Thursday, March 04, 2010

Suzan Tamim Killers Get A Retrial

Back in 2008, I wrote a post about the Lebanese pop singer Suzan Tamim who had run away to Dubai to escape from her boyfriend. She had ended their relationship and was afraid of him so she ran. Well he found her and then hired an Egyptian policeman to kill the singer at her new home. Well, last year the pair were convicted of the crime and sentenced to death. Now though an Egyptian appeals court has decided there was something wrong with the conviction. They didn't say what was wrong with the conviction or why it affected both men but they have ordered a retrial of the pair. The good news is the pair will have to wait in jail until the new trial begins.

I don't pretend to know anything about Egyptian law but the case seemed pretty open and shut when they were on trial. There were records and testimony and lots of physical evidence. I am wondering if the fact that Tamim's accused killers are a former policeman and a big time politician have anything to do with the overturning of the conviction, especially since the court wouldn't give any reasons for their ruling.


Merlin D. Bear said...

Hmmm...politician and a policeman convicted and suddenly it's a new trial?
And they say noone emulates the US.
Sounds like their legal system is akin to ours - at least Johnny Cochran wasn't involved.
I can only hope that justice is served again and that the two get exactly what they deserve, which I believe under Egyptian law is beheading.
I pray they use a dull blade.

Shmooey said...

He (her murderous ex) is being referred to as a "billionaire tycoon".
Maybe money had something to do with it.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

The idea of democracy in countries such as this is completely different than our idea of democracy. Truth.

angelina said...

Sick fucks. I hope they are found guilty again.

Lady J said...

Money talks no matter where you live in this world. Its very sad, and I hope these fuckers get stoned to death.

Mango said...

I didn't know who Tamim was, so I googled her. Her Wikipedia page (yeah, yeah, I know...) has her noted as being married at least three times.

The ex-boyfriend who planned her murder is noted as paying $2 million dollars to her hit man. If he can afford that much just for a hit, I suppose he could pay a lot more to get officials to order a new trial.

audrey said...

Being a lawyer of any classification, it shouldn't surprise you at all. Almost every single person that goes through the North American court system is granted an appeal, and some of those are granted freedom for reasons that are beyond reasonable thinking. That this is Egypt, I am surprised there was a trial at all.

lollydarling said...

Indeed. And there are plenty of cases in the US where rich celebs are acquitted of crimes they clearly did. Or not even brought to trial. We're not that much better.

CowJam said...

There was only an original trial to appease the Dubai government for committing this crime on their soil. Now it is being overturned because the perp is a member of Parliament and BFF of the dictator's son. People like this are usually never even brought to trial here in Egypt


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