Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Carly Simon gets the top spot. I don't think she has ever held the top spot here before so it is well deserved.
Alice Cooper - Manchester
Amy Winehouse and her new engagement ring. I wonder where Blaaaaaaaaaaake stole it from or if Amy had to buy it.
So who gets to keep the ball? I also think they need to have a best of season with all the winners.
Eric Dane is one step away from losing it all.
Gordon Ramsay had to carry his own books to his book singing. Or as he probably said, "I can't believe I have to f**king carry my own f**king book at my own f**king book signing. F**k it."
This is Day 2. On Day 1, Holly learned to say, "Do you want fries with that?"
Long time no see James McAvoy.
Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley out celebrating her birthday.
Kim Kardashian before diet pills
And now she has completed the transformation to bobble head doll.
Meanwhile UK coke mom is out picking up her kids at school while smoking. She is a great mom isn't she?
Only 363 days until Miley can legally strip everyday.
I give Victoria Beckham a lot of crap, but this is her at Barney's returning shoes she bought. No assistant and they are shoes she paid for. I'm stunned that she can be this normal. Granted that looks like a Louboutin box so they probably cost $1000, but it is kind of normal.
I love you Noa Tishby. I really, really do. You know that, but I really don't know about this puffy shoulder pad thing.
Claudia Schiffer did the same thing.
Meanwhile Rihanna has discovered the porcupine look. If those are real, they look like they would hurt.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
And then Robbie Williams slipped and tore his groin.
I will say Suri looks like her mom.
Spiderman opens water. Maybe.
The Specials - London
Zac Efron is not ugly. Love that suit.


Anonymous said...

God it freaks me out everytime I see Suri in looks so so wrong.

MISCH said...


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of sad that Kim K. has lost weight. She looked so cute and curvy before, now she just looks like everyone else. She made me feel good about my own curves!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of sad that Kim K. has lost weight. She looked so cute and curvy before, now she just looks like everyone else. She made me feel good about my own curves!

RocketQueen said...

Great reader pics!

I like the puffy sleeves on Claudia, not so much the other one, who should NOT wear white shoes with black pantyhose. Yech.

Miley - I've had enough of this underaged hillbilly skank.

Love McAvoy!

mooshki said...

Is it just me, or did Enty give us a couple of blind hints in there as a Thanksgiving present? :)

Jcam said...

Was going to say RocketQueen...all ther reader photos have been awesome. As they say where I come from "LOVES it!"

ItsJustMe said...

I'm reader #2 and that is my beautiful, wonderful, smart, cute, funny little sonshine. :)

Thanks, Enty!

Ms Cool said...

Beautiful reader photos with beautiful kids.

I don't know why but I find James McAvoy kind of hot. Shh. Don't tell Daniel Craig.

JustJenn said...

Beautiful reader photos... I mean beautiful!!! Gorgeous kids, gorgeous mommies!!

I am 30 yrs old and I love Zac Efron. I loved, loved, LOVED him in 17 Again. He is such a doll. I also loved him in some random Hallmark movie where he helped an old woman on her farm or something... lol.

mygeorgie said...

Ever notice our own CDaN readers are much better looking than the celebs on here?

So gorgeous & lovely, they always make me smile :)

And then there's Miley :(

Rickatoo said...

If I were Posh I'd be returning my Louboutins after JLo's "song" was released too

WednesdayFriday said...

Such Beautiful readers and babies!

Jennifer, I love Zac Efron too, and I am 24. My Mother in Law is also in love with him, and she is 58. We saw 17 again in the theater together, and we were both in awe. He's just...Dreamy!

Sporky said...

No kidding, gorgeous mommies and kids on here! NotsoAnonMom, you and your boy are adorable. ;)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Specials, thanks Enty!

I think Kim K. was cuter before she lost all the weight.

Oh boy, another picture of Skankarella...*rolling eyes*

lanasyogamama said...

Kiss kiss, hug hug everyone! Thanks for the kind words, I'm Reader #1. And I think my little darling is cuter than Suri. There, I said it, but I am biased. :)

I kind of feel bad for Christian Loubouton (I'm sure I spelled that wrong.) He hates that because of Sex and the City he is a household name, he just wanted to make nice shoes, not be a horrible JLo song.

