Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today, although there would be no shame at all in having Sebastian Junger taking the top spot.
Sharon Stone covered
and uncovered.
Tim Burton at the art show about Tim Burton's works.
So, when Tom Cruise starts doing the press run for this movie he stars in with Cameron Diaz and he starts talking about how he did all of his own stunts, take a look back at this picture.
Twilight time. Kristen Stewart and a lot of fans getting pictures of her back.
Ashley Greene looks very nice.
Dakota Fanning looks nice as well.
I actually like Nikki Reed, but this looks like she is rushing off to do a dinner theatre version of Peter Pan.
Kellan Lutz who was denied admittance into the after party.
Some guy named Robert Pattinson.
The fans in the back look much more excited than the ones up close.
I wonder if anyone was asking who the old guy was trying to look like Andrew Dice Clay and his girlfriend. You know. The one who did all those summer movies.
Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli sharing a moment.
The woman who started it all. Stephenie Meyer.
A great picture of Joan Jett. (Does this mean that you went CLB and didn't call me? I will call your mother.)
Viggo Mortensen last night.
Viggo at 6 this morning. Same suit different shirt?


RocketQueen said...

Ashley Green in that dress looks like...a vampire.

Oooh - someone spill why Kellan Lutz didn't get into the after-party?!

That's an...interesting hairdo on Jennie Garth - channeling Rihanna?

sunnyside1213 said...

The security was so tight at the after-party, he wasn't recognized.

Viggo's suit is obviously not the same in those two pictures.

Anonymous said...

Re Viggo: that's not the same suit. See different pattern and buttons

I love Sharon Stone's weird dress, but without the gloves, go figure...

And is it me, or do fans usually look MUCH happier standing behind their idols than that bunch behind K. Stewart?

MontanaMarriott said...

Damn Sharon Stone looks like the Joker with that grin, lol. She's got that face pulled too tight!

Are we on the we like Dakota bandwagon Enty? I thought we were supposed to hate her because she made those poor terminally ill kids feel bad and would not shave her hair for My Sister's Keeper?

ent lawyer said...


She is on double secret probation for the terminally ill situation. She has been well behaved for the past year though and so I am being a little nicer.

Cheryl said...

Hello Viggo!

MontanaMarriott said...

Muchas gracias Enty!

FrenchGirl said...

i dislike vampires,i like ZOMBIESSSsss!

nunaurbiz said...

What's wrong with Elton??? I saw pic of him not too long ago and he was his usual jolly self. Looks like he lost 50 pounds and not the good way!!!!

Thanks for the Viggo photos. I told him to bring an extra suit so it wouldn't be obvious doing the Walk of Shame leaving my hotel the next morning. Hahahaha. I wish!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline said...

Isn't Stephanie Meyer Mormon? That's a heck of a lot more cleavage than is LDS-approved.

Patti said...

Does it seem like Jennie's pulling
back from the hubby's kiss?
Viggo is looking good!

califblondy said...

nunaurbiz, Elton just got out of the hospital. He caught e-coli and/or the flu. Elton had to cancel concert dates, but now that he's out, his concert partner - Billie Joel cancelled due to undisclosed illness. Hmmmm?

blog hopper said...

I thought Jennie Garth was Pink!

And someone get Stephenie Meyer a new stylist. That ensemble is disgraceful.

Thanks for the Rob Pattinson pic Enty!

Pookie said...

oh sharon, honey. pls. NO.

jenny garth is so cute...why would she do that to her hair?!

stephanie myer, pls burn that dress, stat.

joan jett looks fabulous!

R. said...

Agreed blog hopper, S.Meyer looks dreadful.

J.Love appears to be wearing one of Mariah Carey's "dresses".

Viggo clearly wearing double breasted in 1st pic and single in 2nd; love him, but the suits could fit a little better imo.

figgy said...

@Caroline, that's exactly what I thought too! hee hee Hard to hide the Mormon "garments" underneath that dress. See: http://www.religionfacts.com/mormonism/images/mormon-temple-garments.jpg

I don't get the picture about Tom Cruise doing all his stunts...?

Taylor said...

you should see how Jennie Garth wore her hair for her wedding if you think it looked bad last night:


ItsJustMe said...

As long as the arms are covered, I don't think the Mormons will be smote to hell for showing some boobage. Avoid showing arms at all cost!

I have to say despite her bad reputation for the terminally ill story, Dakota is "aging" so well. She's lovely.

Sporky said...

Stephanie looks REALLY uncomfortable. Literally and figuratively.

Yeah, Jennie Garth's hair looks ass...not sure why she did that. But I love her husband!

I have to say, I actually think Sharon looks pretty damned good! And I can't stand her.

And Dakota honey, please don't make posing like that a trend. Only celebutards like Parisite Hilton do that "I'm so coy but I really have to pee and/or keep the crabs from escaping" pose.

mygeorgie said...

I am in the minority 'cause I love Crazy Sharon's style, Jennie Garth looks awesome & Dakota fanning always looks like she is 2 days into the flu.

Tom Cruise pic: are those stunt doubles in there? Cam looks bigger there.

Pookie said...

Taylor: EEEEEEEEEEK! i can see the high ponytail for everyday (i do it all the time)...but for a wedding?!?! nooooo.

still looks better than that monstrosity from last night.

Melody the First said...

Stephanie Meyer started her cult of personality maybe. But the vampire YA meme (in fact, the whole Twilight idea) came from my old friend Lisa Smith. Her Vampire Diaries is on CW (plug, plug).

Momster said...

The Dice's date looks kinda like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I remember Cruise saying he did all of his stunts for the Mission Impossible movies. Not sure if he did or not. I'd think for insurance reasons most stars wouldn't be allowed to try them.

c17 said...

So the author of the Twilight books is a fat goth chick. WHY does this not surprise me? Feh.

Melody the First said...

Why does the idea of the author of the Twilight books being a "fat goth chick" merit a "feh"?

Linnea said...

sm looks so different in that pic -i thought she was some kind of stay at home mum, very religious...

Babs said...

@ c17 - Not into the whole Twilight thing, so I have no stake here, per se, but... Do we say Stephen King is a 'fat ugly white dude'? Do we say Cormac McCarthy is a 'skinny assed old man'? Then why is it necessary to point out her body at all? (Getting tired of all the hate on us fat chicks.)

JoElla said...

WHAT??!!??!! Tom doesn't do his own stunts???


*take note of the cheeky monkey!*

Unknown said...

NotSoAnonMom said... "Avoid showing arms at all cost!" = not even remotely accurate.

shakey said...

Holy shit, Jamie Kennedy has aged! Is JLH sucking the life out of him?

So Stephanie Meyers is Mormon. Is she allowed to write shit like Twilight without getting kicked out?

Ent, does your comment on Joan Jett's picture mean she's a reader? Hi Joan!


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