Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Nine Inch Nails - Manchester
I like Amanda Bynes. I really do. But honestly, don't you think someone should tell her she wears the same thing every time she goes out?
The only safe for work pictures of Anna Friel in this month's UK Vanity Fair.
Amber Heard returning to her death look. She looks so bright and healthy in Pineapple Express, but not so much when you put her in direct light.
I will guess that Anne Hathaway does actually attempt the NY Time crossword puzzle. I also agree that she wants all of us to know she does it.
Adelitas Way - Las Vegas
Billy Crudup and Dave Annable about to play some golf. Yes, that is Dr. J in the background.
Now, I don't know about you, but if I was walking down the street playing with myself it wouldn't be very long before I found myself getting a free ride to the police station. Maybe Jay Z just keeps it there so he doesn't have to sign autographs. Maybe he likes checking to make sure it is still there and that Beyonce didn't steal his balls from him. Who knows.
I know many of you are Ben Roethlisberger fans so here he is a few weeks before the start of training camp.
Out of all the Full House child actors I would say Candace Cameron has turned out the most normal.
David Beckham is back in the US.
Jeff Gordon and his wife.
No one recognized Kate Gosselin. No one at all with that clever disguise.
Kim and Khloe Kardashian in South Africa. They are there to learn about the diamond industry which is a fairly serious topic. So, what does Kim Tweet about? The fact she had to take 3 flights to get to her final destination. Not final destination as in the movie final destination which is one of my favorite horror films, but final destination as in where she was going. I know it is hard to believe Kim that there are not non-stops set up for your convenience to every city in the world you would like to travel to, but I am sure someone is working on it. She seemed shocked she had to sit on three flights. Yeah, the world is tough place.
I know someone has to promote Vaseline, but don't you think Kate Ritchie probably went to her manager and asked, "Really? Vaseline? You couldn't find any other product for me to endorse?"
I haven't seen Leona Lewis in awhile.
From L to R. Dolce, Jesus and Madonna, Gabbana.
Because I know you never tire of Paul Rudd.
I must be getting old. Who in the hell wakes up and decides to put this on to go out? Who the hell even buys it?
Hopefully Stana Katic behaved herself last night or at least that Nathan Fillion didn't hear about it.
SpongeBob is now wax. The guy on the left does the voice of Patrick, and Tom Kenny on the right does the voice of SpongeBob.
Whitney is back.


Dasha said...

When did Paul Rudd buff up?!? What a hunky beefcake. Rawr.

amazonblue said...

Mary Kate looked decent yesterday, perhaps she gave all her clothes to Russell Brand.

Whitney looks great!

Whats the deal with the car? Some new eco-friendly SUV?

Clever disguise is right for Kate, but that red dress is seeing a lot of mileage.

empyrios said...

Whitney looks great. No more methface.

Who could EVER tire of Paul Rudd??????

shakey said...

Jay-Z needs to get that Valtrex prescription filled. Was he the one with the groupies called the Chickenheads?

Hard to believe that a plain grey dress can look so pretty. Anyone can recognize Kate by her mouth-breathing. What a fug dress she has on.

Love the look on Kate Ritchie's face - like she's about to burst out laughing. Looks like Russell stole Courtney Love's clothes. Stana - really? This would be Mischa Barton on a good day.

Dare I say this - the voice of Patrick looks hawt.

SnowCherries said...

Why, why, why does Russell Brand get so much play?! There is no logical explanation.

I love Paul Rudd!

surfer said...

I guess that's the answer to the Nathan Fillion blind!

MnGddess said...

Gee, Enty, I thought that scratching your balls comes instinctively to men....

Russell Brand is skeevy. I may have to spray disinfectant just to feel clean..

RocketQueen said...

Damn that Beckham knows how to dress.

I don't think Leona's hair works with her colouring! I think that every time I see her.

califblondy said...

JayZ's hand is barely down there. I sure hope he can't reach anything from that distance.

Whitney! HI!

David Beckham and Big Ben, yum. One guy dressed slick and the other casual and both look hot.

Russell Brand has got to lose the flip-flops. Ugh.

Syd said...

Whitney sure does look like Dionne Warwick in that picture. I hope her come back is successful.

Wil said...

Surfer .. go to the July 4th BI reveals .. it was Nathan for sure.

Russell Brand is a commedian?? Right?? Not sure but I think that is the case? Perhaps he is trying is own variation of Eddie Izzard dress??

Paul Rudd ... adorable .. but he looks like someone told him his puppy has cancer in that pic.

Anonymous said...

WTH is Stana Katic wearing?

That is an AMAZING picture of Paul Rudd. Between him and Beckham, pardon me while I put my hand in my pants.

And Madonna's Jesus is starting to grow on me.

Ice Angel said...

Whitney looks Gorgeous!!!

MontanaMarriott said...

I cannot agree more, I can see the resemblance to Dionne Warwick in the Whitney pics. I really hope she has quit the stuff.

Madonna is grinning from ear to ear with her Brasilian gigolo lol

Damn Beckham is one sexy f*ck

Poor Amanda Bynes needs a stylist, BADLY

Clair said...

