Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Yes, it is a tiny, cell phone photo, but it was taken by a reader at the recent Morrissey concert in Myrtle Beach so it gets the top spot. Thanks Sarah.
Andy Garcia - Miami
Lots of first timers today. Aaron Paul, however has been in the photos before.
Apparently in the world Britney Spears inhabits, life jackets on boats just are not that important for her, for her friends or for her kids.
Sure. Now that Denise is on a network show all of that bitterness to the paps just kind of fades away. When she gets kicked off, she is either going to blame it on Charlie or because she can't get over the grieving process of her mom.
Two days in a row for Emily Blunt? I don't care. I like her. She can be in all the time.
It's hard to believe, but I think this is a first time appearance for Eriq La Salle, at least in the photos.
Griffin Dunne is a blast from the past. Don't worry. When I use that phrase, I don't feel the urge to go home and watch that movie.
Garret Dillahunt has been in the photos, but it has been awhile.
I must have looked at 100 photos of Jessica Alba walking the streets of Paris. In all of them she is completely alone. I have to give her some credit for not needing an entire gang of bodyguards to keep her safe. If this were Katie Holmes who is much lower on the food chain of stars, she would be surrounded by minders, bodyguards and a portable e-meter.
Yeah, yeah. It's Jude Law at some kind of deer meat party. The woman's name is Fru Tholstrup. That first name has got to be one hell of a challenge in person or on the phone. "Your name is Threw?" "Few?"
Jeremy Resnick looks like he is fearful of an attack.
I have not posted John Malkovich in awhile.
No retouching or anything. This is Jamie Pressly doing some press for "I Love You Man." She looks good.
Also in the movie is Jason Segel. As you can tell, his photo has been airbrushed and photoshopped and he still looks like this. I kid. I kid. I love Jason Segel.
Everyone keeps talking about her hair. I want to know what is up with the eye of Katie Holmes. It also looks like she has got some kind of facial tic.
Two days in a row of Kiefer. Why not?
Kate Walsh and her all leather look.
I will say this about Nicole Kidman. She learned how to work the press from Tom really well. She has had one week of attention from this photo because she touched her stomach and everyone thought she was pregnant. If Keith touched his d**k, would we all think he got it cut off?
We always see Penelope Cruz all glammed up. This is her at a basketball game here last night.
If everytime I told a lie, a 70 foot sandwich came out of my nose, I would weigh a lot more than I do now.
Paul Rudd. Enough said.
I'm trying to remember the last time I saw Paul Teutul smile. It also looks like he lost some weight.
My favorite actress, Rashida Jones.
Unless you were a huge fan of Gilmore Girls then you probably don't know who Riki Lindhome is, but I saw that it was her 30th birthday last week, so thought I would put her in the photos as a birthday present and to give her some attention.
Ralph Macchio looks great for 84 years old. Oh, wait. He is 47. It just feels like he has been around that long. Still looks good though.
Reese and her imaginary friend appear to have got into an argument.
I'm not saying you shouldn't try this at home, but, at least wear your goggles and a cup. This is for SAW, The Ride in London.
Simon Baker is in the top 5 of the best looking guys on television.
Tom & Colin Hanks.
They needed to raise that backdrop just a bit higher. It kind of makes it look like Taylor Swift did this in her living room.
I think it has happened. I think Tori Spelling's head weighs more than the rest of her body.
This is the first time I have ever seen a candid of Wolfgang Puck so I had to put it in.
Zac Efron. I don't have much to say. It's a movie premiere. He showed up. It's his movie. I put him in the photos.


Goodgrief said...

That SAW pic reminded me of a report today about a woman that was airlifted to a hospital because her and her sex partner were using a saw with a sex toy attached and of course the saw went through the toy and the poor woman. "YOUCH"

Ms Cool said...

So what is the blind about Eriq La Salle?

Melissa said...

Ms Cool I was wondering that too. And nice Paul Rudd photo for Mooshki. ;)

Fabulous! said...

i can't WAIT to see denise richards booted off dwts! when she started crying in the first episode, i swear it was an open audition for casting directors. i hope it didn't work, it was terrible acting.

i never thought i'd say it, but toori spelling doesn't look bad. actually, kind of cute.

paul rudds not my type, but he's looking cute, too.

Goodgrief said...

Tori is certainly wasting away. Has Katie always had the of center smile or is it something she acquired since meeting Tom?

jenna said...

WOW...Katie Holmes/Cruise whatever looks so much better with long hair! It takes years off her.

mooshki said...

Who cares if it's small, it's Morrissey! And he looks like he's bathed since I saw him last.

Okay, I don't like to wear a life jacket either, but no kid of mine would get on a boat without one!

I agree with Eriq La Salle that he got the short shift in the ER heyday, but I think (hope) it had more to do with his character being an ass than with the color of his skin. Great actor.

Hey, I like Blast From the Past! Alicia's so cute, and that was before Brendan completely lost it.

I'm afraid Malkovich is going to reach through my monitor and smack me for staring at him. Trust me, he could do it.

Enty, we're friends, right? You can get me Jason Segel's phone number, right? Right? I swear I won't use it to stalk him, honest.

And if you can't do that, two days with Kiefer would make it up to me just fine. Not Paul Rudd, though, he's married. :(

I can't wait for Rashida's new show. It had better be good or I'm going to cry. Are you outing her as your spy? :)

That monster keeps playing grabass, doesn't it? Who knew Disney would support such a perv! Wait, what?

Maja With a J said...

Paul Rudd looks high as a kite in that picture. Either that or he was up crying all night.

ureallyannoyme said...

Didn't Tori grow-up next door to the Playboy Mansion? Is that where she learned what color to dye her hair? The plastic surgery is looking better than when she wasn't on the list at Fashion Week.

