Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Jermaine Sellers and Tim Urban getting their makeup done prior to American Idol last night.
John Travolta coming out of a restaurant after dinner with a friend. Usually I unbutton the top of my pants after a meal, but hey, I don't judge.
Kelly Osbourne and her new hair color. She says it is lavender.
It kind of looks silver to me.
Katy Perry in London and her Union Jack fingernail polish.
Katie Price leaving London to descend on Los Angeles again.
LeBron James, Jay-Z and Juan Perez last night after Jay-Z's show.
Matt Damon has definitely rid himself of the mustache. The only question is whether there was no tp in the bathroom, he needs to adjust, or is leading the press in a game of Simon Says.
Megan Fox in Harper's Bazaar. She says she has only had sex with two guys in her life. You know what? I believe her.
Some LOST love for Maggie Grace.
Whatever kind of love she wants for Milla Jovovich.
It's too bad I used that last line with Milla, because Mila Kunis falls into the same category.


RocketQueen said...

Mila is too skinny, now :(

Interesting that you believe Megan, Enty. I guess that means all the blinds about an actress sleeping with her director weren't about her and Michael Bay? I read her interview, the most mature stuff I've ever heard her say. Nice for a change.

Now Katie Price. There is a woman who is truly hideous inside and out.

I'll wait for someone else to make the obligatory joke about why Travolta's fly was open.

Maja With a J said...

Kelly Osbourne. I know she has lost a fair bit of weight recently, and I think she looks great, but did she also have some work done to her face? Like a nose job or something? Something is just very different and it's not just weight loss.

Pookie said...

teehee @ jt's open fly.

my grammy has the same exact color hair as kelly o. almost same hairstyle too.

love you milla, but wth are you wearing? =O

mila k. looks stunning! go her.

lutefisk said...

Kelly looks fabulous. Like Harriet, I think it is moe than the hair.

Linnea said...

I know Harriet, I almost didnt recognize her! She looks totally different.

looserdude said...

re: Megan Fox. Kids today don't consider oral sex to be "sex". Don't know. Just saying.

figgy said...

I don't believe Megan Fox has only slept with 2 men. Maybe she forgot some zeros on the end...?

jess said...

I saw Kelly's new haircolor in another site and It didn't look bad
-Katie Price = tacky
-Milla looks so good and I think Mila Kunis is getting too skinny

WednesdayFriday said...

Mila Kunis is my lesbian love fantasy. I would leave my husband in a heartbeat. Is that wrong?

Elle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elle said...

re Megan: What about the Russian stripper roommate she had lady sex with? Or was that just a fantasy she talked about? Seems to me like someone's handlers have decided to change her image and she has been sat down in a boardroom and told to stop playing 'Jolie Slut' and perhaps emulate a little bit of 'Reese Priss'.

Poor girl. She has no identity of her own - she is completely molded and shaped (from the outside in) and she is just playing a bit part in her own life.

Tenley said...

Is Matt Damon morphing into Mark Wahlberg? The last few photos I've seen of him I actually thought it was MW at first.

Shmooey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shmooey said...

@John: Jolie has actually done the same thing, only for her it was 4.

Unknown said...

I like Mila Kunis. She seems very nice.

shakey said...

I'm constantly telling my husband to zip up his fly. It comes down on its own.

Unknown said...

How do I know if that's Katy, I can't see her boobs! Does she have any other talent?

mooshki said...

Why Enty, are you suggesting that Travolta's meal had a happy ending?

I like that color on Kelly better than the blond. It was too generic for her.

I've had a huge girl crush on Mila since 'Sarah Marshall.'

Mango said...

Kelly Osbourne now has arched brows and her face isn't nearly as round as it used to be.

Megan Fox's pants are on fire. In more ways than one.

Love the top of Mila K's outfit, but the skirt looks weird.

(R)ed said...

re: John. Russian Stripper.

She said that she's only slept with 2 MEN in her life.

Either Enty is hinting that she doesn't consider Oral Sex, Sex.
Or she isn't sleeping with MEN.


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