Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I put Carla Gugino on top today, because with all the countless photos I posted yesterday, there were none of Carla. Had to be rectified. This is from The Watchmen premiere in London.
Didn't mean for it to turn into some Watchmen gallery, but here is Billy Crudup at the same event.
I have never seen Kevin Spacey look so happy. Ever. He must really like the half naked people at Carnival in Brazil.
The one and only Cyndi Lauper.
For those of you who absolutely cannot live without television when you leave the house.
"It's too matchy matchy." One of the strangest things I have seen on a runway. This show was filled with women all with the Xenu heads.
George Clooney at The White House.
Lots of randomness today. Here is Harvey Fierstein and Keith Olberman.
Hugh Jackman shows the people of Japan how to pop lock.
Then signs some autographs.
And Rob Pattinson was on the same flight. He chose not to pop lock. The crowd was sad.
So who's cuter? Honor today or Harlow last week?
First time appearance for Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Leah Remini isn't even talking and she annoys me. Dare I say it, but Jennifer Lopez actually looks good here.
They must use some really cheap ass gold in those statues because Kate Winslet's is already turning green.
Leighton Meester eats her weekly meal.
It has been a long time since Malin Akerman was in the photos.
The forgotten sister Brandi Cyrus. Yes, she's just a half-sister, but still, it is like they keep her locked away.
A first time appearance for Matthew Goode.
Can you just feel the newlywed love? Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall.
Prince - Los Angeles
Patrick Wilson wins the best looking guy of the day award.
The random award goes to Sally Struthers, Mark Indelicato and Kerry Butler.
Runner up goes to Tila Tequila and Stephen Baldwin.
Will Ferrell bored at the Knicks game.
Aah, something got his attention as well as Michelle Trachtenberg and her date.
I believe her date is actually licking his lips.
And judging by the look on Michelle's face I guess we know why.


Kristen S. said...

Not to mention her pit stains (Jennifer Carpenter)!!! Botox will clear that right up, hon.

lmnop123 said...

Kristen I was just getting ready to make a comment about the pit stains.

How embarrassing.

Chrissy Buns said...

Miley's sister kind of look like Golum...maybe that's why they keep her hidden...ok, that was mean, sorry

Pookie said...

"This show was filled with women all with the Xenu heads."

^omg, LOLOLOLinfinity!

eep. someone hand jennifer carpenter some secret clinical. i don't even know MEN who sweat like that. major ewww.

MISCH said...


brendalove@gmail.com said...

Harlow is mos def the cuter baby.

jax said...

Clooney for Pres..mark my words.

Kevin Spacey and MM? random.

Keith, we knew you had a softie for the gays. lol.

Harlow is WAY cuter.

JDM is too much Javier in that pic.

I would love to wait on Jlo and Remini,just once. no really.

Ilove Kate W.

Miley's sister looks like Amanda Sigfried. (sp)

omg those pit stains! do not go out.

Stephen...WWJD with Tila Tequila??

Emobacca said...

Who the hell gave Michelle Trachtenberg courtside seats?

Unknown said...

I'm thinking it's not sweat stains, but different colored fabric in the pit areas.

At least, that's what I'm hoping...

I think I'd be weirded out meeting her, because I'd totally expect her to be like her character, which I'm sure isn't true. It took me a while to get used to Kristin Bell as NOT Veronica Mars.

Carte Blanche said...

Those MUST be sweat stains...who would willingly wear an outfit knowing that the "dark grey" looked like massive pit stains.
How embarrassing. I would refuse to have my picture taken. Is that why Jennifer looks so miserable?

d said...

I would hope it was different colored fabric instead of pit stains, but they look really irregular. But it's hard to imagine someone sweating *that* much. Even if she was, since this is an event, maybe someone would have lent her a shirt.

Leading me back to thinking it's just fabric color. You'd think when she tried it on at the store, she would have thought, "hey these look like pit stains" and not bought it, though.

Molly said...

i don't think people sweat 'up', so i doubt those are pit stains, but who would wear something like that just for that reason?

clooney looks really healthy again.

say what you will about kevin s. not coming out of the closet, but at least he doesn't drag beards all over the place.

Taylor said...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Robert Pattinson in the same post! Be still my heart. I can't believe this is JDM's first appearance!

Kristen S. said...

Those are most definitely pit stains. There's no seam where a difference fabric would be attached. There's none of that color anywhere on the top except for the pits. The two stains aren't the same size or shape. And fabric soaks up liquid, so yes, sweat can most definitely go "up". Just to a Google image search for pit stains.

