Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette.
Coming in a very close second is Paul McCartney on the top of The Ed Sullivan Theater where The Beatles had their first US television appearance.
Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers. Very nice suit Seth.
From shortest to tallest. Brooke Burke, David Charvet, Lisa Leslie, and Michael Lockwood.
Bethenny Frankel is getting her own reality show on Bravo. I'm waiting for the famine and pestilence.
When was the last time you saw Christina Aguilera smiling?
This is an extra photo from Gustavo's report. It's Chantelle Berry who I love and who I think got royally screwed over by Sophie Monk back in Australia so I'm glad she has been getting some other chances.
Do they look stoned to you?
The weight of the world is on Demi Moore's shoulders.
A first time appearance for Jessica Capshaw. I don't know why it took so long.
The always great Josh Groban.
The not so great Jon Gosselin. His girlfriend or fiancee or whatever is still back in France. He says they are not engaged. I say they are and are waiting for an episode of the show to announce it.
Jennifer Lopez on the set of her new movie.
For good friends, Justin Long and Drew Barrymore sure do hold hands a lot.
Two people with whom I would love to go drinking.
A first time appearance for Jim Parsons.
He got to announce his own nomination today.
And then got to announce Chandra Wilson's name.
I'm thinking that maybe Vanessa Bryant's dress might be just a little small.
Kendra and Hank.
What is up with Morgan Freeman's left hand? I look at it and then think I'm watching Happy Gilmore. Then I start thinking about Carl Weathers which causes me to think of him lecturing Tobias about how to make a stew.
Michael Phelps with his mom instead of some random stripper.
He and Piven then compare notes to see if they have slept with any of the same strippers.
Maggie Q looks amazing.
While Orlando Bloom was in New York, his house in LA was getting burglarized to the tune of about $500K in jewels.
"So, the fish I caught was this big."
Randomness of the day. Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, Jewel, and Eve.
And Rachel seems to have forgot her fake engagement ring.
I love this picture of Rosario Dawson.
And I love every picture of Rashida Jones who could be headed to Broadway to star in her dad's musical.
I love a lot of these photos today. This is Rain Phoenix and Samantha Mathis.
When you look at Renee Z you always think she is thisclose to snapping an ankle.
A very pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar walking her dog.
They are multiplying.
Wycleaf Jean gets best dressed today.


Pookie said...

wow, 10 yrs went by jfk/cb.

eep. ben stiller really is pin thin. how sad.

what an odd angle...demi moore's head looks huge. now i get poor rumer.

wth is up w/ john gosselin? does he get that he's looking even douchier than kate?

aww, go jim parsons...

vanessay bryant = fail.

morgan freeman's hand is freaking me out. =O

eep. rain phoenix is, samantha mathis is still around, good for her.

we have a couch in our office foyer that looks like wyclef's jacket. eep.

Seachica said...

demi moore is looking very anorexic.

ItsJustMe said...

Who is the dude in those boots?

I can't believe it's been 10 years since JFK Jr. Wow.

Christina Aguilera's face has changed ... maybe it's something that happened with age.

West End Girl said...

Yay, thank you Enty for 2 Jim Parsons pictures. I have such a crush on him, hope he wins.

The Stillers look starved, not stoned.

merrick said...

Cant stand Kobe or his gold digging wifey.. uggh they are so phony and so arrogant.

from that camera angle, it looks like Demi could bust in half any moment.

Cant believe its been ten years since we lost JFK JR and Carolyn and her sister. I still read and watch whatever I can on the Kennedy family, they put more FUN in dysfunction then my family

Cheryl said...

Jon Gosselin is working on his mid-life douchebag crisis checklist.

ear bling check
ed hardy shirt check
trashy younger girlfriend check
Harley check

so badass!

Emobacca said...

Huge Jim Parsons/Big Bang Theory fan so I was glad that he was nominated today. He is the best thing going in the world of TV comedy right now.

I recently saw an interview with him for the first time and I don't know how to ask this without sounding like a dick but is he open about his sexuality?

Caroline said...

Why the hell does Orlando Bloom have $500K worth of jewelry? Does he pretend he's Liberace when he's home alone?

West End Girl said...

Me too, Emobacca. I thought that too about him but decided he might just be effete without being gay. At least that's what I'm hoping ;)

shakey said...

Heyyy - having a Harley doesn't mean you're a douchebag! Now a Honda Valkyrie ... ;] j/k

X-tina looks unnatural (to her) when she smiles. The Stillers do look stoned. That is an AWESOME photo of Jim Parsons. Very nice. Same goes for Rosario's picture.

Rain Phoenix looks like she should be in a live-action version of Shrek with those clothes on.

