Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Photos Part One

I think four parts today. It might be a very long three.

Judging by the way Mel B is pulling back, I'm guessing her husband may have forgotten to do a breath check. Or, she might just not like him. I'm fine with either explanation.
Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus bonding in Mexico. Hopefully there were no Hulk Hogan style tanning lessons later.
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones head to an event honoring his father.
Is it just me or does Nick Cannon always seem lighter and happier when he gets to leave the house alone.
Nina Garcia rocking some heels you don't usually see under a graduation gown.
Thanks, but I don't really want to smell like Peter Andre. It might attract Katie Price.
Prince Charles went through his James Brown collection for this number.
Samaire Armstrong is always welcome in the photos.
I'm going to give Selma Blair the benefit of the doubt here and assume it's the lighting on her legs that is giving them that GOOP quality shine.
The whole family out to dinner. Apparently they didn't feed Suri much food because
that is a ton of ice cream for a kid her age.
Vanessa Hudgens and Katharine McPhee compare their 15 minute clocks.


nancer said...

does tom have any other shirts? every time i see him he has on a blue shirt. and katie's just given up. i guess by the time suri gets her ensemble together, katie's too pooped to give a shit what she looks like.

Yellow Rose said...

I actually wore shoes very similar to Nina's when I graduated from college (in '02)-except they were brown leather & had thinner straps...is that bad? :)

Linnea said...

miley is TANNED! wow.

also, i think mel b might be objecting to being hugged by only one person, and that person being male. :)

jess said...

CZJ looks like a robot.
-Samaire looks really different.

MAC said...

Katie Holmes and Suri look identical in that photo!

Ellebee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sinjin said...

" i guess by the time suri gets her ensemble together, katie's too pooped to give a shit what she looks like."

OMG Nancer, I lol'd! :-D

peabee said...

I'm just happy to see Suri wearing flats for a change.

Robert said...

Man, Miley Cyrus has a really small head!

bionic bunny! said...

wait, what's suri's reported age right now?
that is one tall kid!
with big feet.
no way is tommy girl in that mix. she is the gorge, tho.

MadLyb said...

Tom Cruise has never done it for me, but for some reason, lately I'm finding him kind of...hot. He is looking good. I think Suri gets to do what she pleases. She's probably a Scientology golden child or something like that.

MnGddess said...

Miley is waaaay too tan. And a butterface. Sad. I predict a pregnancy in a few years. And an appearance on Maury.

chihuahuense said...

I know MAC, EXACTLY the same.

shakey said...

Jess - I came on to say CZJ looks like she forgot to turn her brain on.

No shit re the ice cream. Took my son out for some today. He had the same amount and I thought I shouldn't have allowed the 2nd scoop. He's 8. Unless Katie's family has tall genes, something went on somewhere else.

shakey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ells said...

thank god McPhee's hair is back to brown. I hated the blonde on her.

CZJ used to look pretty and curvy, but now she looks like she's wasting away.

Just Another Blonde said...

Samaire is my favorite celeb name. Well, that and Naya :)

And Suri is NOT 4 or WTF ever age she's supposed to be. No way. There are no Cruise/Mapother genes in that kid. Something in the milk ain't clean (apologies to MK for swiping that)

Tara said...

I have to admit, it's nice to see a relatively normal teenaged girl figure a la Miley Cyrus. She seems to be in a healthy weight range and she is thin while not being too thin.

Is she tall BTW? I swear, in those WalMart ads, she looks huge!


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