Genesis said...

He should come out with a shoe dedicated to her and have it be tackiest thing he's ever made, maybe thatll teach her and celebs to try and be cheeky

Sinjin said...

IT'S SKANKARELLA!! lols. So she's finally dressing appropriate to what we all know she is. Hoor.

Agreeing w/ the first poster: Suri in heels is wrong. This is not the 17 or 18th century where you dress children like tiny adults.

Pookie said...

awww...i LOVE carly nice to be stuck on her songs the rest of the day.

why is amy winhouse channeling ll col j?

gorgeous readers w/ cutie pie wee ones! *melts*

my SURI!!!!!!!!! my day is complete now. lovelovelove. *melts AGAIN*

Amit! said...

It probably isn't, but Kim K's pic there looks a wee bit photoshopped.

I preferred her old body better.

Also...Zac Efron is starting to get seriously cute. And until recently, I've not been able to stand the man-boy.

littleoleme said...

"I love you Noa Tishby. I really, really do. You know that, but I really don't know about this puffy shoulder pad thing."

I should think we would all be more concerned about her black hose and white shoes. Dear Lord!

whole lotto luv said...

I'm sure Amy bought the ring. She must have a boatload of cash, what with all the vacations, plastic surgery...well, scratch that, because the boobs look second or third rate.

I can't say why, but I find McAvoy very, very attractive.

You know what's funny? I don't remember if KH's last name is pronounced "Haygull" or "HIgull" or some other way,

I agree with the others who have said the readers and their little ones are more beautiful than the celebrities. AND y'all have better photographers, readers.

I remember when shoulder pads used to be in all women's clothing, and I used to tear them out. I hate them with a passion.

I don't know how Enty knows what Pookie looks like, but I'm still thinking Hartnett for the daddy.

Is Efron in that movie with Claire Danes? I saw a clip of that, and sorry to all of those crushing on him, but his "acting" made my teeth hurt.

LottaColada said...

Kim defff. was not even fat in the 1st pic. Now she looks like any starved hollywood face.

Miley's parents can't wait til she's 18 so everyone stops blaming them for her skankiness

James McAvoy mmmmmmm!

even Rihanna's shoes have spikes!

Suri in heals scares me... alot!

Missjenny619 said...


That is HILARIOUS!! You are soo right about Posh returning the Louboutins after hearing J-Lo's new song. If I had Louboutins, I would trade them in as well. J-Lo totally cheapened the brand. Anyone who wears them now should be teased.

There's already several websites where you can buy knock-offs for $150. I bet we'll see ghetto tramps walking around with red-soled shoes... Bet!

Btw, they'll be a shortage of red paint at Home Depot soon... Maybe people will just start painting the bottoms of their shoes red. Geesh.

Diana said...

I'm 45, have to admit I to enjoy ZE and am rooting for him. And, maybe I drank the koolaid but I do like Miley. She's just had a lot heaped on way early. Her handlers are doing most of her pr work - so if there is pr mishap she really can't be blamed. Imagine yourself at her age. Many benefits but what a price. Imagine your first (or second, or third, or whatever mistake you made) being not only public (say, in your school - drama) but worldwide news ???

Anyway, I hope these young new stars will look at the missteps of the Britneys et al and learn.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

I agree with everyone..the reader's photos are so awesome....cute little ones and their Mom's...I melt at the sight (my little one is 7 years old)

When will white shoes and black tights EVER be in?? Time for a new

Elizabeth Peregrina said...

Beautiful pics Readers!!!

Love alice cooper on crutch..ha ha.

amy wino is lost poor least it looks like she's wearing decent shoes.

kim k has lost her mind as well as her curves! it def. is more than those pills.

miley is headed to having her own sex tape before she's legal...and that will be her present to her parents.

am not digging the padded shoulders...pouf be gone!

suri in high that some kind of zenu rule???

Anonymous said...

What is UK Coke mom's real name? I don't recognize her.

Anonymous said...

