Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Bachelor

Suddenly I feel like an ABC pimp. I do. First Dancing With The Stars and now The Bachelor. I guess it is actually more of a Disney shill rather than ABC. I wonder if this is how dirty everyone would feel if they signed up for a High School Musical 4. Seriously. You know it is coming. Tell me what any of them have been doing. Zac Efron did that Orson Welles thing, passed on Footloose and is taking meetings. Vannesa Hudgens is having to get naked to get parts and Ashley Tisdale, well, I can't decide if she is an actress or singer and if I can't decide then it means you probably can't decide and that she isn't very good at either. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, The Bachelor. Jake Pavelka picked Vienna over Tenley (above). On Good Morning America this morning Jake is still trying to convince himself that Vienna is a great girl and that we will all love her once we find out who she is. Uh huh. Everything the dufus said in the beginning about what he was looking for kind of went into the toilet didn't it? He went with the trashy one. Well, it is his life and he can do what he wants. I just wish he wasn't going to be sitting there every week on DWTS with her in the audience cheering him on. I can't wait until after about the second week when she grows tired of it and decides to miss a week and then another and Jake will have to make up some lie about where she is and how everything is great. Break up by the end of DWTS? I say yes.


jess said...

Do they really think that they can find love in a reality show?

Ms Cool said...

I don't give a lick about the Bachelor. Just wanted to comment on Zac Efron. I think he is dreamy. Oh crap. That makes me some type of leopard-cougar.

Also, I love Ashley Tisdale as Candace on Phineas and Ferb.

califblondy said...

How 'bout Jeffrey Osborne singing "On The Wings of Love" last night? Ya, cheesey as hell, but damn he sounded great.

I seriously doubt if Jake's Mama and two sisters-in-law ever let Vienna in the family.

MnGddess said...

Jake is the biggest limp noodle on the planet. I read everything on realitysteve.com and never watched The Bachelor again.

HannahPalindrome said...

Tenley was ANNOYING!
The girl needs a therapist!
She is not ready for a relationship.
She needs to work on herself.
Too sugary...too much crying over her ex.

Thank god it's over

Goodgrief said...

I liked Tenley over Vienna and that is not saying much. I don't think Tenley was ready for another marriage so soon after her nasty divorce. Maybe in a year or so but not now. Vienna seems like a tramp. Not the kind of girl you take home to meet the family. It kind of reminds me of Michael Phelps taking his stripper girlfriend home to meet his mom. There are some women you just don't go there with. You have your fun with and then dump them when you are ready to settle down. Not sure how I feel about Ali being the new bachelorette either. Maybe in time Tenley and Jake will get together. I really don't think Jake and Vienna will make it down the aisle. Once they settle back into obscurity and the money runs out and the limelight dies down she will dump him. Or else he will come to his senses and dump her.While I was disappointed by the outcome, I can't say I was surprised.

shakey said...

wtf was his last comment? "I wanted it [his heart] to fall for Tenley, but I fell for Vienna." Is it me, or does that sound a little harsh?

Meg said...

@shakey - I think he meant to say "I wanted it [my penis] to fall for Tenley, but I fell for Vienna." :)
He is actually the first Bachelor that seemed to come close and admit that he wasn't sure about the physical attraction with her.

I've been singing "On the Wings of Loooove" all day long. #iblamechrisharrison

R. said...

Holy Cow that picture is scarily touched up! O_o


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