Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Photos Part One

With the 40th anniversary of the moon landing approaching, it seems only fitting that some astronauts get the top spot. Here are Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell.
Also at the same event and showing off her own moon in a manner of speaking is Adriana Lima.
One of the funniest people ever. Billy Connolly.
Channing Tatum in GQ.
Also in GQ, The Zooey.
Chris Daughtry - New York
David Arquette in his plastic box decorated and stocked by Snickers.
Drew Barrymore on the set of her new movie.
David Duchovny from the front.
And David Duchovny from the rear.
I love David Koechner. He always cracks me up.
Long time no see for Ed Helms.
Google Earth now is mapping tourist sites.
Apparently Heather Mills is a decent cook and her vegan restaurant is doing really well. Who knew?
I really need to find a girlfriend who will not only sit in my lap, but pay for dinner while doing it. For now I will try and forget that Hayden P has soiled one of my favorite restaurants in LA.
Jack Nicholson on the set of his new movie.
Which he is shooting with Paul Rudd.
The least photographed Gossip Girl cast member, Jessica Szohr.
This might be a first time appearance for John Ventimiglia.
John Waite - New York
Kelly Clarkson heading into Letterman.
Kate and Alex looking bored with each other and life.
Hello Lauren. Now come back to LA.
Naomi and Liev and son in Paris.
Matt Dillon just happy to be recognized.
Nick Lachey and wondering if that call from Pimpa Joe should be returned.
I could have gone the whole automaton route again today, but the Princess was smiling and happy so decided to show that instead.
Has anyone ever seen Reese drinking?
A first time appearance for Steve Coogan. Maybe the second.
This way you can still ride in your car but be green at at the same time. It is also great for when you have had too much to drink.


Stephmylife said...

I love Paul Rudd in that photo!so cute!

Karmen said...

Channing Tatum - I realize he's got an amazing body, but his ears are a big turn off to me.
Paul Rudd - I love that man. Swoon.
Zooey Deschanel - I wish Katy Perry didn't look like her.
Heather Mills - GAH! I hate that wretched axe wound!

Anonymous said...

A Paul Rudd/Jack Nicholson movie will be amazing without a doubt

ItsJustMe said...

While Chanum Tating's abs look decidedly drawn on and fake, David Duchovny's look authentic.

RocketQueen said...

Squee! Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd in a movie together? Sign me up.

Mmm Channing Tatum. Yes please.

I know a lot of people can't stand Heather Mills, but I don't mind her at all. I think she's been overly-vilified and I'd eat at her restaurant if I were ever in the 'hood.

Billy Connolly was great in Boondock Saints. A nice little tie-in from the mention of Willem Defoe last week, who was the best part about that movie. :)

figgy said...

I love me some Lauren Graham. Recorded episodes of the Gilmore Girls is part of my comfort recipe when I'm not feeling well.

What is she doing now? Is it true that she's gay? (not that there's anything wrong with that...just curious...)

Nicole said...

Thanks for the Paul Rudd goodness. I never get tired of that man.

mooshki said...

Does DD still have that sex addict thing going on? I think I may need to give him a call...

OMG, just looked up their menu, and I can see why it's one of your favorites. I'd like to order the Chilled Moroccan Spiced Rare Lamb Loin with Beet Purslane Salad and Cucumber Yoghurt Sauce. Do they deliver to MN? :)

mooshki said...

By the way, another pro-Twitter argument: some of the astronauts are now tweeting from outer space.

MizCaramel said...

I find Buzz Aldrin looks like Hugh Heffner! What is Kelly Clarkson wearing, she's so pretty and yet has no idea about clothes, get a stylist girl.

ElsieFire said...

Reese should drink more ofter, gets rid of the bitchface. Except, it gets passed on to Jakey, apparently. Check out the photos over at Michael K's, it's LOL worthy.

Matt, I will never not recognize you. You were my first dirty dream after Little Darlings came out (yes I am that old).

Agreed that Boondock Saints is the shit.

Unfortunate Couture said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

What's with Neil Armstrong? The man's a damn hermit. You'd think Aldrin was the first man on the moon, not Neil. Now he can't even show up for the 40th anniversary?

Unfortunate Couture said...

I have a John Waite story. A friend and I were having brunch in the restaurant at a posh hotel in our city. I was keeping an eye on some guy alone at the bar who looked vaguely familiar, and who clearly wanted to be very familiar - he was looking around checking to see if anyone recognized him, and made a lot of harrumphing noises. I asked my friend if maybe that was John Waite, as he was the only redheaded famous guy in that age group that I could think of. We were "well... maybe...". Finally after a good hour of looking around expectantly, he pulled out his cellphone. We couldn't hear who he asked for when the line picked up, but he sure said the "IT'S JOHN WAITE" part plenty loud. My friend and I discreetly giggled.

kris said...

Squee? When did Lainey sign up?

ardleighstreet said...

Hayden would spoil my appetite anywhere.

Jack & Paul Rudd look to be having fun.

Reese doesn't have bitch face going on for the paps. I wonder if she's had more then 1.

TinselSass said...

The problem with the Jack and Paul movie is that it co-stars Reese and Owen Wilson (and is the basis of the BI about Paul being great with fans and Reese not so much).

