Friday, March 05, 2010

Reebok Is At It Again - Chad Ochocinco Jogging Naked In A Park

You know, if I am Steve Guttenberg I am getting pretty ticked off. He was the first guy to think about exercising naked (almost) and putting it on YouTube. Since then, Reebok or at least the company doing their advertising has basically stolen the idea. First they had Chuck Liddell and his girlfriend exercising naked and now they have Chad Ochocinco running naked through a park. How about giving Steve a chance? The guy could use the work.


Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I love the name Ochocinco, but I hate these ads.

Momster said...

Makes me miss the good ole' days of Full Frontal Friday.

jw12 said...

CHild PLease!!!

Kara said...

He's ochocinco! Not chad ochocinco!

I love my beavers. Past and present!

Go beavs!


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