Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Pierce Brosnan and his wife get the top spot today. Why? Well I think Pierce is wearing an entire velvet suit. Sure it could be the lighting or the angle but let a man dream that one day James Bond wore an all velvet suit.
According to various news sources in New York, Anderson Cooper has been looking at homes and condos to buy with his boyfriend and that his boyfriend is ready for Anderson to just come out already.

I'm not quite sure what that look is from Bill Pullman. I'm also not sure why this is all underlined but there is nothing to click.
The Rock in a suit. He looks really uncomfortable.
Deep Purple - Oslo
I love the dress but Eva Mendes has had that whole Jennifer Lopez half awake kind of look lately that really irritates me.
Emma Watson gets kissed by her boyfriend.
Then shares her cotton candy. Meanwhile the look on the face from the girl behind them says to me and only to me and I am sure is probably not true. "That Harry Potter bitch wouldn't give me an autograph and now stole my cotton candy."
Alex Rodriguez saying hello to Fergie or planning for when he and Kate Hudson split?
Randomness. Greg Kinnear and Randy Jackson.
This is last week in Universal City. Notice the huge throngs of people and how they are kept nicely away from the stage. Why couldn't they do that this weekend in New Jersey when
Justin Bieber was supposed to play.
I think the woman in the background might be screaming or crying or has just realized that Joe Jonas has lice. Really, who can say with any degree of certainty?
Katherine Heigl and her about to be one year old daughter.
What is Katie Holmes now? 40, 45?
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2

Apparently Mark & Will were filming their movie during a Knicks game.
I'm not a big fan of this Natalie Portman picture.
Lots of randomness. Rosie Perez, Brooke Shields and Tracy Morgan.
Your Australian Idol Winner is Stan Walker. Well now, I guess we know what Karen Walker's husband has been doing the past few years.
Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer. Or, we could say Jennifer Meyer and her husband Tobey. I'm good with either way.


CDAN Mod said...

which one of the jonas bros. are gay? all of 'em?

mygeorgie said...

Great reader pics!

katherine's baby's adorable. The 'mom hair' is put to good use.

jlb said...

lmao Ent. Stan Walker.

J said...

You're specifying the underlying ("< s p a n style="text-decoration: underline;" >< /s p a n >)- if you get someone to look at your code, they can remove it, or you can do it yourself

Clanger said...

Katherine Heigel's baby is absolutely gorgeous!

lutefisk said...

Love the reader photos!
Natalie Portman usually looks great---here, not so much.

Pookie said...

thx for honoring the velvet rule, enty. pierce is kinda hot there in spite of it.

lol @ bill pullman caption.

lol @ little girl behind emma's bf. that's some pissed side-eye.

who is justin bieber? such a cute little kid, but never heard of him.

SURI!!!!!!!!!! *heart melts*

yay readers! too cute.

Genesis said...

*Robot voice*
Natalie-Bot does not compute, what is smile for camera.

blog hopper said...

Whoever put those shoes with that dress on Natalie Portman needs to be fired.

Heigl's baby is adorable!!

Reader pics = countdown to reveals!!

Selock said...

What a petrifyingly bad photo of my favorite, Joe Jonas. Yuk.

Other than here, he's been looking great and performing wonderfully...better than...well...most people at the AMAs last night. :)

HudsonJoe said...


The Justin Bieber fiasco was not in New Jersey. It was in that open cesspool Long Island; more specifically it was Roosevelt Field Mall in East Garden City.

Just for any history buffs out there Roosevelt Field is where Lindbergh took off for Paris.

Maja With a J said...

LOVE the reader pics!!!

Sporky said...

Adorable reader pics!

Ziddolee said...

Is that David Letterman singing with Deep Purple? He's been busy since he was kicked out the house. Wow-first interns and now groupies.

B626 said...

Fergie and A-Rod?
I like those musical chairs.

Wish Kathy Griffin was
sitting next to Rosie
with a eensy teensy

RocketQueen said...

Natalie's shoes with that dress are all wrong.

Hurrah for Stan Walker - representin' for the Maoris!

Ms Cool said...

Great reader photos. Pierce looks smashing.

tallulah b said...

Great reader pictures!

Yay! Oslo! My home town!

Joe Jonas has really wide hips.

PJ Nelson said...

Brooke looks amazing there.

hotchacha said...

Readers! Out yourselves and your adorableness!

Bill Pullman -- yeah... that's just what his face always does.

Heigl looks like she's either auditioning for the Betty White bio pic or like she raided the wardrobe castoffs of Mrs Roper. The kid's a total cutie, however.

All these young male stars. I really don't wish them ill; I simply want to tone down their crazy dark, crazy thick eyebrows just a bit. From the Jonas Bros, to the Twilight kids, to those High School Musical ones and beyond these brows are TOO INTENSE. Does each eyebrow really need to be a big glossy-maned pony?

js said...

I am so ready for Anderson Cooper to come out! Power gays hurray!

Also, I am the first reader picture and oh my gosh, I got a whole mess of twitters alerting me to it! Thanks, Enty! Can't wait for the reveals! :D

littleoleme said...

Question - why does Anderson Cooper have to come out? Why is it any of our business who and what sex he sleeps with? Do we ask straight people to state their sexual preferences? What has his sexual preference and my knowing them got to do with anything in my life? Who gives a fuck? And I don't want to hear the "he could be an example" excuse. The only reason our society gets it's panties in a twist if someone is gay is because we make it such a huge issue. It's not. As my friend says "the only difference is what I prefer in the privacy of my bedroom". Unless everyone is willing to pony up to their sexual wants and desires then don't ask it of anyone else.

Rant over.

empyrios said...

lol @ genesis

good point littleolme :)

reader photos are awesome as usual.

chihuahuense said...

great funnyfaces readers!

the Rock has my husband's problem...looks-horrible-with-a-tie-itis....he can't help his thick neck. Good thing I don't particularly like ties.

Damn that underline!!! I ALWAYS click...even when I read it isn't clicky.

The Adventures of... said...

Is Joe Jonas on crack? Eugh, the boy is looking MINGU and chemical skinny. CRACK IS WHACK, JO JO!!


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