On the Reese front... has there ever been verifiable truth that Jake is Toothy Tile and therefore, prefers Brokeback moves? I find it hard to believe she would be a beard for anyone.

Allison said...

Which restaurant is the Hayden P. picture from?

shakey said...

I can't remember what happens to Billy in Boondock Saints. There will be a 2nd. Probably not by the same guys, though!

I do so love David Duchovny. Is it wrong of me to say I like Heather Mills's hairstyle? At least it isn't spiky at the back. Like the photo of Jack. Seems very candid.

The least photographed Gossip Girl looks beautiful.

I remember Little Darlings, too! I was in love with Armand Assante.

Love the belt and shoes on Princess.

Cancan said...

I reckon that Szohr comment is a reveal about the Gossip Girl magazine cover pissed off for lack of photos chick.

jenna said...

@figgy, where'd you read that about LG? I never knew that! I also enjoy me some Gilomore Girls when I'm not well (read: hungover)

Great selection of pics today Enty, some of my favourite people! Big Yin, Paul Rudd, The Zooey, Ed Helms... and David Koechner who needs to come back on the The Office for some Todd packer action. Also enjoyed seeing a drunk Reese.

MnGddess said...

Come on - I've seen that view of DD before - just watch his HBO show...

RocketQueen said...

Wha...? There will be a second Boondock Saints? In the movie, Billy rides off into the sunset with the two brothers, presumably to continue their brand of justice until they get caught.

Squee isn't just Lainey, btw.

figgy said...

Lux, I have no idea, and it's probably not even true. Altho' it would make me like her even more for some reason.

Channing Tatum: am I just so old and cynical that when I see these pictures of guys with 6 packs, pants falling off their skinny hips, and an "intense" "tough" look (think Zoolander), all I can do is yawn? Yeah, he's about as tough as my Maltese dog, Peppermint. Dude.

K said...

I remember being woken up to watch the moon landing. Just don't remember seeing it!

shakey said...

RocketQueen - the brothers are back as well as Billy Connolly ... and Troy Duffy is directing! This is the guy who shit all over the Weinsteins. Don't know who's distributing it. It's going to film in Toronto.

deity2 said...

@ figgy.....I just can't keep all these new people straight in my head....all their names sound like a derivative of "Channing Tatum" or like they swapped their last name for their 1st.....I am approaching 40....what happened to the male stars of yesteryear??? ( with regular names!!!!!!???) Sean Cassidy, Leif Garrett, Scott Baio....etc......none of those names sound like they are pulled out of a "publicists/agents" hat...IMHO......probably why I can't even be bothered to tell them apart.

shakey said...

I wonder if it's a game they play - pull the surname of a star from yesteryear from a hat as your first name, then pull the first name of another star as your surname.

bionic bunny! said...

oh, enty, you read my love/hate post! thank you!
granted, i can listen to any scotsman talk all day, but i dearly love billy!

jack's lookin' good.

i love, LOVE lauren's dress! i just have a thing for tie-dyed.

nunaurbiz said...

TO: Drew Barrymore
FROM: nunaurbiz

RE: Stylist


Remember to hire whoever dressed you for your current film to be your personal stylist. Lookin' good, girlfriend!!!!!

selenakyle said...

Ahhhh, Billy Connolly in Boondock Saints. The Duke.

selenakyle said...

...and...The Zooey is simply luscious.

selenakyle said...

...and...The Spanish Princess is way too skinny.

selenakyle said...

...and...Awesome that some of y'all also love Boondock Saints!

For a mid-40's woman, I always think it's strange that I like that kind of thing. I must say the movie moved me and is one of my faves of all time.

selenakyle said...

shakey, RocketQ and elsieFire--all I remember happened to the Duke and the boys after they took down the courthouse is they laid low, then cut to the "people on the street" interviews, then the end. But years ago when it first came out, all I had was a terrible copied copy and I have yet to see it in good format.

There damn well oughta be a sequel...every other damn thing has had one.

Char said...

Who's lap is Hayden sitting on? I thought she was single?

Haha the pics of Reese looking smashed were all over the internet yesterday... she should get drunk more often, she looks like she's actually enjoying her self for once, and has retracted the stick (from her behind).

shakey said...

selenakyle - I'm very surprised there's a sequel. Especially one with Troy Duffy involved.

Taste has nothing to do with age.

Unknown said...

I am such a fan of "Boondock Saints", it's bordering on obsession (not scary like the "Lucius Malfoy" fan though!). If you go to the movie website, it talks about a sequel in the works. Which it has mentioned since I was a freshman (or maybe sophomore) in college - 2001 or 2002. I just hope that Willem Dafoe is in the sequel because it definitely would not be the same without him!

I have to say that Billy Connolly is fantastic as a stand up show as well! I was in Santa Monica for a wedding a few years ago and saw him (part of the bachelorette party)... Amazingly hilarious! :o) If he comes back to the states, I highly recommend seeing him!

Unknown said...

Duchovny's show is on Showtime and that is one fine physique for a nearly 49-year-old man.

Roxy said...

I love Kelly Clarkson's shirt... wonder where I can get me one of those!


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