Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Honestly the Olsen twins look pretty good here. And remarkably identical. It's weird. When one of them breaks up with a boyfriend they tend to start looking the same again. It looks like they even got their hair colored the same day.
Congratulations to Michael Musto on 25 years at The Village Voice. It is ok Michael to publish your blind items when you get them. No need to wait until you get 25 to publish them.
Some randomness. Michelle Trachtenberg, Kerry Washington and Robin Thicke.
Noisettes - Manchester
I may die. The Princess is wearing velvet.
I may die Part 2. Apparently this was a party in LA last night. Oh I want to go back in time.
It probably would do Ryan Eggold some good to go to that cake party. He could stand to put on a couple of pounds.
I really don't know what Rose McGowan was thinking here. Is she even really famous anymore?
Do you get the feeling that Robert Pattinson is telling the truth when he says he doesn't shower much.
Shannon Kane and Richard Gere sharing a laugh together.
Simon Le Bon filming a video in Tokyo.
A first time appearance for Wass Stevens.


allisonshine said...

OMG The Noisettes. You made my day.

angelina said...

Mmmm, I see candied apples at that party!!!!

Is Homewrecker McGowan still with Robert Rodriguez?

Robert Pattison:I don't get it

Pookie said...

kerry washington has a great smile.

that banana on the head thing is freaking me out.

enty, velvet jackets are supposed to get top're breaking the rules here.

wow...glamour don't of the day, presenting rose mcgowan.

RocketQueen said...

Whoa - Simon Le Bon's face! That's the first time in...EVER that I've thought he wasn't still handsome after all these years.

The Olsen twins are wearing clothes that actually FIT and they don't look like old bag ladies! It's a miracle!

Nice dead animal, Joan.

I so totally want some white cake now.

Anonymous said...

The twins should cut their hair. They still look kind of weird.

All those sweetssssssss

Is Trashy McGowan still with Robert R???

lmnop123 said...

The Olsons just presented their cheap clothing line. If that's what they're wearing then who knew they're at their best when they look cheap. :)

lutefisk said...

Simon Le Bon got old looking :(

califblondy said...

I wouldn't care if he book a bath in liquid Clorox, Robert P. does nothing for me.

Whoa, Simon. I hope that's just a bad angle.

The twins do look okay for a change. They usually creep me out.

LauPow said...

I wonder if the twins will ever look their age?

I love that Michelle Trachtenberg isn't afraid of 'the pale', it's such a good example to set. In an age where 13 year old girls are becoming tanning-addicts, it's nice to see a shining porcelain glimmer of hope. Classy girl!

Linnea said...

Really? I was going to say that it looked like Michelle T had had a swim in a pool of very, very white powder... but i guess it could be interpreted as being a natural look! :)

Aimée said...

I can totally believe Robert and Kristen are together if that picture is anything to go by.

Also, i love the Olsen's, always have done and probably always will do. They keep to themselves, wear what they want and i love them for it.

jess said...

Rose McGowan was so hot, now she looks like she's on Prozac

lilbitsolo said...

The Olsen twins always give me the creeps. Don't know why.....

shakey said...

The princess looks like she's wistfully thinking about you, Ent.

Rose McGowan - now available for older Mom roles because she fucked up her face.

I will defend Simon here - given how old we all are (and he is), I think he looks good. He's aging gracefully and isn't a gaunt-looking meth head.

Char said...

That would have to be the first and I imagine probably last time I ever see anyone say that Michelle Trachenberg sets a good example for anyone. Wow.

chestnut-red said...

Does anyone else think the Olsen twin on the left has had work done to her cheekbones and mouth?

mooshki said...

Le Bon. Simon Le Bon. He hasn't aged terribly well, but that's also a particularly unflattering picture.

Mango said...

The Olsen twins have had plastic surgery (while still mid-teen!) to their lower eye-lids and their noses:

I do believe that Mary-Kate had additional work done to her mouth; she's the one who always has the weird grin.

Bonus Trivia: Apparently they're fraternal, not identical, twins.

I'm ashamed that I know all this about them. :(

Tara said...

As another 'ghostly' pale chick, it's nice to actually see someone on tv or in movies who isn't tanned and/or orange. Pale skin IS just as pretty.

p.s. Camera flashes do not help at all. I tend to look like something that crawled out from under a rock by adding a camera flash to the right (or wrong?) kind of lighting.


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