Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bachelorette Editors May Have Gone Too Far

Last night apparently there was some huge deal on The Bachelorette and I know people around the office are saying they will never watch it again. I don't know what happened, but it made me at least search to find out what has been happening on the show this season, and what I found was something disturbing.

Apparently there was a Bachelor named Wes. Well, according to Wes, the editors and producers of the show did such a deceitful job of editing that he can no longer get work and that his ex-girlfriend gets calls at her home and work calling her a bitch and a whore and are asking others to boycott her brand new business.

I guess this all got started because at some point Wes said he had a girlfriend. It turns out this isn't true, but was Wes simply repeating a question the producer had just asked him so it looked like he had a girlfriend. For the record he doesn't and didn't and his ex-girlfriend completely agrees.

“We haven’t been together since last July or August." He went on to say that if he did have a girlfriend he wouldn't have been on the show and would have been at home with his girlfriend.

I guess Wes is a performer and no one is booking him anymore and those that have booked him are canceling. I feel for the guy. “Nobody wants to see this guy that everybody thinks is a bad guy.”At one show he did manage to snag, a woman walked up to him and said, "You’re such an ass."

Like I said before, I have not seen the show and maybe he did other a-holey things to deserve this reputation, but if all he did was repeat a question of a producer and is getting hammered like this in life, than it is wrong because it is not just affecting Wes, who signed up for it, but an ex-girlfriend who didn't. She might even think about suing ABC and Disney.


RocketQueen said...

I don't watch the show either, but read a review of the show in which he apparently let it slip to the Bachelorette in question that he *did* have a girlfriend at which point she booted him from her potential suitors, so who knows what to believe. The review also said that the guy is an ass generally and clearly did the show for publicity for his career, but perhaps someone who actually watches can tell us if any of that is right.

lapin said...

Perhaps he's Prince Charming...it doesn't change the sheer criminality of that shirt!

Cillman said...

Uh, it's not editing. Saying "If I go home, I'll be getting lots of sex" and "I'm the first guy to make it to the final four with a girlfriend" in front of a camera is pretty telling. Clearly not edited because you're watching him the entire time (not L-cuts). Yes, it's ridiculous for people to go after him...but he's a gigantic ass.

jax said...

Enty he DID have a girlfriend the whole and even said so on his limo ride home.

"i'm going to be the first bachelor in history to make it to the final four with a girlfriend. Now i'm in Spain and everyone will know my name"

fucking opportunist! both him and his gf can suck it, they deserve what they get.

ok, now can we talk about Ed's heinous outfits last night???

Beensie said...

Yep Enty, Jax and Caroline are correct. He DID say those things. He was a complete tool on the show. Karma, man...

LOL re: Ed's clothing choices!

Unknown said...

Wes admitted that going on the show was his band manager's idea.

With or without a girlfriend, Wes was very open about getting free publicity for his band by being on the show.

All in all, Wes did not have to 'fess up to a girlfriend to show that he is an arrogant idiot.

Carrie L. said...

Realitysteve.com has a good interview with him, though I don't believe it word for word. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I watch the show (guilty pleasure) and they did make Wes come across as someone completely out for his career, with a girlfriend, and a self-centered jerk. I believe it was a character the show created, but also don't buy the fact that he's this great guy. He plays dumb about the whole Bachelor enterprise and how he knew nothing about it, yet dated a girl who dated another Bachelor from a different season and is still friends with her. How does that not come up in conversation? The girl doesn't deserve the harassment at all, but I can't quite say the same about Wes. He went into it probably thinking he was going to get this great edit and it backfired. I'm sorry, don't people know how these shows work?

I heard another guy from the show - Dave - is also running into personal problems from how he was portrayed...which was a drunk and pervert. Horribly uncomfortable to watch. I guess he's a coach at a high school and a few mothers got upset by his behavior and demanded he be fired. The kids love him and were organizing a protest to the Board to reverse the decision.

The lesson here is that reality TV is not what it once was, folks. You will be turned into a character, you have no say in the matter, and while it may give you the fame you're looking for it can also ruin your life.

