Monday, November 23, 2009

American Music Awards Photos - Part Three

Kelly Clarkson
Keri Hilson
Kristen Bell
Lauren Sanchez
Leona Lewis
Madeline Zima
Mary J. Blige
Melissa Etheridge
Morena Baccarin
Paula Abdul


Seachica said...

Kelly has gained a lot of weight...

*flove* Leona Lewis' dress, and I usually don't like strange outfits. But this one...I want!

That was nice of Paula Abdul to offer to sweep up the red carpet.

B626 said...

Morena should've brought
Nathan Fillion with her
in a perfect world.
Yup theusually dependable
gray fade down to black
dress isn't doing it's job for Kelly
at all

chihuahuense said...

Paula is SUCH an attention whore *ugh*

Do these people not watch "what not to wear"? Why don't they get that wearing those stupid boot shoes make your legs look 6 inches long, a la Leona Lewis. Cute dress, but the shoes ruin it for me.

RocketQueen said...

I agree about Leon's shoes - too clunky. It's like her upper half doesn't match her lower half at all.

I also agree about Paula - er, bit much there, dear.

Tenley said...

I love Kelly but the boobs on that dress -- either you can see through or it's a terrible pattern that makes it look like you can see through

smooches said...

Melissa Etheridge reminds me of Beetlejuice.

Alice D Millionaire said...

Leona does NOT have the legs for those shoes. She is a pretty girl but she has some thick ankles and those shoes don't help at all.

Mary J looks awesome.

I am not going there with Kelly because everything going through my head is unkind and she seems like a cool girl.

SkittleKitty said...

I like Kelly and I don't care what size she is, but is she opposed to any and every kind of stylist (hair? clothes? makeup?)?
Come on! She could look so much better.

Anonymous said...

So Kelly Clarkson doesn't look like an upsidedown broom. If a celeb is too skinny "someone should give her a burger" but if she's not, look out.
No wonder so many girls suffer from eating disorders. She's talented, and one of the few AI's who deserves the regognition.

looserdude said...

Kristen Bell is adorable-icious.

wenx said...

Is it my tired eyes, or does Morena Baccarin's head look out of proportion (too small) for her body? Maybe it's the short hair, but every other time I've seen her she looks fine. To me this pic looks like some weird photoshop job where they took a smaller pic of her head & put it on a slightly larger body.....

Maja With a J said...

No wonder random people wanna punch Leona Lewis in the face.

That was wrong. I'm sorry.

Kristen S. said...

Kelly Clarkson would look great, no matter what her weight, if she had a STYLIST! Sheese...she just looks unkempt and frumpy.

nancer said...

i like leona lewis but she has horrible legs and should stick to pants or long dresses.

i love kelly too. she's lost some weight. she could use some help picking out clothes but she looks a lot better than she did not too long ago.

mygeorgie said...

Paula is the Zamboni of Red Carpets

lmnop123 said...

Leona has the Beyonce and Alicia Keys thick leg problem. None of these women are overweight but you wouldn't believe it when they put on short dresses.

I bet in real life it doesn't look nearly as bad it does in the pictures.

WednesdayFriday said...


Pookie said...

oh kelly, honey, nooooo.

i do that keri hilson pose when i have to pee. just sayin'.

wenx, my thoughts EXACTLY.

Sis said...

Love Kelly Clarkson and I am so glad she does not conform to the skinny bobbleheaded style and look, she keeps it real and yet people will still condemn her for how she looks, this says alot for the "hollywood, rock star, famous society" (etc).

Go Kelly and THANK YOU for keeping it real!

RJ said...

Kelly just needs more flattering clothes, and a different haircut. Her hairstyle accentuates her very round face and gives an unfortunate moon-face effect. I still stand by the statement I made several months ago: She is NOT fat. She's average. We are just accustomed to those who look more like praying mantis creatures instead of like human women. Our expectations are the problem, not Kelly's size.

shakey said...

RJ, last night I wondered what size she was. She could be a size 7, but because everyone around her disappears when they turn sideways, she seems fat to the rest of the world.

What I wouldn't give to be fat like her, lol.

Jesse D said...

Really, really, really tired of the "cross your legs and try to look young and innocent" pose. STOP IT!! Especially in thigh high boots! Especially of you're a grown ass woman! Just stop it!

I love Kelly and she's perfect.

That is all.


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