James McAvoy is a very sexy guy AND a good actor.

double whammy! so rare in hollywood....

i can't take Tobey Maguire seriously as an actor. he's just not believable and is always dorky.

Rhianna's an idiot. can't stand her.

Victoria Beckham puts herself off as someone totally different than who she really is methinks....

Miley's an idiot AND a whore.

wow, i'm on a hatefest today. not very thanksgiving-y but so be it! lots of tools in the random photo shed today :P

save ferris said...

oh james mcavoy...i will succumb to seeing Wanted 2 just because you are in it...

Anonymous said...

Tricks to looking thinner than you really are...take a picture from above rather than at eye length. Over tan and use a little make up to define what should be your abs. Stand with one leg placed carefully in front of the other. It makes your front leg look thinner and hides the chunky part of your thighs while making your hips look smaller.

chihuahuense said...

Carrot Top kind of resembles Carly Simon. I think Carly is a wee bit cuter though. And def less muscles.

I'm with Pookie, wtf Amy looks like LL Cool J with a big head. And speaking of LL, I really thought that his face was just a bad picture, but I caught a glimpse of him on tv, and holy shit. He needs a better surgeon, he kind of looks like an alien now. Freaky face.

Oh, and speaking of bad plastic surgery, Donnie and Marie look like shit. And does ANYONE look at them and not want to barf? I seriously have straight up gag reflex when I see them. Abviously someone likes them, but those people should be slapped. I can't stand the fakery fuckery.

Gordon Ramsey reminds me of an old boss when I was in college. We worked in a restaurant and we all cussed like sailors--including him. One day he came back into the kitchen on a busy night and said "ATTENTION!!! I'm tired of all of the fuckin' cussing! No more fuckin' cussing!" We all just laughed at him because he cussed so much that he didn't even realize he was saying 'fuckin'

You're right about all the tools in the photo shed...I'm scrolling, tool, tool, tool, pretty mommy pictures, tool, tool, baby tool in heels, tool, tool.

Man, I am bitchy or somethin?

Sinjin said...

OMG, lol @ "baby tool in heels"

Anonymous said...

I can't stand when people say "methinks" or incorrectly say "I could care less" or the over used "that being said," "with that said" or come to CDAN saying things only MK can make funny. None of it works so stop.

mooshki said...

Aww, c'mon, Anon 12:17, not all of us can be as cool as you!

Anonymous said...

really Anon 12:17?? REALLY??

cuz i can't stand people who people who come here and judge other's use of terminology.

oh the irony....or did i use that word wrong as well?

bite. me.

Anon12:17sucks. said...

who the fuck is MK????

empyrios said...

@ Mooshki:

I just checked out your blog for the first time

It's filling the void of Enty being MIA today so thanks!

good stuff ;)

Anonymous said...

God, PLEEEEEEEEEASE tell me what Mooshki's blog is. Or any other captivating blog for that matter. I've done the Thanksgiving thing and I'm looking for distractions.

sunnyside1213 said...

Mooshki has a blog. Where can I find that?

And Anon 12:17, so classy to critize without an identity.l

empyrios said...

i just clicked on her name and it goes to the profile. scroll down to "my blogs" and you'll find the link. it's a great name for a blog too, lol.

like enty, she also links to other blogs that are fun too

shakey said...

I don't get the Amy Winehouse looking like LL Cool J thing. *Please* don't tell me he messed with his face!

I, too, would like to know the name of UK Coke Mom.

Beautiful readers, beautiful kids.

Everyone buy a lottery ticket - SURI IS WEARING A COAT!!!!

chihuahuense said...

Re: LL Amy Wine J

she's wearing her sweatpants with one leg up to the knee, a la LL circa early 90s (?) Maybe earlier than that...anyway, that is kind of a trademark of his.

And yes, he did something to his face....can't put my finger on it (mini-lift?) but it is NOT.CUTE.

ellapetal said...

Hey guys!! Happy Post-Thanksgiving.

Kerry Katona is UK Coke Mom, btdubs.

We have smart, witty, beautiful readers with VERY beautiful families and I am honored to be among you. :-) I can't wait for more pictures! I'm too chicken myself, but it is totally my favorite time of the year!


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