Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Photos Part One

You give The Hoff a bottle of booze and a tank and you have yourself a party and the top spot.
It's kind of like Anderson Cooper is flexing. He is even flexing his forehead. Speaking of Anderson Cooper I know many of you read Michael K everyday and The Awl just posted an interview with him which is a really good read. It's nice to see Michael K getting some of the publicity he deserves.
So, a couple of nights ago I was really depressed because I watched all the episodes of the second season of The IT Crowd and can't believe they only made six of the f**kers. I love that show. Anyway, since it was on watch instantly I decided to give The House Bunny a shot. Quite possibly the worst fifteen minutes of my life. I honestly can't believe it made $1, let alone that people paid actual dollars to go see it. Anna Faris who stars in it and Adam Sandler who produced it owe the world an apology.
I didn't even recognize Adam Lambert at all. I was like who is the guy with Kris Allen. Very good disguise.
Anna Paquin looks great.
Well with all the naked photos of Christopher Atkins on the internet at least she knows what she is getting.
This was a planned flight as part of an air show in Detroit. It would still freak me the hell out.
Denzel Washington in Madrid.
Eva Mendes in Italy. I need a moment.
Or a prayer. Prayer would be good.
I will spare you the picture of Gerard Butler licking Katherine Heigl's face and just give him to you all alone.
Six adults and 3 kids. Yeah, I think they have it handled.
Entertainment Weekly got this photo from Prince Of Persia.
Jordin Sparks at Children's Hospital in Boston.
Is it wrong of me to think Katherine Heigl looks good here?
Apparently she and TR Knight are still buddies. Wait until he needs a loan.
Katie Price in Los Angeles for her third vacation away from her kids.
And some of the biggest fake eyelashes ever.
Kate Walsh looking very very tan.
Leonard Cohen - Molde, Norway
Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels in New York.
I would go with the thumbs down Marc, but you can always hope.
Apparently Vin went to the same thumb pointing school. I can't decide who looks more douchetastic doing it.
Pink and Carey Hart are still in Australia. Did they move there because it has been like a month.
Notice the woman on the beach staring intently at Raoul Bova.
This is what happens when you cut your own hair. Oh, or a half shaved eyebrow. Yes, I know this from painful experience.
Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter.
Shakira, Shakira.
The All American Rejects - New York
Another show I love. Torchwood. I just wish John Barrowman wasn't wearing Ed Hardy.
Having never been this close to a cupcake before Tori Spelling has no idea how to eat one.


Lizzy said...

I TOTALLY agree about the House Bunny. I caught a few minutes of it on TV. It was wretched. And I'm actually the type of person who is predisposed to like it (enjoyed Legally Blonde, loved Dumb and Dumber, etc.). It was COMPLETE garbage. I felt I was owed an apology by the screenwriters (except that they also wrote Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You--another of my secret, guilty pleasure favorites).

ItsJustMe said...

I love Michael K. So much.

Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed in Barrowman for wearing Ed Hardy.

The Torchwood season 3 miniseries is SOOOOOOO good. It's on BBC America Mon-Fri next week.

Thanks for Raoul, Ent.

Love LG, she needs to start commenting here again. :)

Karmen said...

Thank you for posting the Michael K interview, Enty!

leeloodallas said...

ugh - ed hardy.

didn't recognize kate walsh there at all!

looooooove raoul bova. yum!

lol - douchtastic!!! its a tough call.

lmnop123 said...

Thanks for the Anderson Cooper picture.

Heidi Klum's daughter looks too big for that stroller.

Rakesh said...

Michael K is the shit. Gotta LOVE him!

ms_wonderland said...

Oh, the IT Crowd, so good! Brit comedy at its best. And Torchwood - you are showing some fine taste today Enty!

Leonard Cohnen is so cool.

Cooper's Mom said...

What a great Michael K interview! He comes across just as you would expect - totally chilled and a really nice dude. I've been reading his site for as long as i can remember and even though it is a bit tamer it's still soooooooo addictive! Guaranteed to make you spew coffee over your monitor :)

Unknown said...

What Heidi Klum is revealing here is that celebs have multiple nannies.

I don't know why other celebs pretend they parent without help or maybe have one nanny at most.

I once read that celebs have three nannies per ONE child -- two for days and nights and at least one for weekends.

TinselSass said...

Can't Denzel afford a jacket that fits?!

Enty, thanks for another week of great commentary. Today's captions are particularly inspired.

Have a great weekend!

cageykiwi said...

Dang!! That cupcake is bigger than Tori! LOL

ardleighstreet said...

Can they arrest you for DUI in a tank?

AC looks a bit confused.

Anna P. is one lucky lady. She works with the best looking men.

Thanks for not posting Gerry licking Heigl.