Who are these multiplying people?

Majik said...

Jim Parsons kinda looks like a ventriloquist's dummy in that's freaking me out.

I think I need to change my girl crush to Rosario Dawson...girl is spectacularly good looking without even trying.

Anonymous said...

Eek, I'm delurking!
Rachel Bilson needs to play this fake engagement thing better. Don't take the ring off unless you want to draw attention to yourself...... Oh, that was the point?
Also wtf is she wearing?

RocketQueen said...

I had no idea Eve was so big - I always thought she was tiny! I'd be glowering, too, if I looked like a giant next to the girls I'm posing with.

I'm not a fan of the Big Bang show (I find Johnny Galecki over the top) but I DO like Parsons' character :)

Saw pics of Stiller and wife the other day and she actually look like she put a few pounds on. It looked good.

No ring for Christina? Hmm.

blog hopper said...

The Stillers probably shouldn't be getting stoned if they're still starving themselves.

Morgan Freeman's hand is cracking me up. WHAT is going on in that picture?

Also, I've watched Kendra's show a few times, and I used to really dislike her but I think Hank and she are a really cute couple. He seems really sweet.

amh.producer said...

I love Kristen Bell but the girl needs a stylist. I think that every time I see her!

And I heart Jim Parsons and BBT! So glad for his nomination! And how cool he got to announce his own!!!

lutefisk said...

I love Sheldon!

Why is JLo in a movie??? Who even cares?

A few years ago we stayed in the hotel right next door to the Ed Sullivan Theater for Thanksgiving weekend. I would have killed to see Paul McCartney the other night. Years ago my husband & I had tickets for David Letterman, & got Jay Mohr as the guest--totally uninteresting.

SkittleKitty said...

It's nice to see that Rain Phoenix and Samantha Mathis are still friends. They were both there when River died outside Johnny Depp's club.

von said...

Vanessa Bryant -- Keeping it Classy.

Rashida Jones -- Keeping it Classy (and this time I'm not being sarcastic.)

Unknown said...

That Jim Parson's picture looks great, like it's from a photography album, or something. I love Sheldon!
Demi Moore's head...what can we say? WEIRD!
Vanessa B.'s! AWKWARD!
All the money in the world and Wyclef can't afford to dress with style. SOOOO over it!

CDAN Mod said...

rosario looks a hell of a lot better with shades on...

ureallyannoyme said...

Morgan Freeman: Maybe his step-granddaughter bit it during rough sex? (It's a rehab glove related to his car crash, I do believe.)

Bethenney Frankel: apropos of nothing, does anyone know if the glands in your jaw shrink if you overcome bulimia?

Ben Stiller: Gen X hits middle-age. Maybe that's why I feel bitchy today. Is he still looking for an assistant 'cause bring it on.

Jon Gosselin: He is just pissing away all the goodwill he had going for him isn't he?

Jim Parsons: Rock paper scissors lizard Spock! LOVE him. The scene where his friends leave him behind because they can't find a movie theater near a Sheldon-approved restaurant cracks me up. Good show!

Mary said...

Morgan Freeman was in an accident not too long ago somewhere in the south, Georgia I think. If I remember correctly, he hurt his hand and his shoulder. I may be wrong though...

littleoleme said...

Chandra Wilson announced Jim Paron's nomination.

Anonymous said...

Why would you like to go drinking with Quinto, Ent? I'm intrigued. I thought you get all the Heroes gossip from Ali Larter.

Christina Aguilera looks a lot like Cyndi Lauper in that photo. Also, no wedding ring again.

Josh Groban won me over when he went on "Never Mind the Bollocks" last year. The kid has no problems making fun of himself.

Maggie Q is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you keep calling Rachel Bilson out on her fake "engagement," the more people get on board with that, the better. Can't stand her, her body language and expression just scream that she thinks she's better than everyone else.

Goodgrief said...

Wow, 10 yrs since JFK jr's accident. I was just a young snot nosed intern at a podunk tv station back when it came in over the wire about the missing plane.

Jon Gosselin is a freak

SMG is getting big. I've wondered if it is really Freddies.

The Bryant's make me puke.

ardleighstreet said...

Ben Stiller always looks pissy to me.

Yeah Josh Groban!

Oh look it's Sleazy Rider.

WTH is Jenny from the block wearing?

I love the rock,paper,scissors, lizard, Spock on Jim Parson's show. I couldn't get it out of my head the other day.

Is that a bong in Phelp's hand or is he just happy to see Piven.;)

Ice Angel said...

Wasn't Samantha Mathis the presumed answer to a long ago blind item? Somethng about "she was present at one of the biggest moments in Hollywood history" or something like that. And then something about her not being able to speak unless on stage because of drugs?

