Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My New Rules For The Bachelor & Bachelorette

Apparently there are people who watch The Bachelor & Bachelorette. I'm not sure why, but they do. In droves. And when they start that show where all the ex contestants live in one house and get naked with each other every five minutes I am sure they will draw in an even larger crowd.

Last season's winner Jake had his girlfriends that he was dating while engaged to Vienna and the season before that when some guy was having sex with women while he was engaged to that season's winner and this year some guy named Justin Rego has a bunch of women back home. This has gone on long enough. Here is my new rule for tabloids.

Every contestant on either of the shows has at least one significant other back home waiting for them. Don't report on it. All you are doing is allowing them what they want. More attention and fame. No one really goes on the show thinking this is a great substitute for e-harmony. They go because they want to be recognized and to be famous and to get some easy club appearance money. The problem is there are a whole lot of contestants so how do you stand out? You arrange for your significant other to go to the tabloids and tell them you are a secret girlfriend or boyfriend and not just the only one.

After the revelation we are stuck with the contestant for an additional 15 minutes while their significant other goes off to do some type of nude spread for their "art."

I think the tabloids should make the contestants up the ante if they want tabloid time. Having someone back home isn't going to do it. You need to have like a wife or husband back home. Oh, and like six kids with six different people. That is tabloid worthy.


Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

That second paragraph is a hot mess when it comes to being able to read/comprehend it. Yikes.

MnGddess said...

I don't even watch it. I just read realitysteve's blog. Samr thing for RHONY. The recaps are so much more interesting.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


I read prettyontheoutside dot com for RHO(put your city here) that guy is hilarious AND he makes paper dolls out of them that you can buy.

jess said...

I've always thought that dating shows are simply not the way to fall in love or get married, but I will say that dating shows like Rock of love or I love New york are really funny to watch. Those skanks are crazy.

selenakyle said...

Here's my rules for them all - please go AWAYYYYY!

Meg said...

Yeah...I agree. I don't even know why I have continued to watch it all these years. Reality Steve already has the final two dudes called too.


I think instead of what Enty said it would be better if they had ONE season where the contestants or Bachelor(ette) called ABC on their bullshit instead. THAT would be entertaining....but will never happen.

Carrie L. said...

@ mngddess - I agree, the only reason to pay any attention to the show is for RealitySteve's blog only. Good entertainment, though it doesn't stand up to Enty's site!


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