Monday, March 01, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Michael Blosil - RIP
Bill Murray on crutches hobbles into Letterman today.
I'm guessing Wilmer doesn't really mind being surrounded by Camilla Belle and Nikki Reed.
Charlotte Church looks incredible.
How sad is it for Courtney Love that Ron Wood looks younger than her.
Did you think it was Victoria Beckham? Nope. Catherine Zeta Jones.
Some Lost love for Damon Lindelof and JJ Abrams.
Apparently the fans love Nestor Carbonell.
And are crazy about Terry O'Quinn.
Some randomness. David Arquette and Marcia Cross.
Long time no see Daryl Hannah.
Elizabeth Berkley and Tom Colicchio are probably discussing the merits of the release of Showgirls 2.
Since when did Emma Roberts turn 25? Here she is with Anna Kendrick and Rachel Bilson.
Gemma Arterton, just because I like her.


blog hopper said...

I can't explain it, I've just never liked Daryl Hannah. Perhaps it was her role in A Walk to Remember.

Shmooey said...

Why doesn't Daryl Hannah age?

Pookie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shmooey said...

Actually, I don't even know how old she is - for all I know she may even be looking her age or older.
But she seems to have looked the same for some 15 javascript:void(0)years.

jadetoo said...

Nestor, ummm.
I'd like to show him some love.

Cindy said...

good lord -- Courtney Love and Ron Wood look like the sitting dead

califblondy said...

Daryl looks like she's had some repair work to that horrible plastic surgery job.

Ice Angel said...

Poor Marie. Depression is such a serious problem, especially in young adults, particularly young men like Brian. Often times, they are a point of raging hormones, chemical imbalances and great pressures of adolesence. That, mixed with sometimes horrible effects of self-medicating (i.e. illegal drugs and alcohol) and even psychotropic drugs that can sometimes go awry with kids his age.

I have gone through depression and anxiety my whole life and know what it is like. So very sad. So young with so much to live for, but the veil of depression clouds all your thoughts-actually having people care about you can be worse because you feel so unworthy and that they would be better off without you.

My deepest sympathies go out to Marie and her family. I can't stand to hear from these finger pointers blaming her for her sons problems. We have lost 2 promising young men to suicide this week (just that we know of.) I hope and pray more young people will try to talk to someone before taking that final drastic act.

RocketQueen said...

Catherine Zeta Jones looks ridiculous. She should start dressing her age...of course then she'd have to admit how old she really is.

I don't care for Camilla Belle. She's always overdressed and just reeks of fame-whore.

RIP to Marie's son.

chihuahuense said...


mooshki said...

Nestor Carbonell is HOT! HOT! HOT!!!!

WTF at Wilmer? Why has he not yet faded into obscurity?

There's no way anyone could ever make another movie as awesome as Showgirls.

shakey said...

Michael Douglas was on The Hour (not sure if it was a rerun). He was asked if he could star in a movie with CZJ, what would it be like. He said he would play the jealous husband hovering over her and her boytoy. Completely reminded me of The Perfect Murder with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ms Cool said...

Is CZJ coke mom? I'd have to re-read the blinds to see if she fits. She is way too skinny here.

No fair that you have Gemma A. and no Daniel Craig.

RIP young Michael.

Elle said...

Daryl Hannah looks like she will cut a bitch in that photo... and wtf Catherine Zee? It's not 1995!

Selock said...

RQ - Agree on Camilla Belle fully...she is beautiful, but I am always mystified by people who act for their whole lives without developing skill at it.

Plus, she hurt my favorite Jonas. So, dead to me.

Mango said...

Catherine Zeta Jones looks like an ASS in leather pants.


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