Friday, July 17, 2009

Madonna Pays Tribute To Her Workers

I wondered aloud yesterday if Madonna would do something other than just issue a pro-forma statement from her publicist about the deaths and injuries of the workers assembling her stage set in France. Well, last night in Italy she took a few minutes during her concert to pay them a little tribute and even cried while she was talking about it.

I think for now that is the most she can do publicly. I hope she will take them time to call the families of the victims. I know she might potentially be on the receiving end of a lawsuit because of all this but I'm hoping she still at least calls to tell the families or the injured victims that she is thinking of them.


Pookie said...

actual tears? and we thought she sucked as an actress.

eep, what's w/ the crowd...they're clapping when she says the stage collapsed.

ok, she's back to her weird accent and bad delivery. *goes back to realizing what a crap actress she is*

empyrios said...

i dunno. i don't wanna sound like a skeptical ass, but i really don't think there's a genuine bone left in Madonna.

i'm sure she feels badly, but i also think every single thing she does- especially in public- is geared toward creating the image she wants.

obviously if she didn't say something publicly, she knows the public would think she's a heinous, cold hearted bitch. this wouldn't bode well in her attempt to project the humanitarian image she wants people to believe.

i seriously doubt she'd personally call the families of these people even though that'd be the right thing to do.

jax said...

omg she is actually turning into her character from Swept Away.

empyrios said...

^^somebody actually watched that movie?!?


Sinjin said...

(*rolls eyes at her "devestation" and bad acting) Stick to what you know, Ma_Don_A, famewhoring and buying 3rd world children.

I agree with empyrios' first comment.

bionic bunny! said...

i think compensation to the families would mean a lot more.
quietly, that is.

AMD said...

Bitch still can't act.


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