Unknown said...

OMG Keith!

Sinjin said...

Harlow is cuter.

Jax, dare I ask how you would "season" JLo and Remini's food? Perhaps it would hit the floor a time or two? LOL

Unknown said...

Carla Gugino is hot! Glad you put her on top. I can't wait for Watchmen to premiere in LA.

blankprincess said...

Awwww! Matthew Goode is so cute (if you haven't seen "Imagine Me and You," go right this instant and get it!).

But yeah, Patrick Wilson is all kinds of h-o-t HOT!

califblondy said...

Harlow makes me smile. She's a doll.

J.Lo doesn't even look like herself, maybe that's why she looks better. That, and not having the hubby hanging all over her.

WednesdayFriday said...

HOLY pit stains! Good God! No one told her about this?

Anonymous said...


That's the rumor. There were gay rumors and blind items swirling around Michael C Hall when he and his wife split up. I'm sure this marriage, which just seemed too easy and like it came out of nowhere, is arranged. She probably thought it'd be good for publicity, since she's trying to launch a film career.

cajun cutie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cajun cutie said...

JDM is one of a few ppl who make facial hairs look sessy.

bionic bunny! said...

why am i not surprised there would be "gay rumors" floating around about michael c. hall after he played a gay man for (how many years?) on "six feet under"?
i haven't been able to get into "dexter" (and am disappointed in myself for that), but 10 years after it is off the air, will there be rumors he was involved in a vigilante killing?

sorry. maybe it's because i'm old and i watch a lot of TV, but it always seems that so many rumors get started that trace back to a role an actor once had.
that and the damn pancakes on TV all day are getting to me. must be low blood sugar.

James said...

Is it my imagination, or is Billy Crudup gradually morphing into Jeremy Davies?

Anonymous said...

james - jeremy davies is much cuter than Billy Crudup. Crudup's ears are half the size of his head and his chin is descending faster than the rest of his jowls. He's an ass anyway.

lol at me thinking I would be the only one to notice the pit stains.

Patrick Wilson needs to film the Paul Newman biopic before he loses all his hair.

I'd go straight for Carla Gugino, if that were possible.

Meadowlark said...

I think that Princely dude is actually the guy that performs in Purple Reign - a Prince tribute band. Here's a link: http://www.purplereign.net/23.html?sm=76111

Please forgive if I'm incorrect!

Moxie said...

Check out the face of the little boy behind Michelle in the last photo, that made me laugh out loud.

I had no idea Jennifer and Michael got married, good for them. I love Dexter.

James said...

DNfromMN, let me go back and take a second look ... Yeesh! You're right.

princessj1987 said...

I got quoted by Enty. What an honor. That outfit is heinous.

Interesting that McConaughey is there with Kevin Spacey.

Love Cyndi Lauper.

Harlow is the cuter baby.

J-Lo looks good there because it doesn't look like her.

Those are definitely pit stains on Jennifer Carpenter. Her and Michael C. Hall do not look like a loving newlywed couple at all.

I am a huge Prince fan.

Mark Indelicato is great on Ugly Betty.

canadachick said...

Jeffery and The Cloon...be still my racing pulse...yummy

B626 said...

Matthew Mc. looks like a figure in a wax museum with the heat up too high.

J-Lo hangs with Remini so she WILL look good, next to that.

Dare I say Prince has had to have some work done on his face. Lighting can't account for everything.

Was Kelly Ripa dancing with those Knicks girls?
Now that would make me laugh.

lmnop123 said...

jax I don't think Clooney would try to run for president but maybe Senator or Governor.

He has to succeed where his father failed.

MnGddess said...

Clooney, Hugh Jackman AND Jeffrey Dean Morgan inthe same post. Enty really DOES love me...

slappywhyte said...

isnt Stephen Baldwin supposed to be a big Christian these days -- that pic with Tila Tequila looks very scummy and heading down the wrong path

Jungle007 said...

lol moxie-- I was gonna say the same thing about the kid behind M. Trachtenberg... I wonder wtf was going on with that cheerleader. I'm thinking wardrobe malfunction???

Wow. Miley's sis makes miley looks like a Goddess.

Everything Tila Tequila touches turns into chlamydia.

I might feel bad for Jen Carpenter and her pit stain situation, but the look on her face makes her very difficult to like.

Honor, Honor, Honor. I'm sorry but just being honest; She's not in the same category as Shiloh, Suri and Harlow. She's a baby therefore she's cute. That is all. Not winning any contests.


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