Monday, February 23, 2009

I Want Some Of The Octo Mom Attention

Do you remember when all of those potential fathers came out of hiding when they thought that they could be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter? It was like a rolling hit parade of losers and wannabes and attention seekers. It also made Anna seem like all she did all day was take diet pills and have sex.

I imagine that over the next few weeks there will be several more people like Dennis Beaudoin who said that he thinks he is the father of some of the older Suleman kids. Nadya Suleman denies this but did say that Dennis donated sperm but it didn't work.

It seems that while Nadya was married she and Dennis had a three year affair. He claims he didn't know she was married because he doesn't want to seem like a bad guy. He is also offering to take care of any of the kids if she needs help and wants a paternity test done on the older six kids to find out if they are his.

Ummm. A couple of things here Dennis. Where have you been the past seven years? How come you weren't this generous before Nadya got all this attention? I think it is fair to say that Good Morning America didn't find you so you must have gone looking for them. Why? So you could cash in on a gravy train.

If, I'm Nadya and I thank everything that I'm not, I would say, fine, the first five kids are yours here you go. She then could just drop them off at his house and see how much he really wants them. When you start thinking to yourself that this guy is just being nice and offering to do the right thing I really want you to ask yourself where the hell he has been for the past seven years. If he really cared he would have already had a paternity test. He didn't care. He was just into having sex with a very strange woman for three years.

He says that she told him that she had ovarian cancer which is why she needed his sperm. Fine. Then that would have even been more reason to check in with her these past seven years to see if she needed help raising his kids. The guy is a money hungry leech and there will be plenty more. I can't believe that he and the father were the only people she got sperm from.


kimmypie1 said...

I heard clips this morning from his interview. What I don't get (among many other things) is did he know she already had the 6 kids? From the way he was talking, it almost seemed like she told him she needed the sperm to have just one child because she had ovarian cancer and was running out of time.

On another note, people who lie about cancer and such (if he is telling the truth) are the lowest of the low!!!!!!!!!!

twunty mcslore said...

Is he claiming ignorance of the 6 kids existence until the news broke about the octuplets? You would think he would want to know what she did with the sperm. Something is not adding up here.
More lies in this never ending saga. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

jax said...

i tend to think he's more of a victim in this, who knows what that crackpot told him or anyone else. SHE LIES.
i'm reserving my judgement on the fathers until we know what really transpired.

Goodgrief said...

This whole thing just could not get anymore stranger. She had a 3 year affair while she was married? She obviously only cares about herself.If this guy is a money hungry leech then he and Nadya should have been perfect together. I thought she said the same guy was the sperm doner for all the kids. Her life gives me a headache.

stiffkittens said...

I thought the baby machine couldn't get any worse... I hope they take those kids away from her. She obviously only cares for herself and has some serious mental issues (faking cancer - if true - is beyond low).

califblondy said...

He got teary during the interview. I felt a little sorry for him. OctoMom lied and said that he wasn't the kids' dad because he couldn't have kids. That's funny 'cuz this guy has two kids of his own.

It seems to me that anybody who gets involved with OctoMom gets screwed one way or the other.

lmnop123 said...

She's been called "selfishly delusional".

That's a perfect description.

Pookie said...

this is getting better than i thought it would.

*sits back & breaks out the popcorn*

McDooks said...

OctoNut is such a pathological liar, who knows WHAT her stories to him were. Enty could be right, maybe he is just trying to cash in on all this lunacy. But, considering what a freaking attention-grubbing whackjob she is, it is no surprise to me that this guy is dumb and or just an attention seeking whore, too.

Anonymous said...

What Jax said. This chick is a psychopathic liar.

lmnop123 said...

Maybe they're both liars. Even if she lied to him how could he miss noticing all of those children?

I can't imagine in all of this time he never knew she had kids until the litter was born.

Paisley said...

Nadya says he donated sperm, but it didn't work? Then do a DNA test on all the kids. She's already proven herself to be a liar.

As for the baby father (whoever he is), if he went into this thinking he'd just be a sperm donor, then he wouldn't be involved in the kids lives even if he knew about them. But having octuplets puts things in a different category because there is no way she can take care of those kids by herself. It doesn't matter if he wanted to be involved or not. He will be involved. Social services will make sure of that if they can find the right guy/s.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me that she was married until 2006, but NONE of the kids are from her husband!

I think I read somewhere that the person listed as the father on the birth certificates is actually a bastardization (no pun intended) of her father's name. Suleman = Solomon and the first name (can't remember what) is her father's middle name. CREEEEEEEEPY!

lutefisk said...

just when I think this story can't get any weirder, it does. Each & every time.


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