing something right?
i have a long-term crush on him!

City Councilman Doug said...

preach it bunny....

he can smell my boots anytime!

shakey said...

bunny, what did you think of Steve Martin last night? "DO NOT fall in love with me." He and Tina were hilarious. (And nice job poking fun at fake religion.)

But yeah, Jessica Biel looked like she just got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her.

Phoebe Cates looked better on tv than she does in this picture. Same with Kate Winslet. I don't dig the one-shoulder look, but I do like her dress.

Is OctoLippy standing on one leg in that picture? And why is she even there? OH. ABC. Got it.

I love Tilda. Then again, I love David Bowie, so that may explain it.

B626 said...

Phoebe Cates is fighting that age thing every inch of the way and Kevin, is, NOT.

Lisa Rhinna looks like an overly tanned Kim Cattrall with a brunette
wig slapped on her.

Sinjin said...

I kept thinking that Lisa Rinna's mouth looks like Britney's vagina 2008 (which we've all seen).

Oh, and btw, what's with all the "eeps". It's spreading around here faster than Paris Hilton's herpes at a party.

Anonymous said...

I think being married to Kevin is the reason Phoebe Cates looks so ageless. She looks happily ever after.

Lisa Rinna is ghoulish.

I love Tilda Swinton. I can't say I admire her lifestyle or even think I know anything about her. It's just that she is so damn eccentric and she truly could give a **** what you think. I would like to see her over the top glamorized just to see it. Like in a photoshoot. But she also looks like she could wrap a big Scottish blanket around her and walk from here to Pakistan without talking to anyone.

Meh. I don't know how else to describe her!

JJ said...

OctoLippy made me giggle.

Good one!


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