Thursday, March 04, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

It was nice of Hayden P's friend to hold her drink for her since Hayden is still under 21 for a few more months. Or, I guess it could be that the woman pictured is just a two fisted drinker. Join the club.
Apparently Julie Bowen has lots of fans.
Congratulations to Jamie and Jools Oliver as they attempt to keep pace with Mark Wahlberg and family. Jamie says they are expecting baby number four.
Do you remember when Ja Rule used to be famous?
Yeah, yeah, it's Kristen Bell, but I love the woman in the background.
Brangelina? Jennifer Aniston naked? Nope. It is f**king Katie Price landing in Los Angeles. Really? Why?
I actually meant for this to go on top today. I just have been really loving on Kyra Sedgwick lately and thought she deserved it.
Lynda Carter still looks great.
Spice Girl time. First Mel B.
And over in London, Emma Bunton.
"So, hey, look Michelle, I saw you on Gossip Girl, and I saw you were not on it anymore really and that is kind of like with me. Yeah, I don't really have a job either, but I look good. How would you like to go out sometime?"
Rejected, but..
"So, yeah, I don't have a job, but at least I moved out of my mom's home. I have my own place, right above the garage."

On a side note, I saw about 30 pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg taken at this game during different times and each time she was totally aware of the camera which is why she may have taken about 30 minutes to eat a lollipop. Use your imagination. She did.


RocketQueen said...

You love Trachtenberg, Enty? Hmm. I'm guessing that means she wasn't the subject of that recent blind, then.

I like Jamie Oliver so much. I really hope he's not cheating on Jools. I think she's had concerns in the past at how much he works.

Unknown said...

I was gonna say I'd still take Lynda Carter over anyone in this batch, but forgot about Julie Bowen. That's OK Lynda, I still love ya.

Lady J said...

Hayden P. looks nice in the photo. All those paps for Katie Price? Why? She is definitely not worth all that attention.
LOL at the Michelle T. posin for the camera.

childeroland said...

Which blind is Billy Baldwin and MT?

Char said...

Um, who is with Michelle T? Should I know him?

Chrissy Buns said...

why does Emma B.'s head look so tiny on her body? weird

tflamb said...

Michelle T. is in Mercy on NBC. The girl is gorgeous..and apparently knows it yet doesn't judging by the dude she was hanging with.

Shoeaddict said...

I love Julie Bowen and Kyra.

Cindy said...

I cannot stand Kyra's fake southern accent on her show -- I even have to mute the commercials for it -- blech

Ms Cool said...

I love Modern Family. Lynda Carter has always been gorgeous.

I must be zoning. What do I have to use my imagination for with the lollipop?

Daniel Alex said...

Is that Amanda Beard behind Kristen Bell?

Meg said...

Hayden has to be close to 21 right? I'm can't really trash her for that...I started drinking at a far younger age. I just watched that I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER movie last night...horrible.

That looks like the Millionaire Matchmaker behind Kristen!

Unknown said...

I can't stand Hayden P. I like Kyra and I love The Closer. Emma Bunton is cute. Michelle T. is not attractive in the least.

Julie said...

i can't believe the US is so into Katie Price. Is she not going by Jordan anymore anyway?

<3 Kristen Bell

aww Julie Bowen... I have so much love for this woman for a few reasons. One being Ed. The other being her on the Chelsea Handler show. Oh, and another one. haha I'll leave that to myself tho.

Diane said...

No comments on how adorable the Oliver girls look?! Ok, here goes -- they look freakin' PRECIOUS! This is what real childhood is supposed to look like, with age-appropriate clothing and hair and flat shoes for sensitive, growing feet. Well done, Jamie and Jools!


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