In terms of being disgusted with the show, I'm more upset that the better looking & younger Matthew Perry look-a-like Reid was dumped last night. The two guys left are vacant, empty shells, and one has girlfriends all over Chicago yet somehow that hasn't come up on the show yet. Again, it's all about the producers, how you treat them, what you give them, and what character they decide you'll play. I watch knowing that none of it is real, some of it is boring, but in between it can be entertaining at what some people put themselves through for "love."

nancer said...

i don't watch this piece of shit show, but 95% of them do it for publicity so he wouldn't be anything new.

Sinjin said...

Last night?! I thought I saw that last week! I too thougt he came across as a smug prick who deserved to be punched in the neck. I had this reaction after only seeing that one scene of this season, so you can imagine what kind of a 1st class asshole he must be.

trogdor said...

Ya, I <3 Jillian, so my cousin and I have been watching the show.

Not only did he say that he made it to the final four with a gf, in a previous episode he bragged to all the guys that all he wanted to do was to make it onto the show, play a few songs for Jillian and then become famous.

Prior to one of the elimination rounds, he specifically said that he didn't care if he was sent home since he accomplished his goal of playing three songs on t.v.

Wes sucks. What a douche.

Jillians hot.

califblondy said...

Ed's shorts were the big discussion on the ABC message board. Disco shorts and all, I'm still rooting for Ed.

RealitySteve sez that Wes was made to look bad by the producers. Waaaaa, booboo baby. He signed up for this crap. I heard him say on the show that his manager told him to get on the show for exposure. He certainly plugged his music every chance he got. Isn't any publicity good for a struggling musician?

The guy who should sue is the foot fetish nut.

austinrob said...

This whole thing has backfired on Wes. He is continuing his fast-talking seeing who will believe him. He clearly stated he was there for his music several times & his music is only so-so at best.

ardleighstreet said...

That's one UGLY shirt. I would have kicked him to the curb for that alone.

Ayesha said...

That's what you GET when you go on a reality show. They rarely show you in a good light, and everyone in the world sees that shit.

jax said...

don't fret Carrie! word is that Reid comes back to tel her he loves her in the last episode.

Team Reid!!

Carrie L. said...

Jax - that's what I've heard too! Team Reid all the way, and if not, I hope he's the Bachelor next season. I honestly cannot imagine watching Ed or Kiptyn...I'd rather watch ice melt. :-)

MnGddess said...

How can you not be anything but orgasmic with that sex-ay shirt on??

shakey said...

He looks like his name should be Jed.

This kills me. How is he the only one getting shit on over this? I'm betting a good 75% of all the guys that have been on this show a) had gfs waiting for them back home, and b) in it for publicity!

Why is this guy different? At least he was honest about the whole damn thing.

jax said...

no shakey- he wasn't. he told most of the guys but never told Jillian.
i'm sure you're right about the others in it for publicity etc. but this guy was a cheesy sleazeball from the get go.

Judi said...

Unfortunate that the GF is also getting sh*t on. She has nothing to do with any of this.
Maybe this guy will disappear back into oblivion. We can all help with that.

Suzi3 said...

I was wondering if you would write about this show, ENT. It is a silly show, but fun to watch. IMO, Wes is GUILTY as charged!

Lissa said...

I thought Wes was a dog also. I really don't know how they could have edited all of the things he said. Reality Steve said they take part of one sentence you say and combine it with another. He said so many sleazy things I don't know how that would be possible. Love the show though.

Char said...

Well, I feel bad for the girlfriend, she doesn't deserve to be vilified without a chance to tell her side of the story. All anyone's seen is of Wes and it's not fair for her to be going through this with her business because of him. However, perhaps he should put some of that blame on himself??!

Regardless of how it was edited, Wes was an ass on the show. He went on there fully aware that he was doing it for the publicity and regardless of whether or not he had a girlfriend, he was not interested in the bachelorette in a romantic way at all. Granted, most people who go on that show probably do it for the publicity, but this guy was just an full-on asshole about it. I hope his CD fails and he drifts back into obscurity, very quickly.

Jungle007 said...

