Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Photos Part One

According to TMZ, Ed McMahon is in intensive care suffering from pneumonia and bone cancer and is in very serious condition. I think we all wish him well.

Long time no see for Anastacia who was out and about with her husband Wayne Newton. Wow. Plastic surgeons can do f**king miracles now can't they? Ohhhh. Not the same Wayne Newton.
Aaron Paul stands to attention for you. I will let you just simmer on that for a bit.
I don't know if I have ever posted a photo of the entire Cranston family. So, here you go.
If you can ignore the extra large bags under her eyes, Cameron Diaz looks really nice here.
I think I have made it pretty clear over the years that I'm a fan of Carmen Electra, but at some point you have to say to yourself, does the fact that I am wearing a bra and an apron seem appropriate? I'm trying to keep you away from the Pamela Anderson territory Carmen.
Wow. Speaking of aprons. It looks like Debra Messing took all the leather that was supposed to go on her couch, cut a neck hole and threw it on.
I have to say that it has taken a few years but I am finally coming around to Jennifer Garner as a person and am going to give her a break on the every heart she crushed in the past that made the news. She seems like a genuinely nice person and my favorite waiter who waits on her once a week or so says that she is always sweet and a great tipper.
I like this Jennifer and Jon better than the other one everyone always talks about.
Miley is 16 years old and has already given up on life. Seriously. She is going to dinner at a restaurant wearing her ratty ass sweat pants and you know that she was having to pull them up every two minutes. Is it honestly that hard to wear a pair of jeans?
It has been a very long time since Maggie Q was in the photos.
Rihanna on the beach in Mexico. She looks much, much better than the photo from last week. I can't even see any marks on her.
Rose McGowan. The woman who never smiles. Even Claire Danes cracks one every now and then.
Yes, I posted a similar photo yesterday, but America e-mailed me and identified the guy Shenae Grimes is with is her boss, Gabe Sachs who is an executive producer on 90210. Always god to date the boss. Those things always work out. Hey Gabe? Think you can afford the $2 you are going to give the valet? Come on. That is just being cheap.
I really don't understand the Salma Hayek marriage at all. Maybe someone could explain it.
Have to protect the stars of Twilight from the rain.
The "everyday people" of Japan. Not so much.


MontanaMarriott said...

I did not know Salma married the guy, I thought the French Billionaire called the engagement off?

I like Anastacia but always found her voice to be very similar to Taylor Dayne's.

Get well Ed.

Unknown said...

Salma is a very smart woman. Very smart indeed. Married the guy under the radar and no one even knew they were still together. AND she's drop-dead gorgeous.

Cheryl said...

Salma's man is a European baby maker but he is loaded. Valentina is in good shape no matter what happens. And Salma is hot!

Molly said...

speedy recovery, ed.

not jon's best pic - he looks like a mess.

debra, debra, debra. learn how to dress.

i don't get the marriage either. the guy is bad news. i give it three years, tops. maybe she didn't sign a pre-nup or has a generous one. that would explain it.

lmnop123 said...

I think the Rihanna pictures in a bikini were taken to get rid of the rumors that she might be pregnant.

Jennifer Garner looks like a mom who recently had a baby. Now that's a pretty woman.

Carmen is channeling her inner Pam in this picture.

I absolutely love Brian Cranston and anyone else from the Malcolm in the Middle sitcom.

I wish Ed McMahon a speedy recovery.

bionic bunny! said...

maybe debra is off to do some butchering later.

re miley: seriously, i dress better for physical therapy.

Sean said...

I feel somewhat bad the Ed McMahon thing. I took him in my deadpool this year. Although he isn't worth that many points due to age. Still looking for Lindsay Lohan, as she is worth a ton of points.

ItsJustMe said...

Salma is set FOR LIFE! GO GIRL!

He may cheat on her, but with that kind of money, I'm sure she won't care.

mooshki said...

LOL at the Wayne Newton bit, Enty!

How could anyone not like Jennifer Garner after seeing pics of her with her daughter?

Dammit, Enty, I thought I made it clear yesterday, NO MORE SHENAE GRIMES!!! Wait, you're saying she screws to get ahead? Okay, I'll let it slide this one time. ;)

deity2 said...

WTF happened Debra Messing.....a few years ago, she could do no wrong......she was always dressed impeccibly!!! Now...not so much! ( and that hurts.....she is from opur lil ole homestate of R.I.)............the est..... what everyone else said!!!!!!!!!!! I am drunk already....helped a friend move, and they opened the champagne a little early!!!!!!

deity2 said...

I meant....the rest......that is what too much bubbly + too early =

deity2 said...

......OMG.......and the rest of my grammatical errors!!! Please excuse me!

selenakyle said...

Now, THAT is the Wayne Newton I'd do if given the choice!

What a lovely hunk of choco-man-meat.

mooshki said...

Deity2, don't worry, the grammar police have been permanently banned from CDaN, and drunken posting has been very enthusiastically endorsed!

Anonymous said...

