Friday, November 27, 2009

People Magazine Hits A New Low

I don't know what Kneepads Magazine owed the Lohan family but whatever it was it must have been huge. They interviewed Dina Lohan and I have never seen such crap journalism. If you were a reporter and you had the chance to ask Dina Lohan questions what would you ask her? Well, keep that in mind as you see what Kneepads asked her. Oh, and the picture above is one they used. Pre lip injections and during a stage where she was not coked out of her mind.

People - What do you have Lindsay doing in the kitchen this Thanksgiving?
Dina - "Lindsay is making the garlic mashed potatoes. They are amazing!"

(If she is doing anything amazing she must spike them with something)

People - How is Lindsay doing?
Dina - "Lindsay is doing great right now. She's happy and very busy working. She works a lot and so we're excited to have her home for Thanksgiving."

(How does she find the time to work between her stealing and clubbing and drugging? Is it hard for her to organize? Is there a time management system you prefer?)

People - What are you and your other kids doing in the kitchen to help?
Dina - "Ali is doing the stuffing and I'm doing the turkey and making sure nothing burns."

(Ali is now her only other child apparently.)

People - Do you have any special traditions?
Dina - "We go around the table and say what we are thankful for. I grew up with it and it's just a Thanksgiving tradition we have going on at our house that we grabbed onto … We are so blessed and it's important to share what we are thankful for, and not to take things for granted."

Like kiss ass magazines and drug dealers that give discounts. This is the biggest piece of crap I have read in awhile. People should be ashamed.


Kat said...

I wholeheartedly agree. I'd be pretty ashamed if I'd spent 4 years getting a degree in journalism (which, funnily enough, I did) only to wind up working for Kneepads Magazine. I don't get what they get out of constantly kissing the Lohan's asses. It's not like they're actually newsworthy anymore - if they ever were. At this point their shenanigans have devolved into some sort of lurid soap opera.

austinrob said...

I doubt anyone is that stupid to believe anything being said by a Lohan.
Well, everyone except People magazine.

austinrob said...
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sunnyside1213 said...

Well, garlic mashed potatoes. Amazing.

Bubulle said...

What do you expect ? It's just people mag being People mag. They always kiss celebs' ass. Nothing unusual here really.

West End Girl said...

Good picture of LiLo, which just makes the People article all that more sad.

Momster said...

This gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, like a Norman Rockwell painting.

Dina and Kneepads created a nice fantasy there.

lutefisk said...

The other 2 kids weren't invited?
Guess she couldn't make a buck off of them.

Sinjin said...

Wasn't her house on the very brink of being auctioned off because she didn't pay her mortgage? Does anyone know if that went through?

shakey said...

So Lindsay's opening up a box of Betty Crocker mashed potatoes. Whoop de doo. I highly doubt these people cook.

I wonder if their special tradition is really spreading the coke on the table in the shape of a turkey. Nice to know she watches Dexter, though.

RocketQueen said...

Lol at "Shes...very busy working. She works a lot..." Me thinks thou doth protest too much, you pathetic excuse for a mother.

lanasyogamama said...

Maybe they still think she could have a comeback, a la Britney?

Pookie said... least she spent it w/ her less instance of clubbing and drugging.

lutefisk said...

Pookie--she probably went clubbing & drugging with her mother & sister afterwards.

Merlin D. Bear said...

What a self serving load of bullshit.
I'm particularly struck by this line:
People - How is Lindsay doing?
Dina - "Lindsay is doing great right now. She's happy and very busy working. She works a lot and so we're excited to have her home for Thanksgiving."

Lindsay? Busy working? Works a lot? Since when?
Oh wait, I think I get it...she's started a new career as a thief since she's mastered that career as a waste of space.

Happy? Only if you call being (apparently)baked out of your mind "happy". Let those drugs wear off and we'll see just what "happy" means.

Nothing like a cheery Norman Rockwell fantasy to sell magazines...however in this case, it's probably more like a Norman Bates fantasy.

And as for the reason the son isn't mentioned, apparently he has no dollar value for either Dina or Michael. So he's their "Meg" - (for those of you who don't get the reference, see "Family Guy")

I just hope in a few years, he's the one who does the tell all book.

Judi said...

LL bought the potatoes.

empyrios said...

i so don't get why every couple of weeks Kneepads has a "new low".

why can't we just call it their "LATEST low". that would make more sense ;)

Lioness70 said...

I'm ashamed to admit that until recently, I had a subscription to this magazine.

I've been on CDAN for a year now, and I found it hard to read that magazine after I read the stories here. Y'see, I'm kind of cynical, and I'm more inclined to believe that the TomKat marriage is an arranged sham than the crap I read in Kneepads last week about how everything is coming up roses. Yuck.

You'll be happy to know I got tired of throwing away my money. I canceled the stupid subscription. So now I'll be able to keep my lunch down instead of losing it while reading THIS.

No shame, no class, no brains. Way to go, People.

Leah said...

I would imagine the older son Michael (I think) to be not involved by choice and therefore not at Thanksgiving. The younger one Cody? Dakota ? Both those names? to be still stuck there because he's too young to get out. Or perhaps he's living with relatives. The focus certainly seems to be on the girls in the family- basically because they can "sell" their sexuality.
The Lohan's are terrible.


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