"The guy on the left does the voice of Patrick" that guy was on COACH which it pains me that I know this. Bill Fagerbakke according to IMDB.

angelina said...

*gasp* Beyonce's WALKING!!!

MontanaMarriott said...

I remember him he played the dumb blonde guy on COACH, lol wow I never realized the voices are similiar wowwwww, lol

whole lotto luv said...

@Clair, yeah, and Tom in The Stand (M-O-O-N spells moon).

Billy Crudup sure got old looking.

I didn't know Beyonce actually walked anywhere. They must be walking into a restaurant, and I bet he doesn't wash his hands before eating. blecch. All that money, and no class.

Russell Brand's outfit looks like something Lohan would wear.

ItsJustMe said...

That's Kim and Kourtney, and according to Twitter, Kim lost her passport, but Reggie Bush found it.

Another good reason you need to get a Twitter account (yeah, right).

shakey said...

OMG Clair - *that's* Bill Fagerbakke?!? I didn't even recognize him!

Marna Palmer said...

Kate Ritchie should be glad she's getting paid (IF she's getting paid) to endorse anything given I have NO IDEA who she is. Anybody want to help me out?

Fish said...

I can't like Amanda Byrne - I try not to call women stupid unless they really prove they are but after I read that interview where she said she wasn't friends with other women or actresses because they were so catty, and instead she was friends with PEREZ HILTON? Every time I see a picture of her I just think "what a dumbass." If she's sucking up to Perez for the publicity like she does to the paparazzi, she should be smart enough to find a better way to say it to Cosmo. "women are too catty, so I'm friends with Perez!" Jebus.

ItsJustMe said...

Ok, nevermind, maybe that is Khloe. :p

Pookie said...

amanda bynes is an official graduate of the mariah carey schol of wearing the same thing. poor girl, she's so cute.

ewww jayz!

wow, jeff gordon is itty bitty.

eww kardashians. go away.

wow, whitney looks good!

jax said...

you guys have no idea the images i am crafting in my head about the "Dolce, Jesus, Madonna and Gabanna" picture since i cant see them from work.


Enty- Kim K actually tweeted about the cultivation of diamonds in Africa etc. i was kinda impressed, which quickly turned to depressed once i realized i gave a shit about a Kardashian.

bionic bunny! said...

@ wil:
eddie is an EXECUTIVE transvestite!!

Janelle said...

Enty, you're a lawyer...surely there is some sort of law against mentioning Nathan Fillion but not showing a picture of him??

Even if he didn't go to the event, you could just post any picture of him!

surfer said...

wil - (if you're still reading this so much later) I meant we now knew who the girl was. I should've worded it differently. But thanks.

maggiemei said...

I hate ti say this about Russel Brand, but I would hit that.

Well, I would first wrap it from head to toe in latex, and then hit it.

He has a certain something...

ardleighstreet said...

@maggiemei "He has a certain something."
Yes, thankfully they have antibiotics for most of them. ;)

Maybe Jayz is showing B. that he's ambidexterous. " Iam baby. I can do 2 things at once with each hand. One hand can rub your back and other can rub my b----"

It must be Halloween since Kate is playing Greta Garbo.

Maybe Russell woke up,rolled over, and picked up the clothes of his last night date to wear today. Although from the rips in the sweater his "date" was a bag lady.

Unknown said...

If you think Russel is a strange dresser you should check out his buddy Noel Fielding!

Karmen said...

Thank you for the Paul Rudd picture!

Emily said...

Jeff Gordan's wife looks STUNNING in that dress. Perfection.

Anonymous said...

Kate Ritchie was on a soapie here in Australia and now does radio.Those poor Kardashian women.They probably flew first class.It took me 34 hours and 3 stops to fly from Sydney to Casablanca but if you want to go anywhere you just do it.

Babs said...

I think we need to have an intervention for maggiemei! (Or at leasat a scalding hot shower with lots of disinfectant!)

@ Claire - I would NEVER have guessed that pic was of Bill Faggerbakke! Used to love Coach - watched it every week. Dauber was a great character, and he played well off Craig T. Nelson and Jerry Van Dyke.

Whitney looks gorgeous. I sure hope she can maintain the 'healthy living' and have a successful comeback. She is a huge talent, and I've missed her voice.

Anonymous said...

Whitney is back, and she gets the bottom pic? Wow, I would have made her the top photo of the day. She looks great, and hopefully she holds it together.

Maja With a J said...

It's true. I never DO tire of Paul Rudd.

I'm in Stockholm, by the way. Consider this your postcard.

leeloodallas said...

indeed! eddie izzard > russell brand. he's definitely stolen something from mary kate's wardrobe.

mooshki said...

So, you all really think NIN will never tour again? I hope not. Probably just another case of burnout, and he'll miss the shows in a few years. (Fingers crossed.)

Oops, I think you read the press release wrong: "Kim and Khloe Kardashian go to South Africa to promote themselves and pretend they give a sh*t about the diamond industry."

Stan looks horrible and that makes me happy. :)

B626 said...

Per SpongeBob:
Dauber Rules!
Hairplugs and
goatee I could
do without


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