Monday, March 01, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

I'm a big Guy Fieri fan so I am going to let the double pinkie ring thing slide by.
Apparently also a fan of Guy or at least his hair is Anne Burrell.
The cast of Glee coming to a city near you.
Isla Fisher on the set of her new movie.
One of my favorite pictures of the day even if I do think it was staged. Jessica Alba and Honor at a playground.
Good for Jason Biggs. It looks like he is learning how to read.
The entire Garth/Facinelli family.
Jonah Hill looks to be dropping some weight. Good for him.
What the world surely needs. Another actor who thinks he is a musician.
I have no idea who Karen Hardy is or why she is famous. All I know is that she is standing between me and a pile of cupcakes. This could get ugly.
Kerry Katona throwing away all of her boyfriend's clothes. I wonder if she then went in to her house and snorted a few lines of coke in front of her kids.
I was trying to remember why I even posted this photo of Katharine McPhee.
I know Leo is just waiting for this kid to start eating some of those Sour Patch kids so he can laugh and laugh at them all stuck in his braces.
So what do you think Lady GaGa does with each outfit after she has worn it? It seems wasteful although she must be indirectly employing hundreds of people who make and design all this stuff.


califblondy said...

Triple D with Guy Fieri is the coolest show.

He's been the best selection (by far) in the next Food Network star contest.

Pookie said...

i hope honor and zahara never team up. they look like they could cut a b****.

jenny garth. boyfriend jeans. you're doing it wrong.

katharine mcphee's dress is adorable.

Shmooey said...

I saw Gaga's interview on Sky News wearing that outfit, and it seemed she was making quite an effort to speak with that thing weighing on her head.

angelina said...

I love watching Triple D, but I really wish he would dye his hair another color.

I think Katherine McPhee looks good

I wish Lady Gaga would retire that ugly old multi-colored wig

Yellow Rose said...

I think Leo is wearing a Rice University baseball cap-if so, that's pretty cool. :)

figgy said...

Ever since that blind about not letting women touch his hair/wig was revealed, I cannot see a picture of Pivert without laughing.

figgy said...
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tomsmomnon said...
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bandy said...

OMG did you see the episode of Guy's show where Ann Burrell was his guest? It was hilarious, he didn't know how to handle her since she's more hyper than he is.

Carrie L. said...

I like to think Lady GaGa donates her clothes to impoverished countries when she's done with them.

sickle said...

Gaga should auction the clothes off to raise money for charity. I'm sure they would go for a lot.

Really don't like the wig she's been wearing lately.

RocketQueen said...

I enjoy Gaga's outfits. Truly entertaining.

I think that's Katona's husband whose clothes she's (finally) throwing away.

chihuahuense said...

who is Kerry Katona? Coke Mom Jr? Long time no hear from her.

That playground pic makes me wanna go there. I haven't seen a playground in months. Boo snow.

That hair looks ridiculous on Guy and even more so on Anne. They look like they could be on the Magic Bullet infomercial.

Carrie said...

Karen Hardy was a pro dancer on Strictly Come Dancing (UK's DwtS).

Shmooey said...


Kerry Katona is an English woman who first became famous about 10 years ago as part of a girl band. She became a member of said girl band after showing their manager her topless photos.

She then married a boy band member and left the girl band.

She won "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!" and became a household name.

Then her husband left her for an Australian singer and her life spiralled out of control with drug use and multiple relationships with creeps.

I, without ever meeting her, feel for her and hope she gets healthy and happy.

She is very smart despite poor, patchy education.
She also has a great sense of humour, which is something, considering how grim her life story has been (being abused and abandoned has a child, growing up in foster homes, using cocaine with her mother...).

I really hope she makes a fresh start with her children.

Genesis said...

whys jonahs chin smiling at me

Stacy said...

Are you trying to say Kerry Katona is coke mom? That's a disappointment, I barely know who she is.

chihuahuense said...

is that @me stacy? No, I was saying that she is the poster who comments here as "coke mom jr." Obviously Enty believes she is a coke mom, just not THE coke mom.

That is sad about her childhood, schmooey. Still doesn't make what she is doing now right, but who am I to judge? I'll add her to my list of ppl to pray for :)

New Life and Attitude said...

Love me some Guy! My hubby knows that he's #1 crush and if I had the chance . . . .

0 said...

I read an interview with Gaga where she states that each outfit, after being retired, usually gets deconstructed and transformed into an entire new piece. I may not like every outfit she wears, but her creativity is awesome. And I gotta give her props for being ballsy enough to rock some of the shit she does. Love her.

Unknown said...

I think Gaga's outfits personally contribute largely to globel warming. All those plastics, meshes, metals, non recycables, etc.

Anonymous said...

Not very practical to wear pumps to the playground.

AM said...

Gaga's outfits can't cause Global warming if she recycles them.

Green Tara said...

Wow, when I first looked at the photo of Katherine McPhee, I thought for a moment it was Emma Watson. WTF is McPhee doing to herself? She seems to be wasting away.


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