And KatE's wig/weave/extensions whatever look good (or at least the style). Flirty, feminine. Is Tom away?

SkittleKitty said...

Which blind is Eriq's? Come on--I know one of us can find it....

Not me, mind you. I'm much too lazy.

West End Girl said...

What's "that" film? I'm confused.

Katie looks good and female. What's going on? Is the contract nearly up or something?

Mmmmm I like Colin Hanks, is that wrong?

lutefisk said...

KatE is starting to look like her old self--I wonder if she plans on trying to make a break for it.

princess pea said...

Who's Jeremy Resnick? I thought it was the Bachelor, Jason Misnick.

kimmypie1 said...

Princess, I hope it is Ent's attempt to kind of say he is irrelevant? I am fairly certain he knows his name and is just making a point.

I personally would like to replace the 'n' in his last name with a 'd', but that is just me ;)

Majik said...

I'm betting the blind about Eriq is something along the lines of: tv actor left show to do movies but despite his talent, never got the recognition he should have...something like that attached to whatever scandal, lol.

princess pea said...

kimmi - I agree, and think he is irrelevant, but Ent erring on both names? I dunno. Honestly, who really cares anyway?

And Katie does look so much better with her "new" hair, but isn't she in the middle of filming a movie? Maybe it's just a wig.

WednesdayFriday said...

That photo of John Malkovich is going to keep me awake and frightened tonight.

Sparky said...

I happened to see Dangerous Liasons this past weekend. John M was absolutely great in this movie, however, I never ever thought of him as a "sexy" actor.

Kelsey said...

keifer and paul rudd in the same post, mmmmmmmmmm mmmm good.

bitteliten said...

"Fru" = "Mrs" in Danish. Which is what she is, based on her last name.


Pookie said...

now there's a great picture of andy! (remind me someday to tell you the scary hairy back story).

the fru fru lady has my shoes. and they're way cuter on me.

wow, i'd forgotten how beautiful katie holmes was w/ long hair. that girl just makes me sad.

*sigh* it's my future husband, simon baker! i swear i love you, enty.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

God, Katie Holmes should ALWAYS have long hair. It's as if the shorn Katie and this new weavetastic Katie are from different PLANETS.

Fru Tholstrup is the single most heinous-sounding name I've ever come across in print. It's very guttural. Very phlegm-y or something.

Sporky said...

Wow, I love Griffin Dunne, even though he's morphing into Harry Dean Stanton. Thanks Enty.

That isn't Nate from Six Feet Under?? (That Garrett Dillahunt person). They could be separated at birth!

I agree, Katie should leave the hair long. What an improvement.

I wonder why Paul T. is smiling? His sons must be nowhere around him.

Ralph Macchio still looks like Pony Boy from The Outsiders, with just a little gray. Wow.

JS said...

Paul Teutul with a long sleeve shirt! I have never seen him with sleeves. He even had a sleeveless tux at his wedding.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Love me some Andy Garcia. Love me some Jason Segel.

LMAO at Denise Richards wearing a cross.

Miss X said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Gilmore Girls and can't figure out who Riki Lindhome is...a little help, please? I even IMDB'ed her and still can't figure it out.

Oh, and thanks for the pic of Jason Segal. I'd also like his phone # except I'd never actually have the guts to call him.

shakey said...

My BIL would have dumped Britney off the boat for allowing her child(ren) to take off the life jacket.

I maintain Denise was much better than skankho Holly. Blast From the Past was a great movie. I agree - Griffin Dunne = Harry Dean Stanton. John Malkovich is hypnotizing.

Yeah, the old Katie Holmes do does look nice. What's with the bra strap thingy coming out of the dress?

You know, when I first glanced at Kiefer's picture I thought it was a young Richard Chamberlain. Kiefer can do the remake of The Thorn Birds.

Are basketball games like The Ivy? You go when you want to be photographed?

Phew, Ent - I was afraid you were going to say you'd never go hungry. Talk about picking your nose and eating it.

Stay gold, Pony Boy! Sorry. Had to say it. Hey, does that pic mean Reese is the dom?

Yeah, about Taylor Swift. Is that blind about the tween couples swapping beards Taylor+Zac+Vanessa+whatever that Jonas Brother is?

Nice pic of Wolfgang. Pearly white teeth. Perfect manicure.

Julie said...

oh, Jude. I didn't even recognize her.

AND EVEN AFTER THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS DIED/were lost at sea!? no lifejackets?

if football players can't make it, what makes her think she can. ok, it may be hormones or something, but i'ma cry. I like Brit, and I try to empathize, blasebla, but this is just WTF. Maybe she doesn't know they exist?

oh, and Denise...needs to fade into obscurity. Poor Charlie Sheen (and other than being married to Denise, theres no reason to say that)

Katie is so pretty with long hair.

yay morrissey. maladjusted is one of my favorite albums of all time.

um, oh Kate Walsh. Love the hair. I always wanted red hair. had it once while pregnant with my son. I want to be Jessica Rabbit lol

Paul Rudds eyes look itty bitty, but he's still f-able.

Banhart said...

It's "Jason Mesnick"

Anonymous said...

oh enty, thank you for Simon and Paul.

it's miley! said...

@ Miss X
i'm a huge gg fan too and it took me some time to figure out who she was but luckily i have nothing better to do today! she played juliet who was part of the life and death brigade (i think she was the one w/ the gorilla mask)

ok, back to lurking now!

oh, and ps: LOOOOOOOOOOVE simon baker... and jason segel and paul rudd! lol oh and keifer too! :)

Snautrag said...

Reese comment alluding to the blind the other day? Humm?

Choosing between the celebrity friend and the non-friend?


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