Thursday, March 04, 2010

Random Photos Part One - **Graphic**

Three parts today.

Kim Catrall and Matthew MacFadyen celebrate the opening of their new play in London.
Apparently Marisa Tome is tired of posing for pictures. One of my favorites of the day.
Nic Cage earning an extra couple of bucks at children's birthday parties.
The look on her face tells me that Nastia Liukin was just asked about her "boyfriend" Evan Lysacek.
Not a movie. This is a man in China who is holding a knife to the throat of his sister-in-law.
This is the policeman who rushed the suspect and
took the knife out of his hand. The woman was not hurt.
I guess now that she is on DWTS Nicole Scherzinger is going to be everywhere for the next few months.
Paul Haggis, Diane Lane and Maria Bello.
Stephen Dorff with cigarettes and booze and a date with Radha Mitchell.
Scouting For Girls - London
Slash & Perla in Los Angeles last night.
Some randomness of the day. The Madden brothers, Jessica Alba and that creep Cash who is her husband. I would have used the word tool, but I am saving that later for Ben Stiller.


RocketQueen said...

I think the Maddens are good looking boys. It's a shame that Benji prolly has the herp from Parasite. His bad.

Diane Lane looks...different in the face?

Anonymous said...

Slash and Perla are such a cute couple.

Did Tomei take that dress home with her from the set of 'My Cousin Vinny'? (not hating, i think it's cute.)

Lady J said...

What the hell is that thing on Nick Cage's head? He might as well just shave it all off and stay bald because no matter what piece he puts on his head its looks ridiculous. Nicole Scherzinger looks awfully skinny. I like the pics of Stephen and Radha and Diane, Maria and Paul. They all look like they were actually enjoying each others company.

Shmooey said...

Well done, that Chinese police officer! Very corageous.

Re: Nicole Sherzhername. Why is she on DWTS? isn't that where fading/forgotten celebrities go to try to re-energise their careers.
I thought the Pussycat Dolls were still popular and she was working on a solo career.

Lady J said...


I don't think the Pussycat Dolls are popular at all anymore. I haven't heard any new music from them in a few years, but I also wasn't checking for them either. I know Nicole was supposedly working on a solo gig but I guess it kind of fell by the wayside. The only thing I ever heard about her in recent years was when she was dating that race car driver in Europe. DWTS will make her relevant again and she can push her new album then with her newfound fame. (GAG ME)

jess said...

-Marisa Tomei looks good
-Nicole S. is a dancer, is it fair play?
-Maria Bello looks better than Diane L.

empyrios said...

man, the Chinese police really know how to get shit done.

i love Radha Mitchell. she's a good actress but i wonder why she doesn't seem to choose very good roles.

although, i guess if her taste in scripts is parallel with her taste in men then that mystery is solved.

Em said...

I love that Diane Lane wears her glasses to events.

FrenchGirl said...

nicolas cage in another sh**ty movie?! nothing to see his "suit" and his "hair"

califblondy said...

I thought Alba had a weird orange thing on her head.

I guess it's a light?

Shmooey said...

@Lady J:

Well, how fickle this showbiz game is...

I could have sworn they were still hot shit, since their songs get played all the time here. You can't even walk into a shop without hearing their songs piped every 10 minutes.

PotPourri said...

why is Ben Stiller a tool? I know his wife is a gold-digger, and Ben is supposed to be a Dick. But a tool? Someone help me on that one!

Char said...

So Cash totally did the last minute "hey I want to be in the picture too" jump in there. What a tool.

I have always thought Joel Madden was very sexy. Not his best pic but he's still sexy. Too bad the Madden bros seem like Dbags, at least, that's how they came off when they were here in Oz.

Anonymous said...

Love Radha Mitchell!

figgy said...

Please tell me Evan Lysacek is not gay... :-(

Emma's dress is scary 80s, not in the good way.

Okay, that Chinese cop is SUCH a stud! Yum!

Himmmm said...

OH. MY. GOD!!!!
That Chinese policeman looks jsut like the DONGER from 16 candles!!
Glad to see Long Duck Dong can still get work!

And FYI Ben Stiller is on a massive self destruct trip to match his dickheadedness. I have pix of him and Rhys Ifans getting quite shitty in another country the other day. What a douche.

Maja With a J said...

Love Slash and Perla!

braverwoman said...

What's with Perla's dress/chest. Looks massive compared to her arms and legs. Ain't hating, just curious.

Meg said...

Damn. I am going to need some more information about that Chinese sister in law hostage thing. WTH?

Jerry said...

Nic Cage earning an extra couple of bucks at children's birthday parties.

That's not a birthday party, it's the Renaissance Festival! Hey everybody -- let's go WENCHING!!!!

cibele said...

Don't know what was that "boyfriend" thing, but I always thought it was funny Evan Lysacek had a girlfriend. He looks gay to me.

Tara said...

Why isn't Maria Bello in more movies (at least that I watch)? She is so gorgeous.

Slash!!!!!!! Just finished reading the autobiography. It was interesting....


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