Enty I would love for you to find video of the Robert Pattinson Hugh Jackman karaoke if such a thing exists. That would be some serious entertainment.

I wish I could get my hair cut like Jon Hamm. It really is perfect even when it's messy.

Debra Messing: Blacksmith. Maybe she's so desperate for a job she's looking for a spot on Legend of the Seeker.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

You don't understand marrying a billionare?


princessj1987 said...

Love Anastacia.

No. I cannot look past the bags under Cameron Diaz's eyes.

I too, am a fan of Carmen Electra, but WTF is she wearing?

Debra Messing looks a mess.

Jennifer Garner seems like the type of person who is really mean to the people that are around but really nice to strangers. Can't wt for Violet's Mommy Dearest-type book to come out.

Miley Cyrus looks greasy. She needs to shower.

I've seen these pics of Rihanna on another site. Her nose is still very much swollen.

Rose McGowan's face is frozen and reconstructed so she may be unable to smile. Or she could just be a frigid b***h.

Shenae Grimes. WTF?? That guy looks old enough to be your father.

Love Salma. She's not the first to marry for money, she won't be the last.

Can't stand Twilight.

nancer said...

salma's marriage is confusing to you??
come on. he's not just rich, he's mega-rich. she has his kid.
when it ends, she'll clean up in the divorce and this guy's so rich he won't even feel it. she and the spawn are set for life.

get it now?

Unknown said...

Robert Pattinson is looking much more lucid in recent pics. Think he's kicked whatever habit he had?

lmnop123 said...

I figured Enty wanted Salma for himself or she's the clue to a B.I. with that comment.

fairylights said...

Ent, you missed the point with Miley's baggy pants...easy access.

Wil said...

Jennifer Garner looks stressed to me.. beyond new baby stress, if you know what I mean. I didn;t think much of her either years back .. now I think this whole marriage to Affleck has pushed her towards Sainthood in my mind.

I swear ... I think I have a bigger crush on Jennifer Westfeldt than Jon Hamm at this point! What a cutie and great and highly underrated actress/screenwriter - "Kissing Jessica Stein" .. pure genius!! I see her as taking up the torch tragically put down with the death of Adrienne Shelly. Same wonderful kitschy feel, ya know?? [Told ya is was big!! : D - LOL!!]

I think Rose was attempting to achieve a sardonic smile. She failed as miserably as that train wreck that was "The Essentials with Robert Osborne and Rose McGowan." Who in THE Hell wanted to listen to "Paige" from Charmed prattle on about genius in film making!

bionic bunny! said...

okay, i've never said this, and i don't believe it, but back during the days of jennnifer g.'s series (whatever it was called) it was filmed at the disney lot. rumor had it she was a total bitch. DD and i loved "13 going on 30" (i think it was the thriller dance!) and seemed to watch it every time it came on, and mr. buns would just grimace. yeah, the rumors even made it to the dungeon. but her dimples and her mommy skills... like i said, i just don't believe it.
btw, the same was said by all (and the shuttle drivers, i believe) about the crew NOT the cast, of john ritter's "8 simple rules". just thought i'd throw that out there.

i'm a bit of one myself today, aren't i? sorry. rough PT, i guess.

Sassle said...

I'll say a prayer for Ed McMahon :(
Wasn't there a rumor Carmen was pregnant?
Debra Messing reminds me of Scarlett Ohara and the whole curtain thing.
I admit Jennifer G is growing on me and I hope Ben's afraid of her.
Wasn't Shenae G a BI about a young girl dating her producer?
You go Selma, you smart woman!!
Never read or saw Twilight, I'm in no rush.

stiffkittens said...

Rihanna - I hope the mental injuries heal just as well.

Rose McGowan - Can't smile thanks to plastic surgery, her face will tear. Why do people put their selves through that, only to look this shit?

Salma Hayek - Good publicity for him, finanical stability (beard) for her. During these economically rough times, we need to do what we need to do...
I don't know, maybe he's the only man that will put up with her attitude for more than 5 minutes. Maybe she believes children need a father figure?

Unknown said...

JenG is a boring piece of cardboard and I don't get why working the frump and posing for photo ops with her child makes her so beloved. Celeb kids are generally seen just as much as their parents want them to be, so it's kind of creepy that she's maintaining her relevance by pimping out her cute kid.

mooshki said...

Fester, I can certainly see your point, but what I was thinking about was how absolutely happy her daughter looks whenever they're together. Of course, that doesn't necessarily say anything about what goes on behind closed doors, but it gives me a warm fuzzy to see such a happy child, and I associate Jen with that. :)

Donna said...

Thank you for the Rob Pattinson pictures.

WebMama! said...

Bionic bunny, I don't know where you heard that rumor about JenG, but the crew absolutely loved her so much that they gave her that beautiful white lab, Martha Stewart, at the cast party. She was known to hire pizza and ice cream trucks for the crew. That's no diva behavior.

As for Rihanna. Disgusting.

Felicia said...

Jon Hamm - please, may I keep him for my very own self? Want!


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