I'm suprised TR still talks to Heigl.

bionic bunny! said...

LOVE the airshow pic-
for years living out here, every time there was an air show, they'd still let chuck yeager break the sound barrier (even though they're not supposed to do that in our airspace any more), just because he could! and of course, there's still the occasional orbiter landing (double booms, usually early in the morning)!
scares the holy shit out of ya every time, until you remember what it is!
and they still fly the B-2 and stealth fighter (SUPER COOL) fairly often, and pretty low to the ground.
i miss the SR-71, though.
yes, i'm a geek!

Sinjin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sinjin said...

Another reason why the House Bunny sucked ass...(*use deep scary voice) "Tater Head Willis!"

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Michael K is the best. I've been reading Dlisted since almost the beginning. He's actually gotten funnier over time.

Wil said...

I adore Michael K!! He is so saucy! I read him first and EL second.

Pink and Carey look happy .. great for them!

shakey said...

Okay - I will be the lone person to say I really liked The House Bunny. We still say each other's names in that voice she does and giggle incessantly. It does fall apart in the middle and is rather formulaic, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. First time high, second time straight.

Anna Pacquin does look lovely in that picture. Didn't recognize Kate Walsh at all.

Can't stand Shakira's voice. I think she's better suited to opera.

musesx9 said...

I loved Roselyn Sanchez's hair! Eva Mendes looks great, I'm jealous!

Unknown said...

House Bunny is so, so bad that it is good. Anna Faris is just perfect. You just need to be in the right frame of mind to let it roll over you. Same with Adam's Zohan debacle.
What a twin bill of trash. De-LISH!

Almost as De-LISH as a NEKKID Raoul B!

R. said...

Ah Leonard Cohen, just class all the way!

Nice set Ent! Thanks!

warmislandsun said...

I used to be a nanny for a wealthy (non-celeb) couple. The wife didn't work and I was full time. When I had time off, they had a crew of about five other babysitters/nannies that would fill in. It isn't just celebrities. At least both Heidi and Seal work, so there is some justification. And isn't one of those people in the photo her mom? Maybe there is one nanny, a bodyguard and some relatives.

PJ Nelson said...

That Michael K. article was wonderful... boy, do I remember when he went on vacay and the site almost melted from the comments :) He does need a day off though.
That Detroit air show foto is sick! I would have died -knowing about it or not!

Leonie said...

Pink is doing a 10 bazillion show tour in Australia. She is huge here. You literally can't go an hour without hearing one of her songs on the radio...

Leonie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yay for Jeff Daniels pics!

I also LOVE The IT Crowd!

textkitten said...

Thanks for the link to the Michael K interview! :*

GoddessNow said...

Leonard Cohen is so damn hot!

Really enjoyed the Michael K interview. And yes he can blog until he is 40-if he wants to!

mygeorgie said...

Klum's son in stroller, playing DS (or some other mind wasting apparatus). Can you imagine when his generation grows up?! Jesus, the current generation is anti-social enough. Thank God I'll be dead and gone before Klum's kids' & co. start roaming the malls.

Tania said...

The Torchwood pic was from a HMV signing event yesterday in London. I was there, but what with the bloody photographers blocking the view, then the security staff hurrying people through the line, I barely had time to notice WHAT Barrowman was wearing!

I agree, now that I get a proper look at him. Not a great shirt. But at least it wasn't that awful shiny suit he's been wearing lately on TV.. ;-)

yes, 'Children of Earth' is excellent, isn't it? Heartbreaking, but so well done. Do you think it was a good idea to make it a miniseries rather than the full thing? I do, because it was so tightly written. But some fans feel cheated.

Anonymous said...

So is the Hoff running for office or something?

AS for orange Jordan - is she looking for work as a traffic cone or something. Had she been strategically placed she might've prevented that texting girl from falling in the manhole!

Unknown said...

I also want to give chime in with another "hell yeah!" in regards to Michael K. Loved the interview, thanks.

And what's up with Ed Hardy? Every article of clothing I've seen that bears his name is f*cking atrocious. Who wears that sh*t?

RocketQueen said...

Michael K is simply an amazing writer. It prolly helps that we must be around the same age because he's constantly referencing things I thought I'd forgot about, but seriously, the boy has a knack with words. I can honestly say his site is probably the only one that makes me laugh the fuck out loud - consistently. Even more than when I read the Onion, and that's saying something.

I really dig Rihanna's hair and what she's been doing with it this past year. Took me a while, but I think it's totally rad now.

Miss(pdx) said...

ana paquin! I am waiting for my kiddies to go to bed so I can ondemand this freaking epsiode 5 of true blood.. I am going nuts!

lol @ tori and her bad cupcake skills.. I can show her a thing or two


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