Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Michael Jackson Fans?

Some pap guy who is suing Debbie Rowe for some kind of ridiculous thing says that fans of Michael Jackson forced him off the road and threatened him with baseball bats because of the suit he had filed against Debbie. Really? I am picturing Michael Jackson fans in my head and I am having a tough time seeing how this could be related to the incident. The pap said the three people said to him to leave Debbie alone. I think it is just a guy who wants more publicity.

Does he really think people care about this lawsuit? Really? So much so they would follow him around in his car and force him off the road and walk up to him with baseball bats? Is this some kind of Debbie Rowe mafia who watches over her in memory of Michael?


whole lotto luv said...

Oh, he thinks it's not Rowe's fault, but that these guys were rabid MJ fans? I suppose there are plenty of claims in the estate, and that's where the $$ is, but this is even worse than papa Joe's finagling.

Catherine said...


mooshki said...

I don't get how anyone has the energy to be a stalker irl. I stalk celebs online, but actually tracking them down in person would be way too much work. And that goes quadruple for hangers-on of celebs like this dude.

Cheryl said...

Lol at Debbie Rowe mafia.

Judi said...

Another useless pig. Moving on.


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