Monday, November 23, 2009

Ashley Greene Is Honest About Weight Loss

You have to love an actress who is honest when it comes to how she lost weight regardless of the fact that her publicist is standing next to her and pleading for her to give a different answer.

Ashley Greene was in Naperville, Illinois over the weekend for their Festival of Lights and a reporter working for US Weekly caught up with her and asked her how Ashley got fit for New Moon. First of all doesn't that seem like the biggest suck up question of all time? I bet they asked so they could make some kind of cover story about her diet and exercise and how she lost weight and try and sell a million copies. You know the Twilight diet or something.

Instead what they got was this. "It was really easy. We were working 12 hours a day, so it didn't leave too much time to eat."

At that point her publicist nudged her in the ribs but Ashley didn't care and didn't correct her answer. I would much rather hear an actress say what she said than have some kind of crap story about how they eat healthy and exercise but still don't give up the occasional indulgence. It is like reading advice from a doctor. So congratulations Ashley for telling the truth.


Linnea said...

...but that sounds like a perfect example of a twilight diet to me!

GladysKravitz said...

Diet and Pilates. That's how everyone loses weight, isn't it?
THANK YOU Ashley Greene.

Patty said...

My favorite response is from the Hollywood moms who say they keep the weight off by chasing their toddlers around. Yeah, right.

holyrollernova said...

yeah definitely would respect people i hollywood more if they were just honest.

case and point - if lindsay lohan would quit lying to everyone about the drugs/drinking/eat disorder i would have a lot more respect and sympathy. just come out and say what everyone knows! 'yeah, i drink. yep do cocaine too. oh and i dont eat.'

yeah, that will happen when hell freezes over.

Amit! said...

Wow. I really like Ashley Greene for this. I just hope she doesn't pull a 180 and give us some crappy answer later to make up for it.

jax said...

am i missing something did she have a baby or something? why did she have to lose weight, she's always thin,no?

Maja With a J said...

In Hollywood, noone is ever thin enough...*L*

Pookie said...

production takes its toll...those 12-15 hour days can really make you drop weight. how refreshing and how candid to read that.

Jen Peterson said...

Not that it's all that relevant but the Festival of Lights was in Chicago (on Michigan Avenue where Oprah shot her season opener) NOT Naperville (which is about 45 minutes outside of Chicago). She was in town for two events - New Moon screening in Naperville and Festival of Lights in Chicago.


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