Ice Angel said...

Oh and by the way, Samantha....WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES????

kimmypie1 said...

Drew I love you, but please stop fighting the hot.

Is that areola I see on Mrs. Bryant?

Oh Rachel what are you wearing? It is like Miami Vice meets Liberace.

Cecilia00 said...

RIP JFK Jr. and Carolyn.
Mathis was dating or engaged to River Phoenix at the time of his death, correct?

Fish said...

Last time I saw Xtina smile were those pictures of her with her son right before Father's Day - even with her stupid bangs, she looked so lovely in the face because she was smiling at her little boy. I know that sounds sappy, but seriously, she looked way better than I've seen her in ages just from that, even with the pottery crap on her face.

lmnop123 said...

Xtina is smiling, maybe it's because she's not wearing her wedding ring.

Eve looks nice in that picture.

Wyclef cleans up nicely.

I like Sarah MG's dog.

Tigercat said...

answer to who are they in the they're multiplying photo.

the girl looks like taylor momsen from gossip girl and the guy in the boots is justin tranter, he is the lead singer of the glam rock band called semi precious weapons.

Moxie said...

Kendra had a nice rack before she inflated it, I'll never understand why anyone finds obvious fake breasts like that attractive. She looks weird.

Unknown said...

So, I guess the blinds about the guy who took a pro to an event was about Michael Phelps?

warmislandsun said...

Love Jim Parsons - he is such a cutie pie. He seems intersting too, atleast from the Craig Ferguson interviews I have seen with him.

SMG's dog is awesome - looks like a huge akita.

Kobe Bryant's wife is trying to look like Kim Kardashian? His side piece is so much prettier.

Every time I see Michael Phelp's mom I think, "It's a Chico's kind of day!"

Tori said...

I'd love to have a drink w/Zachary Quinto...among other things.Mmm mmm.

Jungle007 said...

RIP JFK Jr & Carolyn Bessette. The decade just flew by.

Xstina has gotten chunky in the face. It's better than meth-face though so good for her!

What's the deal with the Berry/Monk story? Anybody know? Or do i need to read on?

Re: Ben and Christine are totally stoned. Always.

The Demi Moore comment.....??? Again, i think i need to read the other posts from today... :P
Unless by weight of the world you mean her ginormous head.

Oh man. I hate both parts of Jon and Kate. Those poor, poor kids.

Wow. JLO's new movie looks like it's gonna be aMAZing. I can't wait to see it. It's gonna be the blcokbuster of the year. Look out, Academy Awards!
(Can you sense the sarcasm yet??)

Haha! The look on Kobe's face!! If that was my man, I wouldn't have been allowed to leave the house with him like that.

Wow, Eve is humongous! I also thought she was really short for some reason.

I LOVE Rosario. She is THE gorg.

Rain Phoenix, on the other hand..... Not so much.

I am one of the few people in the world who actually really likes Renee. Can't wait for Bridget Jones 3. :)

How far along is SMG? I am about the same size and I'm 33 weeks. 'Cept my ass got huge. :P

I agree with Ent about Wyclef. He looks great.

Nichole Fisher said...

I've always loved that picture of John and Carolyn - just a moment of unguardedness and you can see how much they loved each other. I can't believe it's been 10 years.

PJ Nelson said...

Chantelle Berry has a beautiful smile.
Yes, I would say Ben and Christine are high.
Long and Barrymore are cute together in that shot.
I would kill to go drinking with Zach Quinto :)

Unknown said...

Demi Moore looks like a bobble-head in this photo...

Luckily, Renee won't look like she's that fragile for long since she'll have to gain weight again for Bridget Jones 3. The thing is, when she's gained for those roles in the past, her body never looks heavy. It's only her face that gets really puffy. I know I've read of bulimia rumors of her in the past, I hope that she isn't bingeing and purging... So sad.

I wonder if Eve is that tall, or if the others are just really tiny. I can definitely relate if she's tall - I usually look like an amazon with my friends, lol. :)

Leah said...

Q: When was the last time you saw Christina Aguilera smiling?

A: The last time she was seen without her wedding ring on.

Leah said...

Oh Shat Not on my dollar- you beat me to it!

I thought that maybe Morgan Freeman was wearing a sock puppet because he had moved on to his great-granddaughter?

I didn't know SMG was that far along either!

Those Bryants are made for each other. Total Trash. Proving once again that money can't buy class.

I'd like to know the Chantelle Berry/Sophie Monk story too...

LOVE SETH... He's my Campbell's Soup! mmmmmm

B626 said...

Rashida Jones has nepotism written all over her and I don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Seriously wtf happened to Christina's face.


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