I watched once about a month ago, and that guy made my blood boil! He was going on about how even if he gets booted now, he still got the publicity he'll need to launch his career.

Guy's a Dickweed.

Unknown said...

No one has mentioned Ed's erectile dysfunction yet! That was the jaw drop of the night.

What a sad sack. You quit the show, come begging back, wear the worst shorts known to man (Hello, was he trying out for the '75 Celtics) then you can't "perform" when the overnight with Jillian comes.

Wes was an ass but Ed couldn't get it up for poor Jillian...pretty humiliating on national tv.

PollyPureBred said...

Beth -no kidding! I was horrified. That was soft-core porn. She is one freaky chick. How could he get it up for her slutty ass, anyway?

Jungle007 said...

Yea, i also gotta agree with above. That girl seemd like a ho just from what i saw of her. i know the Bachelors/Bachelorettes are daing several people at once and it will always make them seem kinda scummy, but that chick just bothered me. She also seemed like a dumbass not to see through Wes.

Anyways, that's what i gathered from the one episode and couple commercials I saw of her.

Moxie said...

Man, even after Wes explains himself people still insist what they heard on tv was 100% the truth. I thought we were smarter than that here?

They have these people called editors who work on the show.

Look, Wes is a sarcastic outspoken guy. He's not a boy scout, he's not an angel, I doubt we'd be friends in real life. But it's so obvious he was edited badly. A lot of what he said was chopped up, I could practically hear the scissors snipping.

When he said "I'm the first guy who made it to the final four with a girlfriend" he was being sarcastic. We didn't hear what he said after, the part where it was clear he was being sarcastic and he explained if he actually had a girlfriend he would have been home with her.

When it sounded like he was telling the guys he was on the show for exposure he was actually explaining that if all he wanted was exposure then he would've been gone at that point, but he was staying for Jillian. We didn't hear that part of the conversation.

When he said he could "taste the fame" that was edited. They asked him about songwriting so he talked about how he could feel it welling up inside him and he could taste it, etc. They edited some things he said to make it sound like he was talking about how excited he got when he thought about how famous he would be by doing the show. Sheesh.

Just because you see something on tv doesn't mean you're hearing everything that was said, or even a sentence that was actually said. They've been doing this show for 18 seasons now, they're pretty damn good at it.

Listen to the Wes interview on realitysteve.com before you continue to badmouth this guy. Watch his "Diary of the Departed" exit interview on abc.com -- that's the real unedited Wes. Seems like a normal guy to me. (Oh, they also drove him around in that limo with the AC off for three hours, and kept handing him alcohol. They asked him questions designed to piss him off, they're very good at what they do.)

Unknown said...

He was a douche the entire season it didn't just suddenly manifest because they got him drunk in the last episode- you could tell he wasn't into Jillian other than he thought she was hot and he continued to stay to promote his record. When it comes down to Wes vs. Jake- I believe Jake all the way. Wes is nothing but sleaze and that If I go home you can bet I'll be having a lot of sex comment at the rose ceremony just put me over the edge. David was an ass too and SCARY- yeah the producers may have enhanced their douchery but it's not like it was all cut together- they were saying these things and I'm glad that nobody wants to hire Wes! I do feel bad that Dave can't get a job although he did seem to be teetering on the edge.

Unknown said...

First off, your post is INCORRECT! If your going to write a story gets your facts straight. It's the responsible thing to do in reporting.

Wes (unedited) said out of his own mouth in the back of the limo after he was dumped, he is "the only bachelor in history that made it to the final 4 WITH A GIRLFRIEND" he laughed about it. Rubbed it in and was most certainly very proud of this fact. This is after you claim he said he had a girlfriend as a mere slip of the tongue.
Wes bragged about his girlfriend and his using this show to get what he wanted from day one.
I'd say karma is a wench! I'm glad he isn't getting any work. He isn't a very good singer and he sings everyone elses stuff.

Properly report your facts. Wes made his bed and now he has to lie in it. The lies he's telling now are a mere attempt @ trying to back track because the outcome was not in his favor. Sorry, Wes! you lose~


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