Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

These are all from the Sex And The City 2 premiere.

I love this dress on Sarah Jessica Parker. At the after party though, ummm
not so much. Not even a little to be honest. It is great if she is going to play tic tac toe with the kids later though.
Cynthia Nixon at the premiere and for the party she changed into
umm, the same thing.
Kristin Davis at the premiere followed Sarah's example with the bright color thing. That is some damn fine fashion analysis isn't it?
And at the party got out her washboard dress. Well, to me it looks like the old fashioned wash board things.
Kim Cattrell at the premiere and then at the party wore
the same thing too. Cynthia Nixon school of fashion.
The woman who started it all. Candace Bushnell.
Meanwhile Jennifer Love Hewitt trotted out her big hair and tight dress.
While Chris Noth led off the guys with the lovely Tara Wilson.
John Corbett wants you to love it. I do.
Ditto for Jason Lewis.
Umm, Liza. We all love you. We really do. I just can't say anything bad about her. She tries.
I can say a lot bad about Michelle Trachtenberg, but I won't.
Suzanne Somers' breasts must hurt. They are jammed in there tight.


blog hopper said...

Trachtenburg = worst cankles in town.

Love Lucille 2!!

Borg Queen said...

Trachtenburg doesnt look pregnant anymore. Hmm recent procedure perhaps.

nancer said...

suzanne somers looks like the tooth fairy.

captivagrl said...

nancer - you read my mind

chopchop said...

Spill it, Enty!!!!

nancer said...

liza's been encased in saran wrap and garbage bags.

horrible get-up and then it appears that alien eyes have replaced her tits. don't stare at them!!!!

Linnea said...

whenever i seen trachtenburg on gg, i cant stop thinking about those blinds... she is really not a good acress, is she?

mooshki said...

Enty, I swear to god one of these days I am going to track you down and get you drunk off your ass and make you spill EVERYTHING!

M. said...

In the first picture of SJP it looks like she has a huge tiara on from the way the chandelier photographed behind her...

jess said...

woah...John Corbett and Jason Lewis look so hot!.
-Trachtenberg ! tell us!

Susan said...

Love the SATC gals in their premiere gowns. SJP's party ensemb blows.

Speaking of blowing, Candace Bushnell is the worst author ever, but props for her riding out the SATC storm all the way to the bank.

Corbett is hawt.

Unknown said...

Jennifer Love Hewitt is channeling Sarah Palin with that big hair there. Euw.

What's with the highlighter dress colors?

Cynthia Nixon is all "it's stupid but I did it for the money" in those pics.

Cancan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cancan said...

Sorry, that was crude of me. I'm sure M-Tracht is a lovely young woman. But just let us know anyway.

bionic bunny! said...

mooshki, just be sure i'm with you! i'm still waiting for my drunken phone call!!

bionic bunny! said...

damn. sidetracked again.
i LOVE the bright colors! and i think jlove looks good.
she may rock the mini-crazy but i still like her, and i'm going to miss her on fridays.

anybody else notice that cbs only said ghostwhisperer was the season end and not series end? enty, will we get another year, or is it just kuput?

MnGddess said...

I LOVE the dress Jennifer Love hewitt was wearing. Can anyone tell me who designed it?

And Mooshki, I'd better be sitting next to you when you get Enty to SPILL it!

chihuahuense said...

Mooshki, I live in your FREAKIN neighborhood! You better call me when the Ent is spilling.

I guess I am a dumbass, b/c I have always thought MTrach was super cute and sweet. Although, that is just on Mercy, I have never seen GG. I don't think she looks bad at all, either, she looks very normal.

Suzanne Summers makes my stomach turn.

Meg said...

I'm excited for SATC, even though it IS getting horrible reviews. I read one of Bushnell's books after I saw the shows and could NOT get into it!?

shakey said...

I love that chartreuse dress. The other one - meh. See, I'm guessing Cynthia and Kim don't feel they need to try too hard, and they don't.

I have to admit, JLH does look good, even with a bumpit on.

Holy headlights, Liza! Still, she does look good.

elspeth said...

@mngddess: JLH's dress may be by Herve Leger?

J-Mo said...

I love the grey shoes with SJP's chartreuse dress!

Tara said...

Michelle T is a terrible actress (it was actually painful and embarrassing to me to watch her at times on Mercy, though I loved the show), but I love that she rocks the pale! It's very refreshing to see especially compared to JLove, who is so orange she looks like a damn pumpkin! Jason Lewis does as well.

Liza cracks me up. The hubby and I have been watching Arrested Development and you can so tell that she does a lot of stage acting. Every movement and expression is exaggerated and its great! I love her!


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