Monday, November 23, 2009

American Music Awards Photos - Part Four

Pete Wentz
Phoebe Price (she owes her entire career to Michael K)
Reba McEntire
Rihanna ( I have to say that I don't hate this)
Samantha Drake
Selena Gomez
Snoop Dogg & Shante
Sofia Vergara
Toni Braxton


Ice Angel said...

Tbanks for putting Demi's bestie Salena in the pics today. Another dress choice I really don't care for, but I just love Salena. She has excellent comedic timing. Funny girl and very likeable. I sure hope these two stay sweet. I'd hate to see 2 Barney kids grow up to be like La Lohan. Keep it up girls and stay on the right path.

Ice Angel said...

I'm not sure who Sophia Vergara is...but WOW!!!!!!!

lmnop123 said...

I love Rihanna's dress.

I also like Shakira's dress but I did not like her performance.

Sporky said...

Rihanna's dress was...interesting...different, at least. Sorry but I was reminded of scrapbooking when I first glanced at it.

And Pete Wentz really is channeling Jeremy Piven more and more these days...

Toni Braxton looks great!

Kelli said...

Every single time they showed Reba last night I kept thinking about that digital short on SNL.

kris said...

LOVE Ri's dress!!!!

lilbitsolo said...

I would totally go gay for Sophia Vergara (as long as she kept her comments to herself)

RiRis dress..I think I learned to make those little cutouts in arts and crafts.

I love little Selena Gomez, she is a cutie I don't mind my daughter watching...

Ms Cool said...

Isabel - Me, too.

Theresa said...

Reba looks HOT! =)

mygeorgie said...

Ice Angel; Sophia is on 'Modern Family". She plays Ed O'Neill's wife. She's freaking gorgeous & very funny.

You should check out the show. It's bloody hillarious.

RocketQueen said...

mygeorgie beat me to it - Modern Family and Glee are my favourite new shows this season.

I like Rihanna's dress and was sorry to miss her performance-thoughts anyone?

lmnop123 said...


You can see Rihanna's performance on Youtube. I didn't like it at all but go look at the video and then come back and give us your opinion.

Pookie said...

great to see sophia getting general market attn. now keep your mouth shut, honey.

go reba!

loved rhianna's marchesa.

lol @ chicken cutlets.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

lilbitsolo said...
I would totally go gay for Sophia Vergara

Me, too. She's an architectural wonder, and she's *hysterical* on Modern Family.

sassyfrassy said...

I really thought Pete was Jeremy Pivin..

chihuahuense said...

yes, wentz looks like the darth vadar piven in that get up.

and I'm sorry, but I don't want to see Reba's old cameltoe. Pants on please.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pete Wentz,

Hey dude, I have been in love with you for the last five years or so.

What happened?

I used to feel like I had a shot with you if I lost 20lbs. I felt like you wouldn't like me if I was over 95lbs. Even though I'm your height.

Seriously. Stay with me here.

Then I felt I didn't have the right taste in music. I saw your journal on friendsorenemies saying get the nfg album. So I did. I saw them when they came to London and even hooked up with someone involved with one of the support acts. I even started a relationship with Panic! at the Disco - and now I'm not sure if I like them because Ryan left.

Last summer (06) I wrote you a book. Like The Notebook, I wrote to you every day. I sent it to you, I don't know what happened to it. I have photos so I can prove it.

Then you got with Ashlee.

I don't dislike Ashlee at all. As a singer, I have laughed at her a bit but I don't hate her. And I'm glad you're happy.

If I fly to America and bump into you, totally by accident, I don't expect you to elbow me out of the way.

Ignore me... fine. I've experienced worse from better people.



mygeorgie said...

Kim: Too goddamn funny!

Anonymous said...

mygeorgie, it'd be funnier if it wasn't true :(

mygeorgie said...

Kim/Stan: Giver!

Anonymous said...

oh no. not at all now. if he cared, i'd say it to him personally.


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