Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is Michael Lohan Putting All This In The Offering Plate?

Yesterday I saw that Jon Gosselin had made stupid remarks in a recording about his kids and TLC and I couldn't be bothered. The one post I wrote about Jon & Kate was enough. Well, perhaps I should have read the story a little more closely. I had no idea that Michael Lohan was the one who sold the recording to Radar. Oh yeah, of course he probably didn't sell the recording. He is selling his interview later. Whatever.

I know we are all the most cynical people on the planet. But wasn't there just this tiny sliver of hopefulness that you had that when Michael was releasing the tapes about Lindsay Lohan and Dina that he had the best interest of his daughter at heart? It wasn't much, but I thought that maybe his coal black heart had a little CZ diamond in it somewhere. I was wrong. It was all about the money. If he is recording and selling Jon Gosselin then he was recording and planning to sell his kids his ex and he might even have naked tapes of Lindsay when he really needs to put up a new wall in the church or something.

Is this how he is going to make his living? Recording people and then selling the tapes? Well, at least maybe he can afford some new mesh shirts because the black has got to be getting stale now. No, no I wouldn't give you the mesh shirt before the holidays. You get Michael as Joseph during the holidays. Who knew Joseph had leather gloves?


Pookie said...

how pissed is john gosselin right about now? :D

CDAN Mod said...

he will record the WRONG person one day, and it ain't gonna be pretty!

Merlin D. Bear said...

Joseph? I thought the picture was him in the Middle East trying to negotiate a price for Lindsay!

looserdude said...

After reading about this jerkwad for the last few months, Lindsay gets a total pass with me for anything short of manslaughter, and maybe that too, depending on who it is.

RocketQueen said...

I have to disagree with Mooshki - I can't get enough of that mesh shirt picture. It effing makes my day, every time. ;)

Yeah...selling the Gosselin tape proves this is all about the money. I'd be surprised if Lohan can get anyone on the phone soon.

Momster said...

LOL--that's the first thing that popped into my mind--he's not wearing the mesh shirt!

I found a 1983-ish pic of my hubby wearing an orange mesh shirt, I have been giving him total hell about it.

Michael is a horrible, horrible human being to his family and "friends".

sunnyside1213 said...

Guess that bromance is over.

Miss X said...

Wow, JG is a bad judge of character.

Poor, poor Lindsay.


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